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    Ezekiel 16. As the bible states that the “sin of Sodom” was greed and the selfish hoarding of wealth without sharing and helping those less fortunate, i’d be encouraged if there was a law that was against “sodomy” – which would be against living a plush life while others are hungry and going without the necessities of life.

    as is, this law seems to be about…wait…i can’t tell.

    is this a law about anal sex? is it a law about sex between two people of the same gender, or is it a law about sex between two men?
    does this law include oral sex? how about heterosexuals who engage in non-vaginal sexual activity?

    specifics, please….. je suis confuse

  2. Glenn says

    Sadly, this is not unusual. It even took New York 20 years from the time the Court of Appeals ruled the sodomy law unconstitutional to when the Leg actually took it off the books.

  3. Glenn says

    I love these definitions. I mean, what kind of sex-obsessed freak sat down and came up with this?

    In Kansas,

    (b) ”Sodomy” means oral contact or oral penetration of the female genitalia or oral contact of the male genitalia; anal penetration, however slight, of a male or female by any body part or object; or oral or anal copulation or sexual intercourse between a person and an animal. “Sodomy” does not include penetration of the anal opening by a finger or object in the course of the performance of:

    (1) Generally recognized health care practices; or

    (2) a body cavity search conducted in accordance with K.S.A. 22-2520 through 22-2524, and amendments thereto.

  4. Glenn says

    Oh, and in Kansas, sodomy is only a crime (albeit an unenforceable one) if it involved minors, animals, or same-sex couples. Straight adults can sodomize each other to their hearts’ content. Nice, huh

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    so the Straights of Kansas aren’t allowed oral sex.

    no wonder they’re so angry at gays. we get women who aren’t being eaten, and i’ve heard enough from my straight female friends to know that few can orgasm from penetrative sex alone. and then we have the the bitter old straight men who are going without blowjobs

    fab. no wonder they’re so miserable.

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    ………how about people just start calling the cops if they suspect their neighbours’ getting oral sex?

    seriously . flood the police station with “sodomy” reports. on straight couples.

  7. jack says

    Have these bible thumpers ever actually read Genesis 18 and 19? It contains one of the more bizzare myths found in the bible. Genesis tells us that ALL of the men of Sodom closed in on Lot’s house because they wanted to have sex with the two visitors. Lot,not a candidate for father of the year, offers the mob his two virgin daughters instead. He tells them “you may do with them as you please”. Why would Lot offer his daughters to homosexuals who clearly wanted to get it on with the two handsome strangers? LOL. We are then told that Yahweh, “Our Heavenly Father” destroys the entire city. Killing everyone including all the women and little children. We are not told what their sin was. Toward the end of the myth, we are told that a drunken lot was seduced by his daughters and he impregnates them. What a lovely family values story. People who in the 21st century use this book as a moral guide are fools and morons. Or mabye just smart politicians preying on the ignorance of many.

  8. TJ says

    “Yes, I’d like to report a crime against nature. My neighbor is screaming like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally. ” She surely must be engaging in sodomy!”

  9. anon says

    Well, it’s not moot, really. If SCOTUS overturns L v T then the law will be back in force. This is what they are hoping for.

    As for the bible, rules against variant sex go way back in many cultures. The modern standard is called the rational basis test. The law needs a rational basis to stand up to scrutiny (all rights of the people are reserved unless restricted by law under common law principles). A sodomy law per se probably should not pass a rational basis test, though the courts are typically very generous in what they allow to count as rational.

  10. jim says

    According to the info cited by Glenn, finger f*#king isn’t illegal, but sticking just about anything else ‘in the butt, Bob’ is? Doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. But(t) I guess it’s good to know that, when in Kansas, fingering is ok…

  11. simon says

    Kansas’s sodomy law is like this:
    Crimes Against Nature – sec. 21-907. : Every person who shall be convicted of the detestable and abominable crime against nature, committed with mankind or with beast; shall be punished by confinement and hard labor not exceeding ten years.
    It says nothing about same gender sex. As someone here has said, it includes oral and anal sex by heterosexual couples. The news reporters and even some lawmakers are confused about the law, thinking it only applies to gay sex.

  12. Mary says

    Kiwi, I assume you’re joking. I’m sure that whatever the law says, plenty of oral sex goes on in Kansas – as it does everywhere else.

  13. stevenelliot says

    wow just think of all the jobs created for the unemployed by this remarkable act from the legislative body of Kansas! Theyve hit the nail on the head! If one keeps sodomy illegal….the jobs will come and the economy will get better! gosh why didnt anyone else think of that correlation before now.

  14. mcNnyc says

    Time to organize a boycott of the state.
    Boycott the Bigots.
    From tourism to convention business.