1. slippy says

    But what does she do when asparagus is not in season -the canned stuff would just lay there in a mushy mess ….

  2. Silas says

    LMFAO…you could hear the wind in the background and there is no snow on the ground such a hard prediction to make…this crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sonneillon says

    This is almost as hilarious as Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill.

    “It was foretold by GYROMANCY!”

    Go ahead, google ‘gyromancy’.

  4. slippy says

    Ahh excuse me Rick if Jemima were here in San Francisco, she’d be casting and reading ONLY locally grown organic produce in season from a small family farm.

  5. sully says

    “I predict that eating this vegetable will make your pee smell funny.”

    omg how did she know?

  6. johnny says

    A perfectly good waste of tasty asparagus. And that bunch she’s holding looks way better than what’s at my grocer.

  7. NaughtyLola says

    Oh, how gray and gloomy the world would be without wackadoodle eccentrics. I celebrate them all.

  8. Demian says

    To me, her work is equally as valid as the Pope’s, only she doesn’t seek to impose mind control or other people, and she doesn’t employ people who assault them.