1. uffda says

    What a wonderful, charming man. He only gets better and as the posts here already demonstrate, is much better than some deserve.

    To see the White House filled with so many black jazz performers is a double whammy of joy, one for the music, the other for the number of disgruntled Repubs one imagines writhing on the side with disapproval.

    It is also notable I think that this first video for 2/22/2012 comes after yesterdays’ stirring debate about race.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    Well, Paul, we can consider Jason/Rick our official Towleroad charity case. Face it, if you had to live in your mom’s basement and all you did all day was post troll comments, you would really need someone to pay attention to you. How else could you drag yourself out of bed in your footy pajamas and sit down at the ‘puter everyday?

  3. tweedle says

    The popularity of Reagan is something that the republic-party still loves to tout as one of his qualities.
    Not the same though with Clinton, and even worse now with Obama, both are routinely maligned by the right for their popularity.
    This clip will have the right wing’s panties in a tight, twisted wad.
    They hate him so much, and such outward displays really upset them, you just know they are gnashing their teeth as they watch this.

  4. say what says


    I had to look up Savonarola

    Well , the good news is the friar who thought himself more catholic than the pope ended up executed in the public square. One hopes Santorum faces the same fate as in executed in the square of public opinion and crashes and burns while tarnishing the xristofascists

  5. DrJWL says

    I love our president and I urge everyone to NOT feed the trolls. This reminds me of Bill Clinton playing his sax all over the place…which I thought was pretty cool.

  6. says

    Obama’s egotism is so high, you can’t get over it, and so deep, you can’t get around it! Nowhere to run, no place to hide from his embarrassing public displays! And scores of Gay Democrat sheeple are eager to put this Wall Street whore back in office! God save America!

  7. say what says

    stuffed animal translation “Uppity n@ggr”

    We all know what you really mean stuffed animal so plz go party with your kkk bros and hope they don’t lynch your gay @ss for being gay

  8. Seattle Mike says

    What I find interesting is that Obama’s speaking voice seems to be baritone, but his singing voice is all tenor. And I just love the confidence in this man.

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