Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Hosts Gay Couples at Dinner


In June last year, the activist group GetUp! paid 31,000 Australian dollars ($33,270) for a dinner with Prime Minister Julia Gillard after winning a bidding war against a Christian lobby group at the Press Gallery of Australia annual charity ball.

GillardThe group's intention was to send three gay couples to dinner to discuss the need for marriage equality in Australia, and that happened last night.

The AP reports:

Twelve-year-old Matthew Miller presented Gillard with flowers and two letters explaining why he and his brother Dylan, 9, would like their biological mother Sandy Miller to marry their other mother, Louise Bucke.

"Since they're not allowed to get married, they're basically being called not normal and we're not known as a proper family," Matthew told The Associated Press at Parliament House before the dinner, which the boys did not attend.

Along with Miller and Bucke, other guests were Brisbane academic Sharon Dane, 54, who married Elaine Crump, 53, in Canada in a ceremony that is not recognized in Australia.

Steve Russell, 51, and John Dini, 29, decided against marrying overseas because it would carry no weight in Australia. While they could have a civil union recognized under state law in their hometown of Melbourne, they don't regard that as equal to marriage.

Gillard is personally opposed to same-sex marriage. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she told the couples "she believes laws allowing them to marry in Australia are inevitable."


  1. Chaqille says

    Thank-you, young Matthew Miller, for being confident enough to confront Julia in a way that many of your elders would be afraid to!
    Since Gillard came to power I’ve consistently thought of her as an inherently good and decent person, but someone who is too afraid to express solidarity with same-sex couples because of her [already] precarious position in the eyes of the Australian public.
    I really hope she gets over this and realises that justice is far more important, and urgent, than her image, and her reputation amongst the Australian Christian Lobby on whose backs the Labour Party rose to power in 2007 (the degree of which is highly debatable).
    To paraphrase our national anthem: Advance Australia *Fair* . . .

  2. Caliban says

    At least in that photo she has a horrible case of tertiary b*tch-face. All that’s left is the fourth and last stage of the disease, Barbara Bush Syndrome.

    And I love how she says marriage equality is “inevitable” while standing against it, with all the anticipation of a Pompeii citizen eying Mount Vesuvius.

  3. Michael says

    By the PM saying it is ‘inevitable’ it still feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

    It’s sad really the Labor Party are meant to be the socially progressive party. But I guess like large parts of the western world there’s been a race to the centre – both our political parties are becoming more & more conservative.

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