Base Jumper ‘Birdman’ Jeb Corliss Survives Crash into Cape Town’s Table Mountain: VIDEO


Wingsuit flyer and base jumper Jeb "the birdman" Corliss survived a harrowing plunge off Cape Town, South Africa's Table Mountain on Monday. Corliss clipped the cliff with his legs, according to notes on a YouTube video of his failed jump, which was being filmed by HBO. It was Corliss' second leap from the mountain.

The Telegraph reports:

He was recovered from close to the base of the mountain by air ambulance and taken to a private hospital in the city where he was admitted to intensive care. A spokesman for the hospital said that he remained in good spirits, and instructed her to tell well-wishers: "I feel the best I ever have."


(via the daily what)

Here's an example of one of his unbelievable flights: