1. tom a says

    Unless you’re going to call male-female marriages “straight weddings” in print every time, please don’t call our weddings “gay weddings.”

    I’ll never get “gay married,” just as my siblings never got “straight married,” or “straight divorced.”

  2. Fenrox says

    Quick pro tip, If you recognize the song, it is not a good song to play behind a video.

    Also, Just a horrible song to play against a happy marriage… I mean… just listen to the song.

    Anyway, The video was cute!

  3. Dan says

    Outstanding feature, Towleroad! Please – more like this!

    The couple is cute as hell, esp. Amir. Congratulations to them. I hope this video makes Brian and Maggie cry for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Teej says

    I think it’s fine to say gay wedding. You can say Jewish wedding. “Gay Marriage” however, is an insult. You wouldn’t say Jewish Marriage. Love this new column!!

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