1. David says

    He’s still a major United States presidential candidate.

    This does not help anyone.

  2. jtramon says

    FIRST: I have to say I thought Romney handled it extremely well, and blew the wind outta their sails calling it “confetti” and immediately launching into his win in Florida. Even though you could see the glitter in his hair during his speech – lets face it – it had zero effect on him. And, I dare say, the viewers.

    SECOND: I agree with David-glitterbombing really does make us look like raging assholes

  3. Joey says

    Please stop glitter-bombing.. if anything, this is only going to brew more hatred in his heart against our community.

  4. Michael says

    Stop glitter bombing? What the f***? Are we pansies? . . . oh, we are aren’t we. I say fight on boys and girls. Call’em on their crap. Should Romney win the presidency think of the loss the LBGT community will feel. From DADT to AIDS funding – all gone.

  5. LiamB says

    People can fight and “call’em on their crap” without looking like 12 yo school girls. Sorry, but glitterbombing is childish. It doesn’t make us look cool, it doesn’t make us sympathetic, it doesn’t make others take us seriously. It accomplishes nothing but make us into pretentious children playing at adult games.

  6. Continuum says

    The glitter bombing was funny at first . . . maybe 5 or 10 years ago.

    Now, it is just childish and stupid.

    How can a candidate know that it’s only glitter and not something really harmful. How would the secret service know.

    The glitter bombers may have good intention, but, they’re lacking commonsense and originality.

    It’s well past time to stop this glitter bomb nonsense.

  7. David in NYC says

    @Michael, tell me how does glitterbombing helps?

    Can you even imagine right-wing evangelicals were throwing stuff on Hillary or Barack during their campaigns. Half the audience of this blog would be out crucifying those people.

  8. Tonic says

    Glitter-bombing was effective for a bit, but has lost it’s energy and doesn’t even attract the attention it once did. Something new has to be used. But what?

  9. LiamB says

    Glitterbombing was never effective. Sorry, but it wasn’t. It was always a joke at our expense, and those who perpetrated it were just too emotionally stunted to grasp the concept.

  10. C.J. says

    Glitter-bombing literally makes it looks like we are acting like fairies. Seriously, this practice is so beneath us! It just fuels the haters to hate us more.

  11. say what says

    plz stop with the glitter bombs

    they provide no positives for us and an argument could be made that they detract from the cause

  12. Landon says

    Isn’t Romney getting Secret Service protection? I can’t imagine the reaction they’ll have to the prospect of individuals flinging looses masses of material at presidential candidates. They’re probably creating several new protocols for exactly this kind of attack. The few purveyors of these stunts are going to get shut down pretty quickly if they keep it up.

  13. Rob Z says

    If your only contribution is glitter bombing, go work for the other side. We have enough to deal with without the backlash from your counterproductive, childish antics.

  14. endo says

    Nick Espinosa is NOT gay.

    That’s right, this asshat who started the whole glitter bombing movement is a straight guy who equates glitter with gays because apparently he believes we’re all fairies.

  15. jack says

    These glitter bombing gay stereotypes should put their “fairy dust” away. Don’t they realize how silly and inconsequential they look? Do positive things. Register to vote. Get others registered to vote. Volunteer in a democratic senator, congressman or presidential election campaign. Contribute money to help the democrats compete in the billion dollar republican media blitz to come. Do something that matters.

  16. jim says

    Enough with the stupidass glitter already!

    Especially with Mitt–it only makes him want to SING AGAIN.

  17. jaragon says

    Glitter bomb is silly,childish and pointless because you know throwing fairy dust like some demented Tinkerbell is really going to make you look serious as a political force.

  18. bruce says

    Total waste of glitter…and energy!
    Romney has shown us that he has no interest in supporting the gay community. Period.
    He won’t change…and (hopefully) will NEVER be President.
    He demonstrates uselessness every time he opens his mouth.

  19. TJ says

    Um, well, as a point I made in a previous post, glittering was a category on “Who Wants To Be a Milionaire?” a few nights ago. Maybe not as ineffective as one might think. Maybe the carryover isn’t “puerile.” Maybe the carryover is attention to the message rather than the act.