1. Alan says

    Love the message, not really into the bubble gum pop music, though. Can’t someone do a heavy metal video with a similar message? Get Slayer to thrash out out a message to bullies.

    I used to get bullied in the 7th or 8th grade. My BFFs were all girls and my fashion sense was impeccable. The jocks used to pick on me.

    Until my dad put me in karate lessons and I learned how to throw and punch and roundhouse someone in the teeth. Which is exactly what I did one day to this punk named Sean in the 8th grade. No ever picked on me again.

  2. uffda says

    What a sweet looking boy that first kid is. I want to protect them all. And the song was a rocker, lots of fun…totally into bubble gum if that’s what it has to be called. Glad to hear that ALAN prevailed back in the day.

  3. zeddy says

    I wonder how helpful this meme really is? If you are depressed, oppressed, and so on, looking at this isn’t going to help because in ones own cloud, it’s you against the world. It’s all about perspective and there is no guarantee.

  4. Walt says

    I saw the pic of that obnoxious hog, Maggie Gallagher, which always turns my stomach. As I scrolled down, I then saw the pic of this adorable kid. What a nice palate cleanser. It breaks my heart that LGBTQ teens are being put through so much. Glad there are positive messages out there to deflect some of the hate that good Christians like Gallagher feel it is their obligation to espouse.

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