1. jason says

    What on earth does “it gets better” mean? In my view, it’s a marketing gimmick. It hasn’t solved one gay bashing, it hasn’t stopped gay bullying, and it hasn’t stopped one suicide. It is a complete and utter waster of time.

    The sooner we get rid of this travesty of a campaign, the better. It is total trash.

  2. anon says

    Well, what we need now are videos from young teens saying ‘It got better’. That is, showing that they’ve gotten over their problems as a result of these videos. There are plenty of ‘coming out’ videos on YouTube by young teens, but it’s usually clear they had it easy.

  3. sara says

    There should be more than this one program for kids but I wouldn’t call the It Gets Better videos total trash. We do hear a lot about the gay kids that commit suicide but we don’t hear about the majority of the kids that don’t. Maybe these videos do inspire them. If you read the comments under the videos, there are a lot of them that says that it gives them hope. I can imagine this video will be good for gay youths interested in a military career.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    @Jason It IS a marketing gimmick; and a damned good one. You have no way of knowing how many kids this has helped. I don’t know what your problem is but it is clear to me that you are not thinking clearly. I hope you have a chance to re-think your words.

    My other reaction to your words (which I considered withholding out of simple civility) was STFU!!!! I don’t usually respond that way, even to trolls, but sometimes one just has to say it. Sometimes civility just doesn’t get-through.

  5. Deana says

    The reference to “gender queer” was a fail. Stop telling gay kids that they are “queer” or that they are not really full members of their gender. Too bad that she had to infuse her political correctness into a video that is supposed to help gay teens.

  6. Brian says

    Wow…since when is doing something positive and trying to be proactive a bad thing? If people do nothing there is blame, if people go out of there way to say “I am who I am and it’s Ok”, it’s wrong too? So you tell me…where do we start? There are plenty of kids out there that don’t know where to turn and feel like there life is over bc they are gay. They feel like society will hold them back and limit them bc of this hanging over their head. It’s no wonder they are lead to feel hopeless and ponder suicide. And no..the people in the video didn’t have it easy coming to terms with integrating this into their careers…in fact, it’s a huge risk they are taking since this is all new territory. I’m proud they took the opportunity to do something worthwhile. I can remember the nights I wished I wouldn’t wake up in the morning bc of how I felt about myself as a child. I wish I had positive role models advertising that things get better.

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