1. Alan says

    Pam referred to Dr. Wooden as a “vigorous rent-a-reverend who never fails to get face time with the professional bigot brigade.”

    Well honey, if you’re gonna pick a fight, don’t be surprised by what gets thrown back at ya. Tolerance is two-way street, my dear. We are not granted the right to go around and be a-holes to people, just because we’re gay, and then expect to be treated with respect, by those same people.

    Dr. Wooden: Pam needs Jesus. <—He’s a tool Pete LaBarbera: This is a perversion movement, folks. <——–He’s a tool All THREE of you need to shut up because you’re equally as annoying and equally as self-righteous. Grow up and get over yourself.

  2. S.C. says

    LaBarbera and Wooden are treading perilously close to corrective rape. Jesus, some of your followers are SICK.

  3. says

    gay conservatives always take this cowardly stance of “we’d have full rights if you gay liberals understood that tolerance is a two way street”

    wrong. we’d have full equality if gay conservatives grew a pair and stopped thinking that Gay Liberals are to blame for the fact that Conservatives are anti-gay.

    it’s not “intolerant” to not tolerate the specific intolerance of the KKK. we get it – some of you were born into communities where you could only be tolerated as gay as long as you parroted the nonsense uttered by your communities, families, churches and political affiliates. but take a good look at your lives – how well is Your Way working for ya, eh?

    you don’t see gay liberals apologizing for themselves in order to attain tolerance. you see them demanding and commanding respect. and they get it.

  4. cadence says

    Alan, Pam pointing out that bigots pay the good Reverend for his services, and that he’s always eager to take their money, is not the same as name calling. For example, calling people tools.

  5. Sarm says

    Heh, stay classy, Christians.

    Also Alan, you’re right. Only Christians are allowed to be assholes, even total lowlives, to everyone and still demand respect from everyone. Why can’t everyone get on the same page here and quit calling them out on their appalling behavior and go back the days when they could get away with murder?

  6. Jeff says

    Pam’s House Blend is about the most intolerant blog I’ve ever read. It actually makes Fox News look fair and balanced. Her blog is notorious for deleting posts that disagree with her positions.

  7. Pete n SFO says

    “She referred to Dr. Wooden as a “a vigorous rent-a-reverend who never fails to get face time with the professional bigot brigade.”‘

    I REALLY must visit Pam’s blog more often… seems to me, she nailed-it, but good!

  8. says

    Jeff, if you can’t tell the difference between a “news network” (my fingers barfed typing that…) like Fox News and Pam Spaulding’s personal blog then you’re a complete moron who deserves to have his (probably asinine) posts deleted.

  9. kit says

    Team Pam!
    I agree with S.C. that these evil morons come awfully close to advocating “corrective rape.” No one needs to tolerate that — but as soon as the trolls get called out on it, they go into ultra-whine-mode: “The gays are picking on me! They won’t let me discriminate against them! Make them stop! Wah wah wah!”

  10. JamalNYC says

    Alan is closely affiliated to this pastor and his Church. No self respect gay person would advocate these homophobic comment (except for a closet case with an ex gay theme in their lives) There’s NO such thing as being intolerant of intolerance. Us being against the intolerance of the pastor makes us FOR tolerance.

    Pam is a TRUE pioneer and has made more progress and evolving minds by her work than she realizes. Her writing and activism has sincerely saved lives.

  11. notacalifornian says

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