Michele Bachmann Rips Howard Stern for ‘Dragging Her Through The Mud’ in Gay Rights Tirade


Michele Bachmann attacked radio host Howard Stern for "demonizing" her in a widely-distributed clip of his show which took Bachmann and Rick Santorum and other anti-gay Republicans to task for their homophobic positions which perpetuate intolerance and violence toward gay people.

BachmannWrote Bachmann in an email to supporters:

Earlier this week, notorious shock jock Howard Stern called me "the worst person in the world" during his daily radio show.

To conservatives, this message from Howard Stern, a man whose only contribution to our culture was years of corrupting America's youth on public airwaves, was clear: "either abandon your beliefs and agree with me, or be dragged through the mud and demonized on national radio." I don't accept this false choice, and I know you don't either.

While Stern can say anything he wants on satellite radio, his words have an impact on his millions of listeners as well as the people his listeners talk to, which is why I need your help to counteract with our positive message. We must fight back and maintain our focus on what is important.

These are serious times, and our nation faces serious issues. The direction that America is headed requires serious discussion by serious people, and Howard Stern is not a serious person. We cannot allow attacks from him or anybody else to distract us from a laser focus on what is truly important: holding President Obama and his Democratic allies accountable for their mortgaging of our future. I know you share my determination and, with your help, our message of prosperity for our nation's future will drown out the noise of their attacks.

Stern is ready to fire back at Bachmann

Tweeted Stern over the weekend:

"Just read Michelle bachman's comments. Can't wait to get back on the air. Spoke with the lord a few minutes ago and he is on my side. If thinking that gay people have a right to happiness is corrupting America then I will continue corrupting them. Time to shun this woman."


  1. Paul says

    Poor Michelle, doesn’t like being called the “worst” person. Well gays don’t like to be called “faggots”. If you don’t believe we all should have the same rights, then guess what, you are ONE of the worst persons. We don’t want special rights, we just want equal rights.

  2. Dan Cobb says

    I think Michelle Bachmann has the permanent face of a woman whose husband just told her after 32 years of marriage that he is gay. It’s that wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights look.

  3. says

    Michelle Bachmann is an unloved fool. She, like nearly all republican women, is an anti-woman, self-hating, misogynist’s wetdream.

    She has, of course, a husband who is a closeted homosexual. that’s why their more than 20 foster children were all females – can’t go having any tempting troubled young males around. right? right.


    i encourage the future youth of america to Do The Right Thing, go out for a big Taco Bell dinner and then take a wicked dump on michele bachmann’s grave.

    fitting tribute.

  4. says

    She really is a very ignorant person…time she just shut her face and climbed back under her little rock with her closeted idiot of a husband, and the rest of her homophobic religious zealots she calls her friends.

    The world would definitely be a better place without any of them.

  5. Gregoire says

    She was roundly rejected by voters of her own party, and now she’s being destroyed by one of America’s leading shock jocks. Must take a lot of energy to keep her big bug eyes open.

  6. Contrarian says

    Bachmann represents a majority within her congressional district, gerrymandered though it may be. Though I suspect few of you read the NY Times at all or if you do, only for fashion and the arts, there was a great piece yesterday on middle America. It dealt with the white working and lower middle class, and how they hate the Federal govt. while getting a menu of support payments from Federal programs.

    They support the Tea Party while getting unemployment, food stamps and other benefits, and voting for people like Bachmann and other Repuglicans. As long as we have low-information voters we will have Bachmann types to contend with. BTW, Stern is not everyone’s cup of tea. I find him unfunny, juvenile and an egomaniac but then I’m over 50.

  7. stpetegreg says

    @Contrarian…”but then I’m over 50.”…and an arrogant ass. Though you will probably say you were just stating facts as you see them, it sounded more like you were trying to show you are somehow (possibly intellectually) superior with your comment, “Though I suspect few of you read the NY Times at all or if you do, only for fashion and the arts.” Your comment was unfunny, juvenile and egotistical, but then, I’m over 50 as well. Also, thanks for pointing out that Stern is not everyone’s cup of tea — I’m sure the fine readers of Towleroad would have never come to that conclusion on our own. I’ve most likely had too much coffee this afternoon and am irritable, but the tone of condescension was unnecessary…

  8. FunMe says

    “I have been exposed for what I am: a homophobe, bigot and stupid woman. I implore you to send me money and help fight people like Howard Stern who are able to shine a light on my un-American activities. I need to be able to vilify gays and lesbians because … well who else can I insult without the national media coming after me.”

    Can’t wait for Howard Stern’s response on the radio!

  9. tw says

    She lifted the “serious people” for “serious problems” from Michael Douglas’ big speech in “The American President”. Sounded better when he said it.

  10. kiddie mill operators says

    You know what I find annoying? It’s how Michelle gets credit for taking in foster kids when all that was just about getting gov’t money. She and her husband turned foster kids into a cottage industry.

    On the other hand gay couples who adopt don’t get any gov’t money for adopting. Instead they have only expenses. That is who should get credit for having generous hearts.

  11. Mary says

    “go out for a big Taco Bell dinner and then take a wicked dump on michele bachmann’s grave.”

    Silly me. And I thought that the passage of marriage equality in Washington state would cause Kiwi to be HAPPY for a change. But Kiwi seems to have an obsession with thinking about the defilement and death of his political opponents. I wonder if the two loving accepting parents who raised him know that he writes such hateful things about mere strangers. I can’t imagine that the United Church of Canada would comdone statements like these.

    Doesn’t this “angry young men” routine wear thin when one passes the age of 30 (as I believe he has?)

    Kiwi, why not give us all a ahock and actually do something constructive for the gay community? How about recommending a book to read (I’m serious here.)? A beginner trying to learn about the gay rights movemement or gay life in general should start with what title? If I promise to read whatever book you recommend, will you stop the….how is it you put it?….”H8″?

  12. Mary says

    Yes, Fruit Lover, in a way I do. My “obsession” is trying to figure out why someone with the talent to be the C. Wright Mills of the gay movement instead aims to be its Abbie Hoffman. Although I’m not sure so many readers here are old enough to know these names. Sorry, but I couldn’t think of names more current.

  13. justinw says

    Michele, honey? Complaining about being demonized on national radio? Kind of ironic, since you have persistently and with great malice demonized LGBT people in the national media. The shoe pinches very tightly when it is on the other foot, doesn’t it, dear?

  14. GeorgeM says

    Why bother, Mary will continue to be anti this and anti that. She like most republicans pick and choose what rights we get. Kiwi maybe rough around the edges, and he is, but what he doesn’t do is tolerate disrespect for our community. It’s going to get to the point where you’re with us or against us.

  15. Mary says

    Truthseeker, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check out that book.

    And GeorgeM, I will have to disagree with you about Kiwi. He isn’t interested in the gay community being respected. If he was, he wouldn’t do what would only drive away potential supporters. Neither of you has to like me personally, but I’m trying to make you see how this behavior comes across. Is there one person who would become sympathetic to gay rights because he heard that someone shat on a grave? Yes, I understand your frustration with my position on gay rights, but you need to consider gay people of the future and the vulnerable position that hotheads like Kiwi are creating for them. Your feelings, as normal as they are, are not the only factor to consider here. It’s not like I’m asking you to think of the well-being of homophobes. It’s your own community that will end up suffering if gays end up with the kind of image that Kiwi is giving them.

  16. GeorgeM says

    I guess you and I will just have to disagree on this one. I did note that kiwi is to, many time rough but I as a gay man understand his anger. I don’t like you positions on gay issues, but right to you. Im just not sure if you help or hurt us.

  17. Paul B. says

    @KIWI…sounds like Mary’s got a problem with your astute observations and commentary. I’m guessing she’s not gay, has few or no gay friends and just thinks of herself as tolerant and psudo-progressive. Kiwi…you’ve made me proud !!!
    Oh, Mary…take a long hard look in the mirror at yourself. It’s not pretty.

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