1. jason says

    Madonna looks sad and tragic. The cover art for the single is awful. She looks like a Britney Spears wannabe. The poor woman has completely run out of ideas and now comes across as completely lame.

    The fact that she has collaborated with Nicki Minaj proves that she’s also lost her mind.

  2. says

    Ugh. She’s so gross. Everything she said about aging gracefully 15 years ago completely irrelevant now. She also knows she can’t expect to sell anything she does by herself anymore so she tries to collaborate with the flavor of the month. Go away. You WERE a genius of reinvention but with that gone you pretty much have nothing to offer anybody.

  3. David says

    You guys are crazy. Madge will always be relevant. If she died tomorrow I guarentee @Jason, @Bruce and @Jonathan would be the first to put in their sick notices at work and begin their 3 day gay mourning party with the rest of us…

    She’s crazy but who wants a sane Madonna?

  4. Ron says

    So glad to see that misogyny and sexism doesn’t exit in the gay community (eye roll). If Madonna were a man, I doubt she’d be told to age gracefully or called gross. I get that not all gays worship her or find her talented and that’s fine. But at least be fair and not attack her because she’s not 22. Unless you level the same criticism at Elton, Bono, Steven Tyler, Morrissey, The Rolling Stones, etc.

  5. says

    OK, Madonna has had some excellent albums, some “better than average” albums and maybe a stinker or two. But she’s never been boring. Even when she releases something horrible, you can still see she was pushing envelopes and boundaries and buttons.

    That said… WHY does she keep grabbing the latest skank star du jour and doing duets with them? The horrendous duet with Britney Spears was at the time a career low. Then doing the duet with Justin Timberlake was just baffling.

    But Niki Minaj and M.I.A.? ugh.

  6. Safadinho says

    <3….love this woman. Cannot wait for her album to drop.

    Its funny people who cannot stand her, take the time to come in here and add their two cents. If I didn’t like something, I just skip the story. So transparent.

  7. says

    I have never liked her nor understood why anyone would. She’s certainly not talented just a great marketeer. I had hoped she had faded away but she’s back with another grand PR job to convince the silly she is the queen. Refuse to watch her.

  8. Marc says

    Firstly, Why is this commercial and cd single cover called an “assault”, seriously Towleroad, what is up with that?

    And worship her? come on, @piernudo, nobody worships her. Do you comment on gay marriage stories that not all gays worship gay marriage too?
    Like what is your point man? You came here to tell us not all gays worship Madonna?
    Yaaaaaaaaa, ok thanks for that.
    what a knob.

  9. M!A!D!O!N!N!A! says

    Super LOVE Madge’s music, can’t wait to see W.E. & the story she wants to tell:,0,280629.story

    Use your powers for good, haters! I’d love to see you pay this amount of attention to the REAL power players behind our covert Congress. Madonna’s marketing blitz doesn’t erode your human rights & your retirement portfolio. Why are you wasting your vitriol on pop music? It’s art! Go elsewhere & watch/listen to what sends you.

  10. Jesse says

    A 52 year old cheerleader? A 52 year old women dating a 20 something man? If you want to see an “act your age” 52 year old women, than look no further than your mothers, sisters, friends etc. This is MADONNA folks, let her do her thing!

  11. says

    Unfortunately there will be gay men always willing to buy her latest regardless of quality. No, I won’t take a day off from work to mourn the passing of this skank. I don’t own one thing she’s ever recorded and she’s probably the worst actress to ever grace the screen. She’s also the most narcissistic person who’s ever lived and I’m getting nauseous with Andy’s need to post something every time she farts.

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