1. alan says

    boooooooooooooooooo….another anti-gay Democrat hating on me and my man. Thankfully I live in Mass. and can be married to my guy without hateful Democrats like Fred Phelps sucking the life out of me.

  2. says

    …..every time a gay couple marries a straight family somewhere in america falls apart?

    doesn’t this nonsense sound a lot like that “every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten” stuff?

  3. says

    Miller is a bigoted a-hole and out of step with the majority of Democrats on equality. Obviously, no Democrats (or Republicans) who support equality should be supporting him.

    Yet, isn’t it ironic that the LCR’s come out of the woodwork to make this a partisan argument for Republicans, never mind that Miller’s views–articulated in Frothy rhetoric–represent the views of the vast majority of elected Republicans. Ye olde pot calling the kettle black, LCR’s.

  4. downtownla says

    I think the LCR is right on point. We have to hold Democrats more accountable, including the man in the Oval Office. If we don’t criticize the D’s (and threaten to withhold support), then they will continue to try and get away with stuff like this. Any chance of removing this guy with a primary? As a side note, in WA state, the legislature is 4 votes shy of passing marriage equality. There are potentially 5 more D votes out there. We need to pressure them all to support marriage equality, too.

  5. says

    Right, Alan, cause Fred Phelps is the typical “hateful Democrat.” Are you a stand-up comedian? Those of us who aren’t delusional know who tried to prevent and overturn marriage equality in your MA, and it wasn’t Dem’s; it was Mitt and your Republican friends, you know the kind the LCR’s love to support.

  6. Fodolodo says

    I can’t stand Mike Miller and I really wish the Maryland Senate Democrats would get rid of him. They have a strong majority (35-12) and shouldn’t have to cater to their right wing. But LCR is being disingenuous in at least two respects. First, they mention Sen. Kittleman because, as far as we know, he’s the only Republican in the Maryland General Assembly who supports marriage equality legislation. There are plenty of Democrats in opposition, to be sure, but there is only ONE Republican in support. Second, for all Mike Miller’s faults, he knows not to annoy his fellow Democrats too much; last session, he let both the marriage equality bill and the gender identity anti-discrimination bill come to the floor, and he helped break the filibuster on the marriage equality bill.

  7. Bothpartiessuck says

    Unfortunately the elephant in the room that everyone wants to ignore is that he is right. It probably will pass, and then will almost certainly go to a popular vote, and then we are dead.

    There’s been much discussion about how much effect the black vote had on Prop 8, and whether or not they were the deciding factor. There won’t be any need for that kind of discussion in Maryland. Given the insane black turnout that Obama will inspire, if African-Americans in Maryland
    vote like they did in California we lose. And it won’t be close.

    Does anyone here think that Obama is going to lift a finger to help us in an uncompetitive state like MD?

  8. says

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if this guy is a Democrat – get him out of office – the faster the better. Recall the guy if possible – if not, make sure he is defeated in the next election and replaced with a real Democrat.

  9. justinw says

    Once again, a carefully non-specific “threat against the family” is claimed. No specifics. What a surprise.

  10. DRG says

    “It is particularly frustrating to watch certain advocacy organizations, such as National Stonewall Democrats, let him get away with it again because of his partisan affiliation.”

    Wait…don’t LCRs always support the Repulican candidate when they vote? Last time I checked, this democrat is saying what 95% of all Republicans say.

    Hey kettle, you’re black!

  11. Ray says

    Divorce is an attack on marriage. When will we begin electing people who aren’t afraid of actually dealing with issues that affect the economy, education, and violence instead of hiding behind a non-issue pretending to do something?

  12. Robert in NYC says

    That said, the reason why some democrats oppose marriage equality and there aren’t that many, other than for religious reasons, is that some of them represent conservative districts, so they pander to them to get elected, just like republicans do, playing on fear and things that don’t even exist.

    Fred Phelps was disbarred from practicing law in Kansas for committing perjury. His Westboro Baptist Sect is now considered a hate group.

    Miller like all conservative democrats should join the GOP where they belong.

  13. Rich F. says

    Primary the bastard. It worked quite well in New York.

    Oh, and LCR needs to look in a mirror before throwing stones at the Stonewall Democrats. Granted, they’re not as ridiculous as the GOProuders, but still…

  14. Robert in NYC says

    DonwtownLA, maybe, but withholding support from the democrats isn’t going to get us anywhere. There is no viable third party in this country. Though I’m a Green, I’m sure as hell not going to vote for any republican. Do you really want a republican in the White House, regardless? No president is perfect and no president or administration will give us everything we want, politics doesn’t work that way whether we like it or not Obama is far from perfect and has been a disappointment in some areas, but I’m not going to sit home and not vote for him which will give more power to whoever the GOP nominee is. No thanks. I’d rather vote for the democrat than not vote at all when my rights are on the line, not just marriage equality either. With Romney or whomever in the White House, you can kiss repeal of DOMA goodbye and women can forget about Roe v. Wade which Romney has vowed to overturn if elected. Think of the larger picture. With a republican in the White House, the next nominee for the Supreme Court will be an arch conservative like the 5 already on the bench. One more will seal our fate for decades to come. Be careful what you wish for.

  15. George M says

    LCR dose have a point. we have to hold them to the fire just like we do the republicans. I don’t live there but I hope all gay people remember this come november (if he’s up again).
    I would much rather vote for a dem who may not like ssm but wouldn’t stop it (obama) then vote for a republican OR democrat who flat out try’s to stop it. This guy does NOT deserve our vote. If a pro gay republican runs against him, vote for the republican

    Alan if life’s great for you on the right have at it, mean while on planet earth most of us know better. NOT All republicans are bad and NOT all democrats are good.

  16. Jexer says

    LCR are craven sycophants. They stand by supportively & silently when their own party utters this kind of hateful crap, but when a Democrat pipes up with homophobia, they’re all teeth and bark.

    Filthy shameful collaborationists the lot of them.

  17. sugarrhill says

    Bothpartiessuck, stop your lies. There aren’t enough African Americans in CA to have made the difference in Prop 8. Whites still make up the majority of CA population. I’m tired of racist Gay men trying to make the case that it was the African American communities fault that Prop 8 passed. There is enough blame to go around but to put Prop 8’s passage solely on the shoulders of the African American community is disingenuous and patently false.

    It was primarily the fault of Whites. Whites put it on the ballot and funded it. And despite a slight majority favoring marriage equality, more Whites voted for Prop 8 in sheer numbers than all the other minority groups combined. You want to blame someone blame the people in power with the resources to put your rights up to a vote.

  18. gayalltheway says

    Two males/females who are in a long-term, loving, committed relationship and want to spend the rest of their lives taking care of each other and want their relationship to be secured by the protections that the government provides = an attack to the family.

    Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage that was obviously a publicity stunt to make millions of dollars from entertainment media = perfectly fine as long as the marriage is between a female and a male.

    This is WHY America is broken.

  19. Bothpartiessuck says

    I said that it was debatable, sugarrhill. Stop YOUR lies. Had blacks and latinos voted like those white devils did, prop 8 would have gone down in flames and you know it. Looking at the massive rate of out-of-wedlock childbirth rate in the black community, it is crystal clear that they don’t give a flying ufck about marriage unless those evil white gays want access to it.

    I also note you conveniently ignored my statements about Maryland, because you can’t argue with them.

    As far as ignoring white people’s portion of the blame, last time I checked the Mormons got burned, and burned badly for their part in Prop 8. Most gay people have ignored the fact that the Mor-morons have largely stayed out of the marriage debate since then. It’s the Catholics and Evangelicals (as well as the black church)running the hate-show now.

  20. downtownla says

    @Robert in NYC. If the LGBT community threatened to withhold support from Obama or any other Dem, then it is up to the candidates/politicians to respond in a satisfactory way. Why do you assume that a threat might not change their minds? Maybe it will. It seemed to work for repealing DADT. Either way, shouldn’t we throw the ball in their court and see how they respond instead of just automatically accepting the crumbs? You are making an assumption that these candidates/politicians can’t change their positions and I just think that is a defeatist attitude.

  21. Rob S. says

    @Downtown And the circle continues. When gays start getting uppity, the Dems throw them a bone (like DADT) to shut them up and they go right back to biting on the pillow. Doesn’t that get old?

  22. Puck says

    I live in Maryland,and I say F***K him and all of the haters…We got married in the District of Columbia. The world can hate, repeal marriage laws, do whatever they want…I AM married, I always will be..stick that in your family values pipe and smoke it. Kartrashian, Sinead, etc etc…work on those values for a while and leave us alone….What is wrong with this country…why do they think we want to marry?….for the hell of it?