1. Dback says

    I just love that, if you’d told people 10 years ago that within a decade you’d see the #1 daytime talk show host (a lesbian) doing a push-up contest with the African-American First Lady, people never would’ve believed it. We sometimes take for granted how quickly and remarkably things have changed.

  2. Anonn says

    I sent JCPenney an email the other day expressing my support of them/ellen and got this back:

    “Our recent announcement, rooted in rich heritage, re-imagines every aspect of our business to become America’s favorite store.

    We appreciate your feedback and are equally excited to partner with America’s favorite host and former jcpenney associate, Ellen Degeneres, to help tell our story.”

    This was actually clearly written by a human because the first paragraph was in reference to something I had also written in regards to their re-brand.

    I know Penney’s isnt seen as the coolest or most current store, but I find things to buy there consistently more often than some of their other breathren (Sears, the dreadful Kohls). I just bought a great pair of Levi’s for $40 the other day–they go for almost twice that at the actual Levis stores. Their new re-brand is going to possibly be the most exciting retail industry story of the year (I follow this stuff closely) now that they have the former head of Apple’s retail division and they are aggressively modernizing their stores and product mix. JCPenney may wind up becoming a fairly contemporary place again, very soon.

  3. Redebbm says

    Ellen Degeneres + Michelle Obama = Just Awesome

    Good on JCP for standing up for Ellen, millions love/adore Ellen and her good humour, she’s come too far to have to deal with the kind of bigotry AFA promotes, same people who think they can turn the world back toward bigotry if and when they get the chance.

  4. say what says


    actually no they didn’t

    komen said they will continue this year’s funding to PP for breast cancer screening which wasn’t an issue anyway…it was going to pay this years grants

    They said PP has to reapply for next year …which is what this is all about with no quarantee that they will cover next year

    In other words koeman just did PR BS and you fell for it.

    Keep the pressure on that the fire the right wing nutz and confirm that they will pay the grants next year to PP

  5. Dave says

    I have always shopped at JC Penney. However, I now feel the need to go shopping there this weekend. Sure seems like I won’t have to deal with stroller moms, as they won’t be there.

  6. Robert says

    I know JCP is off of most people’s radars here….but if you’re looking to support them, they have the best polos I’ve ever purchased (St. John’s Bay – pique), best undershirts I’ve ever purchased (Stafford — available in tall and extra tall), and the best cheap sheets I’ve ever purchased (300TC easy care are the smoothest, coolest sheets – essential for summer).

  7. Martha D says

    JCPenny is an awful store. This is good publicity for them, but there core shopping audience is not gay, and they made a terrible mistake. Do you really think gay people buy JC Penny’s clothes? That’s suburban mom attire and they just pissed off suburban moms. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

    BTW, Ellen is a terrible choice for JC Penny.

  8. jim says

    Get a clue, Martha, what a stupid blanket statement. Not all us gays are designer-label obsessed clones. I’ve bought a lot from JCP over the years, and I’m as gay as it gets, girl. They do carry brands many homos like (um, heard of Levi’s?). St John’s Bay casual wear (especially for winter) is great quality and lasts forever (for those queens who don’t feel the need to completely re-stock the closet every year). JCP also has excellent quality housewares (both soft and hard lines) at decent prices.

  9. ThomT says

    I went to Penney’s this week for the first time in maybe 10 years because of the million (yea right) hate filled moms. Not only did I buy a few thing at good prices I also opened a charge account. After finishing up I told the sales associate that I was doing it in support of their hiring Ellen and to off set any loss from a boycott. The clerk said I was the third person that said that and that she saw no evidence of any boycott. And she was very happy personally with the new pricing and absolutely loves Ellen.

  10. athon says

    I am so happy our million moms are adorable and this trash which is present and grown like weed in this country will die and burn out as they will never have family legacy because they themselves illegitimate childrens or dumped in trash by thier parents and they became serpents to while on our american land.

    It is good i pray that J C Penny will be finished into rubbles as family is the biggest market for any big store like J C Penny.

    And when million mom will influence thier religious families will loose 1 million mom X 10 members in each family so that means atleast 10 million members wont shop at J C Penny and many more christians in America and the whole world will unite and rise against this demonic sons and daughters of swines and unholy parents born in this country america which was founded by our christian forefathers not by this dirty by product which was any way considered thrash of this country which has to buried in hell by us christian americans and all over the world.

    There is a time coming soon when the christians will have to stop being impotent and fight openly with this LGBT devils and will have a open inhouse war to clean this american land from satans and childrens of devils.

    So christians rise up we are majority of the world even god destroyed this devils millions of years ago again and again

  11. linda says


  12. Linda says

    What planet are the 100,000,000 Moms living on????? I would venture a guess that most of them don’t even know how many zeros are in one million!Good for you JCPenny for standing by Ellen. I have just become a JCPenny shopper!

  13. KMB22 says

    Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Those claiming to live by the holy book are acting anything but christian. Good for you JC Penny and Ellen.

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