‘Truth Wins Out’ Calls Out Newt Gingrich Marriage Hypocrisy in Full-Page Ad in D.C. Publication ‘Roll Call’


In a salvo meant to hit Newt Gingrich before his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) address tomorrow, Truth Wins Out, the non-profit organization that fights anti-LGBT religious extremism, has taken out a full-page ad in D.C.'s Roll Call publication calling Newt out on his marriage hypocrisy.

The ad draws attention to Gingrich's numberous marriages and adulterous affairs.

Says Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen in a statement regarding the ad:

"It takes breathtaking chutzpah for Newt Gingrich to deny loving, committed same-sex couples the benefits of marriage that he has enjoyed three times. The bizarre embrace of Gingrich by CPAC proves that modern conservatism is not ‘pro-family,’ it is simply anti-gay."


  1. kit says

    This is a fun ad and I laughed, but I have two little quibbles with it. 1. I’ve noticed that the Xtians don’t care very much at all about hypocrisy. They are fine with it. He says he repented and they eat it up — as long as he continues to hate the scary gays. 2. I think the comparison to porn is demeaning to porn stars everywhere. I mean, ewwww. Newt Gringrich? I’ve seen better.

  2. Mary says

    KIT, you’re right. The comparison IS insulting to porn stars. Porn stars at least admit what they are and don’t pretend they’re leading a fight to improve public morals. But what’s really breathtaking here is not even the hypocrisy (apparently they’re justifying that by saying “If God forgives Newt, why can’t WE?”) but their apparent belief that they’ll be able to pull this off without being laughed out of the public forum. We all know that conservatives would NEVER let the Democrats nominate someone with Newt’s past without making it a major issue. Yet many of them seem to believe they’ll get away with it. We’ll have to see if the Anybody but Romney vote is really this suicidal.

  3. Caliban says

    It’s funny because it’s true!

    The Daily Show did a piece where they interviewed women about Gingrich and several of them just HATED everything about him while there were just a couple who thought he was great. Then TDS revealed that some of the women were 1st wives “the Jackies,” 2nd wives “the Mariannes,” and “Callista” 3rd wives who were still married. The Callistas were the only ones supporting him. (They looked and talked like dim-bulb trophy wives.) This wasn’t a skit with actors but interviews with real women.

  4. Peter says

    How even one person in this country can even vote for him shows greatly the amount of ignorance that needs to be overcome in the USA!

  5. say what says


    Its because of the racist dog whistles

    SC xtianistas love their racism more than their baby jeeebus

  6. Henry Holland says

    Nice message, but that layout and choice of fonts is a mess. What’s with the big A? /former editor

    Yes, repenting is a big get out of jail free card for the soul. I’ve always loved that scene in the 80’s “Brideshead Revisted” where Lord Marchmain (Laurence Oliver) accepts the Catholic Church mere seconds before he dies after living a dissolute, adulterous life and everyone’s relieved because he’s “saved”.

  7. Gregv says

    I, too, thought the headline as well as the lead-in sentence were bad.
    He “talks a good game on family values?”. That sounds too positive. We should be stressing that attacking other people’s families to try to feel better about your own personafailures is not a “good game” and does nothing to help support anyone at all.

    And he “lives like a porn star?”. That sounds like a “high five.” [slapping hand in air to Gingrich’s hand]
    Being a porn star has nothing to do with any dishonest connotations, like lying to a spouse, leading the mob to get someone else fired for what you’re doing yourself, demeaning your sister’s family just because she’s gay, and dumping someone you’ve vowed “sickness and health” to because she got sick, and then doing it all over again and again.

  8. Jack M says

    If you think of the target audience (conservatives) then the “lives like a porn star” phrase is a huge insult.

  9. Grego says

    I’d like to know what firm designed THAT advert. Its such a disjointed mess. The message just drowns in it. : /

  10. kit says

    I am too lazy to find this out for sure, but I think I remember reading that the red states have much higher rates of consumption of porn (as well as of teenage pregnancies, STDs, and divorce) than the blue states. The implication being that conservatives are exactly the type of people who would be all over living like a porn star. That doesn’t, of course, mean that they wouldn’t simultaneously view being compared to a porn star as a huge insult — what with them being such outrageous hypocrites and all.

  11. Scott Rose says

    Every time Pig Newton inserts his penis into Callista’s vagina, the two of them are destroying the sanctity of his first two marriages.

  12. Mort says

    @TWO: I know your heart is in the right place, and I support your goals. It’s just that anyone who designs anything for a living can’t look at that ad without cringing. The computer machine may make thousands of fonts available to you, but that doesn’t mean you should shove all of them into the same document. Next time, try a little restraint.

  13. jack says

    Great ad. It nails Newt for the total hypocrite that he is. Another add that would be great would be to show the bible thumpers for the total phonies that they are. They claim to be against homosexual relationships because the bible teaches that it is wrong. However none of them suggest that we stone to death those who work on the sabbath, committ adultery, curse their parents or worship gods other than yahweh. All of which the bible also teaches. They just pick out those teachings which reinforce their bigotry.

  14. Joe in CT says

    Good message. BUT..that’s the most amateurish-looking ad I’ve seen outside of a high school newspaper. The “design” is totally pathetic and kind of embarrassing.