1. Houndentenor says

    Smart religious groups would be on board with anti-bullying campaigns. No matter what their religion, somewhere they are a minority and probably children are being picked on for that. It says a lot about people if their homophobia blinds them to that rather obvious reality.

  2. nick says

    Not much interest by the teabaggers here as not as much hating on white males; as for the females-
    well-they are on their own once we protect them in-utero. As for non-Anglo, gay, socially challenged kids- they will be ok; we really don’t want to think about “those” people anyway.

  3. just_a_guy says

    Don’t be naive, Brandon.

    Candi Cushman imagines that she can co-opt anti-bullying by supporting minimum facial “safety” in schools–only so that

    Candi Cushman sees GLSEN or any equivalent as a “sexual advocacy” group, i.e. she accuses them of advocating for sex. She RELUCTANTLY says that those who “identify” as lgbt deserve basic safety. But her REAL concern is protecting the “right” to teach, support, and reinforce HER “1st Amendment Right” to vocally hate lgbt people, to openly teach lgbt kids that they should not exist.

    Candi Cushman is a devil in sheep’s clothing. Your post condones her, as if she deserves legitimacy.

    Candi Cushman and CPAC are no friend, DO NOT MISTAKE THAT FACT, EVER: A little history..

    “After January 1933, the Jews became the ‘Untermenschen’ – the sub-humans. . . By 1934, all Jewish shops were marked with the yellow Star of David or had the word “Juden” written on the window. SA men stood outside the shops to deter anyone form entering. This was not necessarily a violent approach to the Jews . . . Children at schools were taught specifically anti-Semitic ideas. Jewish school children were openly ridiculed by teachers and the bullying of Jews in the playground by other pupils went unpunished. If the Jewish children responded by not wanting to go to school, then that served a purpose in itself and it also gave the Nazi propagandists a reason to peddle the lie that Jewish children were inherently lazy and could not be bothered to go to school.”

  4. just_a_guy says

    …only so that she can further her group’s REAL purpose: to exterminate the existence of lgbt’s without looking too obvious or culpable. All so she can protect the “purity” of her heterosexual mind-f*** fantasy.

    Candi Cushman and her ilk CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

    Never forget. Never.

  5. just_a_guy says

    Candi Cushman’s supposed “anti-bullying” model is ALREADY the dominant paradigm in schools in today’s unholy Amerika:

    “LGBT kids were bullied every day, and often got no support or protection from their teachers, who believed district policy required them to stay out of it. Administrators, meanwhile, maintained they had received no reports of harassment.”

    Candi Cushman wants more of the same, except she wants lgbt’s EVEN MORE TRULY silenced. To imagine that she means well is unwise, maybe dangerous.

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