Roland Martin: If You Know Dudes Who Are Into David Beckham, Beat Them

Last night during the Super Bowl, H&M aired an underwear ad featuring a lovingly-photographed David Beckham wearing not very much. CNN's Roland Martin didn't like it much. He tweeted:

Picture 20If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl

To which GLAAD promptly tweeted:

@rolandsmartin Advocates of gay bashing have no place at @CNN #SuperBowl #LGBT

To which Mr. Martin tweeted:

@GLAAD @cnn well you're clearly out of touch and clueless with what I tweeted. Way to assume, but you're way off base

Mr. Martin later insisted that he meant to advocate violence against soccer fans, not gay men. Which makes one wonder why, earlier in the day, Mr. Martin tweeted:

Who the hell was that New England Patriot they just showed in a head to toe pink suit? Oh, he needs a visit from #teamwhipdatass

GLAAD's not buying it. A new press release up at the organization's website is "demanding" Martin's "removal" from the CNN lineup.

Does pink remind Mr. Martin of soccer? In any case, GLAAD's not buying Mr. Martin's excuses: They've now posted a release to their website "demanding" that CNN "remove" Mr. Martin from the air.

To be fair, advocating for actual violence against gay people would be out of character for Mr. Martin. As GLAAD itself reporsts, on Mr. Martin's own website he advocates "loving" and "breaking bread" with LGBT people — while praising his wife, a Baptist minister, for delivering so many of them from their unBiblical lifestyle with her special faith-healing witchery. Maybe Mr. Martin doesn't want to smack the ish out of sinners; maybe he only wants to smack the ish out of their sin.


  1. CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer says

    Judging by that chin, the only thing he could smack the ish out of would be third helpings at Hometown Buffet.

  2. Paul R says

    What a lame liar. Obviously he got scared for his job and tried to backpedal instead of owning his bigotry. Expect a stupid, mealy-mouthed apology in the next day or two.

  3. anthony says

    The word on the street for a LONG time is that Roland Martin is a RABID HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT. CNN needs to can his ass soon before this gets any bigger than it already is. We are sick of CNN covering for his violent bigotry and we will be going after exposing this bigot for the true homophobic and sexist bigot that he is with renewed vigor if CNN doesn’t get a clue and can this fraud as soon as POSSIBLE ! If not, the P.R. for CNN won’t be pretty !!

  4. Sergio says

    His ugly homophobic fat azz is one of the reasons I know longer watch CNN or visit their website.

  5. Damian says

    As a black person, I can think of no other mainstream black individual who’s done more damage to black folk in terms of gay issues than Roland Martin. His commentary toward gays has been at best…troubling, and at worst…absolutely disturbing. His words hurt BLACK gays and lesbians in the most monumental and detrimental manner, and it needs to be acknowledged.

    In the most sensitive time and struggle between African Americans and gays finding our bridge, and those of us stuck inbetween that road, THIS man has been the biggest road block. His blogs have consistently belittled gay families, gay rights, and general acceptance. He is on a crusade, he is on a mission, and when my Aunt is quoting him….that’s when I know he is terrible news for the plight of black LGBT.

    CNN needs to have some serious intervention, or else they are promoting this man’s long term bigoted beliefs.

  6. Joanna R. says

    I’ll never forget tunning into CNN the night of the last Presidential election. There was a panel that consisted of a then lesbian CNN political reporter, Anderson Cooper, and Roland Martin. The moment the announcement that Propistion 8 and gay marriage had lost in the polls in California came in, the lesbian said how her heart is crushed. Crushed not for herself, but for her friends, and gay youth. I swear to God, Roland looked right at her and said “Welp, YOU LOST! that’s how democracy works. And when you’re up against the moral majority, you can’t win, and I’m not sure you always should.” she was understandbly angered and fired back at him to which he laughed it off and said “The voters spoke. Case closed”
    VERBATIM that’s how it unfolded, and it was beyond infuriating to know this man is on CNN’s paycheck. He literally kicked that female reporters emotions when she was already down, and smiled right in her saddened face. It was heartbreaking, and while I’m not sure if it’s still up, the clip was floating around on you tube.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    If Martin made two comments on Twitter in one day even “jokingly” advocating violence against a different minority group, he’d likely be out of a job with CNN faster than you can say “you’re fired, bigot.”

    The same needs to apply here. Martin needs to go.

  8. USC-Fanatic says

    This is the same man who’s wife allegedly performed ex gay conversion therapy programs on gay people who came to her for counseling.

    The same man who said that gay adoption would be damaging to the social structure of the family.

    The same man who defended every last word of Tracy Jordan’s comedy routine and told the gay community to ‘get over it’

    The same man who in the past has dictated for the Democratic party to distance itself from gay marriage as it brings the party down.

    And he’s also supposed to be one of CNNs main political pundits. I don’t watch CNN because I refuse to listen to a television personality who’s track record proves they hate me, my partner and our daughter.

  9. citylightslion says

    @ Damian. THANK YOU. I’m also black and had this very discussion with a close black lesbian female friend about the negative influence of Roland Martin. Roland Martin has been a very damaging force for gays and lesbians, but far more so for *black* gays and lesbians cause we gotta be fighting these words, and facing these words right in the line of fire. this man has a history of trying to pin blacks against gays, and I’m so damn tired of his presence. he knows he’s hurting so many black gay kids with things he said and he still saying, and I don’t think he gives a damn.

  10. atomic says

    He looks like a closet case with that ridiculous ascot, which I suppose he wears to hide that third (or fourth?) chin of his.

    When will these bigots realize that if they want to live under a rock, it doesn’t mean they have to force everyone else to crawl under with them? I’m sick of these regressive, egocentric, Christian Taliban idiots. Make no mistake: they want us DEAD, and what they are doing is nothing less than spreading murder and violent hatred in the guise of morality and false compassion.

    There is zero room in this world for their kind of diseased thinking. This *IS* war. They most certainly CHOSE to be bigoted, so it is not hypocritical to say that their beliefs must be rejected as illegitimate and detrimental to the progress of humanity.

  11. FunMe says

    “He literally kicked that female reporters emotions when she was already down, and smiled right in her saddened face.”

    And these people call themselves “Christians”? He’s a typical CHINO – Christian In Name Only!

  12. Amber says

    At what point is CNN going to take some responsibility for the actions of one of their most prominent reporters who has a history of anti gay speech? They fired Octavia Nasr for what they precieved as anti semetic, and Rick Sanchez for what they said was anti semetic, and yet Roland Martin has said and done far worse toward GLBT than many Fox News anchors I can think of. There are many fantastic African American Democratic political strategists who are fair minded, and don’t have a history of bigotry.

    CNN step up and take responsibility, or accept that you are not far from Fox News. You’re better than this man. Don Lemon proves the great potential of your network. Please clean house with Roland.

  13. says

    I’m gay and I could easily have said something similar to what Mr. Martin tweeted. Many of the gays in my twitter feed were saying disparaging things about Beckham. He’s a lame, media manufactured sex symbol. Now that I read the comments here, I note this is just a political witch hunt against someone an overexcited ‘gay community’ has had their sites on for perceived past wrongs.

  14. Joel says

    This is coming from a guy who wears ascots. He’s not meant to be taken seriously on CNN or on Twitter.

  15. rick scatorum says

    Advocating violence against gay men is a whole lot more harmful than what Rick sanchez said, and he was GONE

  16. Tim NC says

    @Amber, CNN fired those other people because they said offensive things about Jews and CNN considers them a legitimate minority group while the jury is still out about the LGBT community.

    @Jason the Commenter, you have to consider his current comment along with his entire record of comments about the LGBT community in order to put it in proper context. The same would apply to you if you made the comment. The results of each of these comparisons would come up with different answers.

  17. jason says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Roland Martin got an erection while watching the David Beckham ad. It’s possible he then projected his self-loathing onto gay men in general.

    That’s how these type of men operate. It’s not that they’re secretly gay. It’s simply that they are like most men in that they have feelings for both genders if something is sexy enough. Because they’ve been taught to be ashamed of male-male sexuality, they hide it and outwardly express their revulsion towards it.

  18. Calvin says

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much and that Roland Martin is the one was hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad.

  19. ChrisQ says

    No surprise – from another network which treats people like Tony Perkins as an actual authority on anything except Biblical Bigotry.

  20. Tim NC says

    When CNN employs Tony Perkins as a political analyst while Tony Perkins runs a group that has been named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, what chance do you honestly believe there is that CNN will end its relationship with Roland Martin?

  21. David T. says

    @ Jason (The Commenter) considering all your Biblical references on your web page, and the fact that you tweeted to “MANUPUALL” it doesn’t take much to know where you stand on gay vs. bigotry. You can ride that fence all you want and try to knit pick at the gay community for it’s wrong doing, but the only thing that seperates you and a Rick Santorum is you sleep with men. Know that and accept the self hate bud.

  22. LesbianMom says

    Jason-The Commentar

    You just tweeted basically a pat on the back tweet to Roland Martin for making these comments. You also have other comments that paint you in the same hyper masculine facade as this Roland character. You and your brand of internalized homophobia is hardly the kind of person to be schooling the gay community. Join the ex gay movement already and get it over with!

  23. josh says

    Roland Martin has a long history of anti-gay views. He wants the democrats to dump the gays. He condemns gays due to religious views yet he defended Tiger Wood’s infidelities.

    He really hates gay people. Others are right that he celebrated prop 8. He also championed Carrie PreJean and advocates for a federal constitutional amendment.

    He defended Tracy Morgan’s violent diatribe against gays.

  24. Gay American says

    IF you want REAL news… in SNJ-Philly its channel 263 – there, you get NEWS, the Alyona Showa show, The BIg Picture w/Tim Hartman…..and NOt News-O-Tainment like CNN….its barely watchable anymore…..and I only watch MSNBC for a few shows…..Rachel,Ed,Lauren McDonald, and Dillon Ratigan

  25. Tim NC says

    MSNBC also puts Tony Perkins on the air as a political analyst. So, they aren’t much better. They should be able to find a conservative analyst without resorting to putting that hate-monger on.

  26. J.R says

    Jason (The Commenter) if you click on his link is also on twitter pretty much going down on Roland Martin for making this RIDUCLOUS comment. People like Jason (The Commenter) like to sit back and analyze the gay community and find flaws in OUR reaction to said bigotry as opposed to highlighting the bigots. It’s the “can’t beat them, so might as well join them” mentality of getting in bed with the enemy. Jason, go iron out the details in your own life that made you a right wing, Conservative gay individual before you make any analysis on the LGBT community. You are not qualified given your mental weakness.

  27. J.R says

    This is the same Roland Martin who said about that homophobic former Miss California who stated she does not believe gay couples should have the right to hospital visitation in a newspaper article, Roland said she makes a fine example of a young person with moral convictions. I mean really, this man is perhaps the most homophobic person on television, and what network is he on CNN.

    Don’t be fooled by CNN giving you a segment on a gay couple. They employ people like him, they align themselves with unapologetic homophobia.

  28. Jim says

    Bigotry is always ugly, but bigotry coming from a black man is especially ugly. Especially when it has even a hint of violent content. He should know better.

  29. MeMisterAxle says

    Jason The Commenter wrote ”
    Now that I read the comments here, I note this is just a political witch hunt against someone an overexcited ‘gay community’ has had their sites on for perceived past wrongs.”

    Nice try fool. That’s not how bigoted speech works. People who oppose it, challenge it, or seek to educate it aren’t in the wrong…especially toward a known bigot with a long line of bigotry. You even attempting to shun gays and the community (your snark toward having to write gay community speaks volumes) is nothing short of a self hating gay man who has disdain over gays finally standing up and having a spine. Your kind wants nothing more than for gays to put up and shut up. You resent that this day and age, gays don’t go in the back of the line with a “Yes mame”….they demand respect. DEAL…cuz this generation of gay does not have your cowardly mentality of bending over for every homophobe who wants to spew bigotry.

    You and gays like you brainwashed by bigots around you are pathetic. No soul, no conviction, no life…just useful waste floating in an otherwise vast world. Make yourself useful and get out of our way as we make progress (that sadly benefits you)

    Now go on and write a formal apology to Roland for being gay. Go on now. He’s waiting. Just whatever you do- don’t make it girly now. Ohhhh he’ll REALLY huff and puff then., and you don’t want master to be mad now, ya hear?

  30. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @ Joanna R: He said that’s how democracy works? He needs to be glad it AIN’T how democracy works or he and his would be picking cotton. For free.

  31. Jackson says

    Roland Martin has for years thrown the gay community under the bus. What is worse is that of all the people, qualified, credible, professional people for CNN to employ as a spokesperson for various opinions, topics, and politics….CNN willingly, knowingly gets a man who celebrates his ignorance toward gays. He makes bank, and I mean bank from his near daily appearances on CNN.

    I will not support a network that has very little value and interest in my viewership.

  32. Music4Life says

    Joanna, I remember that very moment vividly well. Roland Martin DID laugh at her face when Proposition 8 lost, and during the entire time he was celebrating how President Obama’s win was the tides turning in civil rights and equality, and how America can finally be proud. Then I remember his facial expression being almost joyous when hours later, CNN declared gay marriage failed that November night. He went on a rant about majority rule. It was at that moment that I realized this man is my least favorite kind of Democrat. The kind that is Democrat on every issue, minus gay rights.

  33. ChristopherM says

    They should have fired him long ago for being the intellectual midget of their political commentator panel. Ever see him with any of their other commentators? He comes off as dumber than soup by comparison.

  34. Silas says

    faith-healing is witchery…the bible is wichery….look at all the magic in there….you can’t heal something that is natural…though those witches and warlocks wld argue with me…oh well in the end they will loose…lmfao

  35. Artie says

    This guy is such a joke and doesn’t belong on CNN. Talent and intelligence-wise, he can never keep up with articulate people like David Gergen or Gloria Borger. He’s clearly filling a ‘token’ role for diversity purposes.

  36. Francis says

    Based on the latest news regarding this story, Mr. Martin could be in some very serious trouble in terms of retaining his job and CNN is already looking into what they will do as a result of this incident. This is the big test to see exactly where CNN stands on the gay issue. They let go of Rick Sanchez for insensitive comments, and this is worse than what he said towards Jews and Jon Stewart. Removal from air is the only acceptable option.

  37. djcchicago says

    After the tweet Mr. Roland then asked the men at his Superbowl party to pull down their pants and prove that the commercial did not excite them down there. Not satisfied, he re-ran the advertisement three times, forcing the men to watch while he in turn watched their groins for any change in disposition.

  38. Music4Life says

    Let’s see what CNN does. If this were this man’s first offense, I could be disappointed but overlook it but he has YEARS of homophobic commentary coupled with this militant tweet. CNN claimed it’s the station that is active in ending bullying, well, not so much when one of your reporters advocates for beating men who happen to like another man (David Beckhem) at their party. Not exactly a great role model there CNN. And you guys pay him his high salary to get away with saying these things.

  39. Rick says

    @Tim NC I beg to differ. If a white reporter had done the same thing, he would have been dismissed by now. It is not that gays are not considered a “legitimate” minority by CNN–it is that the liberals who run the network–like the liberals on this site and liberals in general–have a double-standard for dealing with homophobia when someone who is black is the culprit as opposed to someone who is white.

    From their point of view, being black gives one license to engage in all kinds of behavior, including out-and-out bigotry directed at other minorities, that nobody else is granted.

    And everybody reading this knows perfectly well that that is true.

  40. George M says

    Jason (the Com)
    Who did you vote for in fla?

    Andy did you read the story in rolling stones mag? Towns war on gay teens? It was sad, pleas post it on the site so folks can read about the s-it going on there.
    I’m sure Jason (C) would agree with the school district, well him and the gaypatriots he hangs with. Another messed up group

  41. Abejabi says

    What kind of person advocates violence over a commercial? David Beckham is hot. Bring it, Roland.

  42. Bingo says

    Seems to me it was just macho crap aimed at any insufficiently manly man. Stupid but hardly homophobia.

    Quien es mad macho?

    Let it go.

  43. CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer says

    Jason (the Constipator), is that Uncle Tom wardrobe of yours fitting a bit tight? Apparently, it’s cutting off the circulation to your tit mouse brain.

  44. Paul says

    Who the heck is this nelly closeted queen, and why is he spouting crap on CNN. I expect way more from cnn than this.

  45. evolutionisfact says

    Find out which businesses advertise on CNN and kindly write a letter to CNN telling them that the ENTIRE Gay community will NOT be buying ANY of their products!! guarantee you there’ll be a “little” shake up at CNN!! Hetero bigots only understand ONE language and ONE language ONLY: $$$!!!

  46. Trevor @trekei says

    Hashtag superbowl, is what sums up that first tweet. David Beckham is a Soccer player , World football, with an Ad running in an American Football game. He stated in a next tweet that a soccer fan which he @’ed was going to run out and get David’s underwear. Nothing remotely gay bashing or even referring to gay at all. Besides even that fact EVERY SUNDAY Adrian Peterson ad in his underwear has been running, Michael Jordan in his underwear, frankly every male endorsed underwear or sports equipment has them in their skivs all the time and run majorly around sporting events, I wonder why? It’s clearly directed at soccer while he is watching American football which his “real bruhs” are watching.

    Next the color Pink , unless I missed the memo I didn’t realize that color was owned by the LGTB community . It is considered feminine though. Again he is watching Football and to many its like, is it still breast cancer awareness month? What Gives? Not gay bashing in the least.

    I know what I said probably wont be popular but really analyze what his tweets actually said and how it changed over the course of reporting . Now if you have a problem with what he has said some other time fine, but these tweets are a reach.