1. redball says

    @Dallas: Amen! love how the male characters aren’t hamstrung by traditional ideas of masculinity.

    this show is very refreshing and is often roll-around-on-the-floor funny! (Esp. Penny–my fave character on the show.)

  2. David says

    Sooooo it looks like being shirtless has replaced limp wrists as the new gay stereotype of gay characters on TV? Because, you know, we all walk around with our shirts off ALL the time. Amiright guys?

  3. JesryPo says

    David, if I looked like that shirtless, I would, indeed, walk around sans tee ALL THE TIME.

    I love the show, and I have a crush on Max, and now want to get all Big Love with the two of them…

  4. endo says

    This is the best comedy on TV. (So sorry, Modern Family, ya peaked too soon.) The episode where Brad started “Blackass” had me choking with laughter.

    PS: That guy doesn’t look like Max’s type.

  5. Gregoire says

    Max is actually my least favorite character on Happy Endings, so I’ll be interested in seeing his character develop in ways that don’t require him being such a selfish, oafish slacker.

  6. says

    Altho I like the show I would much prefer that SOMEONE on the show be actually gay. Both Wolk and Pally are straight so the best we’re (the gay community) is going to get will be a lot of pal-ing around. I doubt seriously if we’ll ever see them in bed together in an intimate position as we do with Penny and her beaus or the other coupled characters. What do you wanna bet when they double date with Brad and Jane they won’t be holding hands with each other? If there is a kiss we won’t see it, just the assumption. (I hope to be wrong.)

  7. Gregv says

    OS2guy: It’s the writers who decide whether two characters will hold hands or have intimate moments. Whether an actor is gay, straight or bi is irrelevant to what his character will get into.
    I love the fact that TV and movies now have out gay artists like Neil-Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch playing straight characters and straight actors like Adam Pally and Annette Bening playing gay characters.
    The more gay, straight and bi characters and actors can be mixed-and-matched, the less actors are terrified as being pigeon-holed as “the gay one” who won’t be called back for any other kind of role.

    I really tune in to Happy Endings for Max, but I laugh the most because of Penny.

  8. Tyler says


    You’re going to be surprised then. Not only is James Wolk’s character going to be the major part on this episode, he has an entire arc in the second half of the season dedicated to him. None of the other single characters have had that happen to them (though, I do wish they brought back Dave’s stupid-hot girlfriend. That was great).

    And since the plans seems to be to end every single season with a wedding of some kind (this year, Penny’s mom and Dave’s dad), it would be likely that James Wolk would have some role in the show going forward, at least as a potential to recur. Not to mention that ABC (rightfully) loves him and wants him to get him in the right project, which would open him up to continue on Happy Endings at some point in the future.


    Eh, HE’s main audience is young women. It’s male audience has grown, but it’s also is disproportionately skewed towards gay men. Even then, this is 2012 and it’s Happy Endings. If you’re watching this show and you’re not okay with gay romance, I’m sure you’re not someone who would a) be watching b) someone who ABC and Sony are targetting.

  9. says

    @ANNONY NONNY & Gregv – as I stated, I hope I am wrong and privately I too would love to see two ‘real’ men-type gay guys hold an intimate loving relationship on TV ending in a nice end of season wedding. It would be a real first on TV and if the writers do the job we hope for, this show could be the updated version of “Friends”. Wouldn’t it have been really cool if Joey had been gay and he and Chandler married? If that’s what H.E. writers have in mind then you can count on the gay community trumpeting the show. If, as in the past, we end up with a no-nothing show I’ll be disappointed.

    As for straight versus gay actors – think of how different you feel when watching Blaine kiss Kurt. I can’t forget how Chris brought his hand up to Darren’s face and the intensity of the kiss. True Darren is straight (or so he says) knowing Chris is really gay gave the scene much more believability and you wanted to cheer them on as a couple. Do I believe Sue when she kiss Beists’s beau? Not for a moment. Better yet, do you even believe for a moment that Beist ISN’T a lesbian? (You have to really stretch the imagination there!)

    Now we have two straight men, playing gay. A good director (and from what I’ve seen in direction on this show I’m not impressed) will make sure any intimacy between these two str8s comes across as real. A private moment, both shirtless, holding each other and shot from the waist up would suffice. (But what a roar you would hear out of the far right!)

  10. djb says

    Happy Endings.. OMGeee… Now see seeing him on the show will certainly make for a happy ending. What a great show. The chemistry of the cast is one of best on TV right now! And, it’s one of those rare shows that is truly laugh out loud funny. Can’t wait for this episode!!

  11. Tom in long beach says

    I like the show. I has a few good laughs. My husband likes it more than I do..

    Nice hairy chest, now if he had some hair on his face even better.

  12. HUH says

    Like you only see gay characters with their shirts off! Give me a break David! Tune in to any daytime or nighttime soap/drama …it’s a straight beefcake festival. So get over yourself.

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