1. JCW says

    No – Don’t know who half the artists are anymore. Watching the BAFTAs instead to get my award show fix.

  2. Vern Dufford says

    So original Gaga in drag as long dead Joan Crawford.
    WOW…and that tart Rihanna or was that Diana Ross? No the one with the fake blue eyes that looks like a hooker.Retire Bruce,Tony, and for god sakes Paul you all look old and tired.Tony who isn’t the BEST singer you ever heard? PLEASE pick just one!

  3. wtf says

    poor Vern Dufford, so sad that you think just because someone is old that they can’t perform. Bruce Springsteen looks, plays, and sounds excellent. He’s only 62. Get a clue. That’s not old anymore for people who take care of themselves. Jealous much?

  4. Vern Dufford says

    Brando said you only have to do it right once then your just repeating yourself over and over. Where I have the problem its
    the same old stick over and over don”t get me wrong I like Springsteen GREAT work! No I am not jealous and I am close to his age.