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Pepperdine University Blocks LGBT Club Because Homosexuality is Not 'God's Will'

Pepperdine University in Malibu has blocked the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance called 'Reach Out' because Dean of Students Mark Davis says homosexuality is against "God's Will", the L.A. Weekly reports.

PepperdineFrom the Pepperdine Graphic newspaper:

From the administration’s perspective, the issue remains how Reach OUT will align with the Pepperdine mission and tradition. While Davis acknowledged that the relationship with the Churches of Christ is important, more central is honoring the biblical conviction that sexual activity should be reserved for a husband-wife relationship.

“Pepperdine seeks to be faithful to this teaching because we believe it is God’s will,” Davis said, “and therefore we cannot endorse another view or take a neutral position on sexual morality.  Although Reach OUT stated in its application that it has no position on sexual activity, we do not believe it is possible for a LGBT student organization to maintain a neutral position.”

A petition, now signed by more than 4,000 people, has more background:

Until now, the university’s policies have created an atmosphere of silence and anxiety that alienates not only the LGBT student population but also anyone concerned for their well-being. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) likewise expressed unease in its 2011 accreditation report that Pepperdine’s “climate of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’” prevents it from appearing “safe for open discourse.”

Administrators have established a Building Bridges committee in response to some of these concerns, but the committee is primarily generating recommendations that, even if adopted, would not provide LGBT students with a sense of community.

That is why on November 9 Reach OUT applied to become a student organization. On December 13, however, administrators rejected the application. This is the fourth time that a gay-straight alliance has been denied or discouraged from applying.

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  1. Pepperdien promotes promotes gayness. No girls after 11PM and yes I have been drained by more Pepperdine boys in lovernich apartments than I can remember when I was a student!

    The bottom line is they have jesish groups which are allowed to congregate! Why not gays? Neither are supported by the church of christ! But one is not allowed!!

    Posted by: tl | Jan 25, 2012 7:10:34 PM

  2. Good for them. As a Christian school their goal is to promote holiness and demote sinfulness. The club wouldn't have been properly used however some sort of establishment should be made to approach the matter as "Hate the sinner but love the Sin." What they've done is basically said they won't have a serial killer club on campus. It suggests they promote murder.

    Posted by: Mark | Jan 25, 2012 7:10:43 PM

  3. @Mark
    your comparing gays to serial killers! you are a nut case! You are the problem of the 21st century. "Times are a changin!

    FYI Pepperdine has many "other" supported religions that can congregate in groups. Is this promoting holiness or demoting sinfulness?

    I am going to go cut my wife's hand off now because the bible told me to!

    Matthew 11:19

    11 When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: 12 Then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.

    Posted by: ryan | Jan 25, 2012 7:20:09 PM

  4. I went to Pepperdine back in the '80s, and grew up in the Church of Christ, with which the school is affiliated. Pepperdine's always been the "bad" Church of Christ school because it's actually not as restrictive as the others. A private school, especially a religious one, certainly has the right to set its own rules. But Pepperdine allows other student groups, and permits plenty of conduct, that aren't consistent with traditional church teachings. The LGBT community was singled out for discrimination not because Pepperdine is concerned about its religious connections, but because it's concerned with its right-wing political connections. This is about coddling rich conservatives, not about religious freedom or "God's will." And as an alumnus, I am horrified.

    Posted by: Brian | Jan 25, 2012 7:31:27 PM

  5. Mitt Romney and the homosexual agenda.

    Posted by: Chet | Jan 26, 2012 6:01:48 PM

  6. "Fear Of The Unknown" is what made early "Man" think, and then decided to believe, that a "GOD" made the Sun rise in the morning to be replaced by the Moon when the Sun went down, etc, etc, etc.

    Marriage was invented thousands of years after Man evolved as a way of holding Woman in permanent servitude to the physically more powerful Men. The only reason Churches are against Gay marriage is that we generally will not be raising our children to go to Church and put money in the collection basket so the Priest or Minister does not have to earn a living by doing something productive for mankind.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jan 27, 2012 3:49:00 PM

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