1. says

    How dare those hypocritical intolerant liberals do..,,wait…huh?

    oh, never mind.


    “fred karger turns on stove, touches it; shocked to find his fingers burned”

    But wait a second, I thought the Conservative movement was accepting of gay people, after all there are more than a few (closeted) Gay Republicans on here commenting every day saying that it’s liberals that are the problem…

    hmm.. so even the far-right leaning GOProud can’t win? The Gay Group so pathetic that they don’t actually do ANYTHING for LGBT Equality, and yet they’re still denied because (let’s face it) no matter how hard they try to throw Stereotypical Gay Liberal Leftists under the bus, their chosen party still hates them for being gay.

    And then Karger….poor Karger. Made his money from Big Tobacco, like totally the most ethical gig in the country, eh?


    Yeah. I’m so stunned that a bigoted group doesn’t want you there. Stunned. Biggest shock of my life.

    the GOP is the party for White Heterosexual Christian Males.
    GOP women? the most anti-woman women you can find. misogynist’s wet dreams, the lot of them. weak-willed bobblehead idiots who parrot the bigotry of the men they’re slaves to.
    GOP gays? sad white boys with money who have to cut off their own balls as an offering of subservience.
    non-white GOPs? gurrrl, don’tgetmestarted.

    there will always be the weak and the wounded who suck up to the bully rather than challenge it. they have my pity.

  2. Todd says

    Fred, I hope you make them so mad that CPAC publicly responds, yes you are GAY and you are not welcome in our big tent any more. GOProud and Log Cabin were thrown under their GOP bus, why are you running behind it banging on the sides? It won’t stop and open the door to let you on ever. It’s beyond me why anyone would vote republican as they are now since at their most basic level they have shown and stated we are second class citizens. If they don’t believe in basic human dignity and equality, this really shows their character. I don’t have friends like that and why on earth would you even consider trying to get back on their bus…hell, you’d probably settle for sitting in the back of the bus if offered but we all saw what Rosa Parks did to that. Wake up and repudiate the republicans and join a real equality movement.

  3. Kirby says

    Seriously — is news about this man some sort of joke? He is “… still campaigning”? Right. How is it that the only place one ever reads about him is on this blog?

  4. Matthew says

    I think too many people misunderstand Fred Karger. He’s not campaigning because he thinks he has a chance of winning, and I don’t think he was surprised in the slightest that CPAC denied him a place at their table. This is a guy who’s working patiently and persistently to try and make a difference. I see him as a sculptor who’s calmly chipping away at a piece of stone. He knows what his realistic goals are, and I think he is going to keep working toward them until he’s satisfied.

  5. cranky1 says

    The republican party has banned all open gays from participation in its activities. It has officially declared that homosexuality is not “acceptable” in society. It has openly called for discrimination against homosexuals in all facets of the society. It has called for reinstatement of sodomy laws nationwide and a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. Why on earth would a sane individual want to involve himself in such a group? This man needs psychiatric assistance.

  6. Robert in NYC says

    There was a myth circulating during the Bush years that the GOP was an all inclusive party. Well, I’ve not seen any gay man or woman of notoriety appear at any of their conventions let alone been given time to make a public address. None of their candidates has ever addressed LGBT equality and never will. Karger has already found out.

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