1. Alitowski says

    So Ruse is worried that violence-against-gays studies are, in fact, a ruse? Somebody should study this poor fellow’s addiction to cliched similes: “just the nose of the camel under the tent”…”the water gets warmer and warmer and warmer until the frog is boiled” — all this under a minute at that! Can you imagine an entire evening of this?

  2. Virnon says

    It is the third blind mouse! The chicken that crossed the road! The little engine that could! The greener grass on the other side of the hill! The needle in the haystack! The pig that went to the market!

  3. says

    A fool with his head up his ass comes to my mind. Catholics have so much to be ashamed of when it comes to their hating leaders, so out of touch with morality towards others.

  4. stevenelliot says

    oh my! you cant win on economics. Why? cause the economy is getting a little better. And you cant win on foreign policy because your members dont even know where to point on a map and find afganistan. Nor do they care. And you cant win most probably by slapping Dem’s with ever stricter voting laws. SO whatya do, blanche? You dig up that old, dusty book called “Moral Issues”. So you can scare granny and grandpa into getting out next year with their walkers and jazzys and voting. Because only the rethugs will save you from these large marauding bands of homo-transexual, man-on-dog-loving, satanists….snooze

  5. Dave says

    The GOP has degenerated into a collection of fringe hate groups and are on the verge of irrelevance if they do not alter this message. Not that I care or anything. Good riddance.

  6. Jon says

    This seems to be the issue with them now, denying that GLBT’s are pushing for civil rights. They want to keep saying ‘special rights’ instead. And when the HRC asks for a study on violence against homosexuals, instead of asking himself if he is mistaken and this is in fact a civil rights issue, Ruse doubles down and indignantly insults the GLBT community by claiming that we are simply appropriating the term ‘civil rights’ from studies like this one.

    Someone needs to sit down with these people and have a frank discussion about what rights are, where they came from, and why we uphold them.

  7. kelehe says

    Ah yes … the old paraphilias-are-sexual-orientations ruse. Sadly this still works with the uneducated audiences who obsess about other peoples sexual activity, presumably because don’t have any or harbor ‘shameful’ desires they repress.

  8. says

    @ “Austin Ruse”

    Hello, you aptly-named liar, you. Glad you think I listened. Give my regards to your equally-mendacious wife at the Family Research Council, now spreading the Girl Scouts / Planned parenthood fiction which originated under you at C-FAM. In respect of Cathy, isn’t she a modern-enough girl to construct her own lies, rather than recycling your own prefabbed ones? Put a cork on your paternalism, won’t you?

    Warmest personal regards and best wishes for continued success…

  9. DeeperStill says

    “This is their theory of international law: their theory of international law is that it’s done by lying, coercion and trickery.”

    Oh, the irony!

    Lowlife azzhat…

  10. Jerry6 says

    Face it everybody – Any one so inclined that there exists an invisible thing, or something or other, up in the sky someplace, or other, that supposedly created everything perfectly, and cannot make a mistake, suddenly gave humans the ability to make the mistake of being homosexual, and then says it is OK to kill these homosexuals after “IT” said that “Thow shall not kill”, is very confusing.

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