Mass Dolphin Beaching In Cape Cod

Picture 37Last night, the AP reported that up to 30 dolphins spontaneously beached themselves on Cape Cod last night:

Kerry Branon of the International Fund for Animal Welfare says the common dolphins were found in Dennis, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet on Saturday. She says of the 28 to 30 dolphins found, 10 to 12 have died and eight were inaccessible to rescuers.

There was no obvious reason for the beaching. Researchers took blood samples from the dolphins they were able to release. The analysis is forthcoming. I'd hoped that more info would be available this morning — what happened to the inaccessible ones? — but nope.

(Pic borowed from Masslive.)


  1. Marc C says

    I blame the U.S. Military. Aren’t they supposed to be using dolphins in the Strait of Hormuz?

    Dolphins aren’t as stupid as the military would like you to believe.

  2. says

    Dolphins engage not just in gay sex a lot, like the Bonobos, but gay sex with other dolphin species, too. Christians don’t need to blame gay humans for cetacean beachings. The very act of homosexual copulation is enough to make God command his creations to commit suicide. Admitting, in effect, that He makes mistakes regularly.

  3. for whom does the bell toll? says

    I’m no expert, but when looking at whale population years ago I was surprised that it numbered in the billions. I was expecting only millions, but the ocean is pretty big so billions is reasonable.

    I don’t know about total dolphin population, and can’t find reliable numbers, but I expect it too is at least millions. So when a few dozen members of the species beach themselves it is probably only a footnote in dolphin history.

    The species I really would worry about is humans, exactly because the population is growing exponentially. This huge rate of growth is almost always followed by a collapse in biological systems.

    My guess is that we will have sea turtles, dolphins and whales a lot longer than we will have humans around. Their environment is more stable than ours.

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