1. Jack M says

    The Queen of Heaven is the Virgin Mary. I wonder what mythical devil-woman they have in their deluded heads? I hope they don’t get to the point where they break out the Kool Aid!

  2. Bart says

    Who the f*ck is the Queen of Heaven??? I guess he just made this crap up??? Hilarious and sad at the same time (love that!)

    But note ALL THE EMPTY SEATS at this cult meeting. ‘Nuf said. And as this dimwit says “there’s not enough money coming in…” hmmm…maybe because that’s God’s devine plan, to put you creepy souls out of business.

    BTW, the speaking in tongues, nice touch but an old one, Snake Oil Salesman.

  3. John Freeman says

    And I thought I’d seen it all! This is pure insanity – speaking in tongues, my ass!

  4. Alex Parrish says

    “Cheese-us”???? Sounds like a Wisconsin chant. The blessed ever-virgin mary is going to be pissed about this and you don’t want to know what happens when Cheese-us’s momma gets pissed! And that ‘speaking-in-tongues’ business, while it remains a cult favorite, is just plain silly.

  5. Caliban says

    So I’m assuming “Bishop” is a title he pulled straight of his @ss, like “Bishop” Eddie Long?

  6. Rob says

    Yep, I always understood that The Queen of Heaven was Mary. So, they’re saying that JC’s Mama is on our side? Cool! Crazy, absolutely, but cool also

  7. jason says

    Harry Jackson needs to get off the crack or whatever it is he’s smoking. In any case, he needs to watch what he says. The Bible says that slavery is OK, Harry.

  8. Erich says

    I don’t get it. He told the DC Council and the DC Board of Elections (with a signed affidavit) that he was a DC resident and therefore allowed to challenge our marriage equality law. Did he conveniently move back to Maryland?

  9. justinw says

    These people really are crazy. Really! You’d think that after all my years of being exposed to this dipshittery, I would have become numb to it, but I remain just as aghast now as I was 40 years ago when I realized people like this were just fuckin’ nuts.

  10. SFshawn says

    Hope the day comes soon when self-loathing closet cases who hide behind their psychotic ramblings(aka religious brainwashing) and their macho pretend hetero posturing actually just admit to being gay instead of spending their and energy being jealous and attempting to destroy others freedoms. “Bishop” Harry Jackson is the only “Queen” I see in this story.

  11. Joel says

    Speaking in tongues? Didn’t St. Paul say that there was supposed to be an interpreter? Amazing that this guy gets any money at all, but there is a sucker born every minute.

  12. Michael says

    Anyone want to start a betting pool on how long it’ll take the young boys to start coming forward with their tales of lavish gifts, bubble baths and late nights of furnished alcohol?

  13. pedro says

    Say what you will about us Catholics…but we are not as batshit crazy as some. And the whole speaking in tongues crap…well what can one say….?

  14. say what says

    @ Mona & everybody else

    Isis is the queen of heaven

    declared so in 155 CE

    mary was not officially declared queen of heaven till 431 CE at the council of ephesus

    276 yr diff

    logically one can imagine what really happened….the power of the cult of Isis was a powerful counter force to the growing xtian church and they could not rid the masses of their honoring Isis so they merged mary to Isis

  15. Hunter Pastare says

    I think I am going to legal change my name to:
    “His Holiness the Most High Eternal Godhead”
    and start making snarky videos against these people.

  16. CPT_Doom says

    I certainly thought that “Queen of Heaven” reference was an anti-Catholic slam. Pretty ironic, considering Maryland (where Mr. Jackson sometimes claims to live) was founded in part to give religious freedom to Roman Catholics.

  17. says

    How long until we hear of the other woman (or man) the illegitimate children, the misuse of church funds or the beating of his wife. He is a graduate of Williams and Harvard yet he claims to believe that gays and abortion are destroying the black community. What’s destroying the black community is fathers who don’t support their children, joblessness drugs and crime.

  18. Wasted Basho says

    My guess is that the “Queen of Heaven” is intended to co-opt the famous “Whore of Babylon” that is constructed in the apocalyptic Christian writing called the Book of Revelation. Referring to her as the Queen of Heaven gets a dig in at Roman Catholics while simultaneously smearing all non-missionary-position-sex-is-for-procreation-a-Yes!-few-Yes!-times-Yes!-in-Yes!-your-life fightin’ fundies. What a joke. What a run at nothingness. If you’re going to steep yourself in a collection of fables, at least raise the bar with Aquinas and Augustine, instead of the theological equivalent of the WWF. (apologies to Molly Bloom for certain unbidden affirmations related to having a body)

  19. jamal49 says

    Nothing but a Box-Top Bishop. So, just which “Queen of Heaven” is this dickwad referring to? I’d think some Catholics might get just a tad angry if he’s talking about Mary the Mother of God.