1. jamesintoronto says

    The thing I don’t understand is why they keep asking Brian Brown to appear on these shows when
    a) the interviewers clearly don’t like him and
    b) he’s an idiot.

    The emotional story from the other guy about his brother was wonderful.

    I can’t believe you guys are still having to debate this topic with a-holes like Brian Brown.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I take it Brian Brown is a native of New Hampshire, the way he was criticizing the out-of-state special interest groups who were pro-marriage equality. And I take it he is also a native of Maine and of New York and of every other state he goes to try to affect marriage laws there.

  3. GregV says

    Thomas Roberts was excellent here. And I loved that concluding statement.

    Craig Stovell is great to have as an ally. He is the example for so many others who are straight and have gay loved ones.
    And how ironic that Brian Brown, whose livelihood is to ride his anti-gay tour bus from state-to-state, dismisses equality advocates as an out-of-state influence.

  4. says

    while i agree it’s incredibly annoying for these bigots to continue to be invited to give the “opposing side” to the Equality fights, the reality is this: there are no non-bigoted people opposing Equality.

    perhaps there’s merit in them proving themselves to be exactly what they are. or something. i don’t know.

  5. Mary says

    I’m not really sure I understand Roberts’s point here. Isn’t all political activism exhausting? Gay rights activists have been operating far longer than groups like NOM – even a winning fight can be draining. I think Roberts was just showing his liberal biases here. Whenever one talks of the “tide of” something it’s usually political spin. Reaganites of thge 1980’s used this term also.

  6. uffda says

    With humor:

    Note folks, you can read it yourself – Little Kiwi has said “I don’t know.” UNBELIEVABLE. It’s his first joke.

    As for Thomas Roberts, I so want to marry him, I’ll even believe in polygamy, whatever it takes to do his bidding. Muah!

  7. Josh says

    Roberts is more than patient with the “opposing voices” MSNBC brings on to drum up ratings. Is he biased? Hell yes, in favor of absolute equality. Mary, activists for marriage equality are energized by the very real progress made in human rights. What do anti-equality folks get for their exhaustive efforts? Gloating is a poor substitute for joy.

  8. says

    see? Mary’s nothing but another useless fake-alias troll.

    note how accepting reality, truth and facts are considered “liberal bias” by ‘Mary’.

    it’s true though. liberals are biased in that they prefer facts and truth over baseless, and factually incorrect, chosen “opinions.”

  9. Mary says

    Roberts is entitled to any opinion he cares to hold, but as a journalist he should try to be more objective. The marriage equality fight has a long way to go before it’s over. He was speaking as if it’s a done deal. And no, TJ, it’s not exhausting. I have fun on Towleroad. You are always welcome to ignore my posts if they upset you. But we’ve had exchanges in the past and I’ve found your comments interesting. I’m sorry if you resent my presence here. I try to be respectful of the gay community.

    And yes, conservatives have plenty of biases. On many issues the right-wing is seriously deluded – the best example being their version of what happened to America during the 1960’s. Although I agree with them on policy, I find that their version of 1960’s history to be a self-serving cartoon that’s often embarassingly simplistic and misleading. Their views on the baby-boom generation border on the demented. And despite all their talk of “personal responsiblity” you can read 30 years of their literature and never once hear them admit that anything that went wrong in America during this time is the fault of the American people. It’s always “elites” of some kind – usually liberal ones, of course.

  10. says

    OK, Thomas Roberts is awesome. (Call me!) But the problem is that bigots like Brian Brown are given so much airtime just to offer the “con” argument for any news about marriage equality. The most objectionable thing about them was exemplified by Brown’s final arguments, which were a smattering of lies and half-truths that went unchallenged. (In this instance, probably due to time constraints.) Yet this is the norm on the 24 hour news channels: they are basically an endless platform for talking heads of varying legitimacy and many of them, especially on the far right, are totally comfortable fabricating information which interviewers are too fearful to challenge them because it might make them look “biased.”

  11. Mickey says

    I don’t like how he is allowed air time to lie bold faced without being called out. I think he likes to talk down the clock using the same tired talking points so that a real rebuttal is impossible.

  12. wtf says

    uh, Mary? He IS being objective. The opposition to marriage equality is opinion, fear, religious zealotry, and straight-up hate. They never have any facts (except the ones they make up with junk science) so why exactly should be entertaining their bullshite? To make them feel better? Screw that. You have all the traits of a concern troll. Go be concerned elsewhere. You just sound ignorant and douchey when you spout your nonsense here.

  13. Marcus says

    Why so often the conflation of a concept of a “liberal” (or a conservative for that matter) with a particular point of view? It contributes to the steady degradation of a conversation of issues based on a cogent airing of the merits of one point of view versus another.

    I disagree with Mary’s criticism of Robert’s journalistic objectivity. In the battle over access to marriage, the mantra of NOM and its proponents has been the evocation of the idea that opposite-sex marriage will be degraded by the inclusion of same-sex marriage if codified by law. In addition to being fatuous and intellectually primitive; as a foundational argument, and really the only argument against; it was exposed as an embarrassing joke in court in the Prop8 trial where a different standard is applied to the underpinnings of a given argument.

    Roberts pressing of Brown on this point has been unfortunately rare in the media. People who make a career of advocating a point of view by invoking an argument, charitably described as “I don’t like it” should not be given a platform in a pluralistic, democratic society. That so many journalists behave more like a deer in the headlights rather than sentient beings when confronted by this empty propaganda has given life to a vacuous, emotional opposition to the ongoing evolution of the institution of marriage. A debate that enhances understanding based on polemical nuance and empirical facts should be encouraged.

    There is a reason that the discourse in this country resides in the sewer. The consequences of a society where dumb ideas prevail are predictable and disappointing.

  14. sparks says

    Way to go, Craig! What a great brother!!

    Gotta love our family members and friends who don’t merely accept us, but actively STAND UP and SPEAK UP for our rights.

  15. says

    LOL special interest groups from out of state like NOM?

    Thomas Roberts is awesome, but I don’t think even the great TR can get through to the talking points spewing Brian Brown. Brown recites the same recycled crap over and over. It’s maddening.

    At least I know one thing: Brian Brown isn’t going to be singing the chorus to Glad to Be Gay anytime soon. It’s a shame that he’s so full of self-loathing that he wants to verbally and legislatively destroy gay people.

  16. Oliver says

    So funny, Brian Brown talking about people coming in from other states with outside money. WTF did he and NOM do in California, and everywhere else that they go?
    NOM, and that entire mission = Titanic!

  17. says

    well, it’s the same non-logic logic that allows Rick Santorum to break the 9th Commandment by lying about the Dutch (?!) and then having his PR person say “well, Mr. Santorum is just really really pro-life so his comments reflect what’s in his heart”

    if you need to lie, and thus break God’s Ninth Commandment, in order to make a point that “comes from your heart” you prove that not only is your so-called faith utterly bogus but that your point cannot exist on its own merits alone.

  18. says

    @STEFAN :
    i agree with you 100%…..the war is over. we gays have won for equality. and all of US society will be the better for that embracing tolerance.

    These two men being interviewed demonstrate everything that the argument is about; one reasonable, compassionate, loving of his brother, demonstrating the best of humanity.

    The other, yet one more round-faced, fat self satisfied Republican, terrified of others having it as good as he has. I think it is the smug demeanour of these right wing fascists that makes me want to beat the living $hit out of them.

  19. D.R.H. says

    Mary, I WELCOME and commend you for being here and please excuse the rabid queens, they’re not representative of us all. It is dialogue that will bring us all to understanding rather than hateful slandering and insults and your willingness to forge into our community in the spirit of understanding is what is required of all of us in order to get along. How many gay men have tried to speak with the right in order to understand their perspective? We have to be willing to grow towards a broader view of one another or else this hatred will continue indefinitely.

  20. says

    DRH, you are speaking as if the hate goes both ways. In case you haven’t heard, CONSERVATIVES are seeking to deny gays marriage rights. GAYS have never sought to deny conservatives marriage rights. CONSERVATIVES are the ones seeking to prevent us from serving openly in the military. GAYS have never sought to deny conservatives marriage rights. I could go on, but you either get my point or are so delusional in your apologetics that it wouldn’t matter anyway.

    You don’t know their perspective? A good start would be to read up on the decision penned by Judge Walker for the prop 8 trial. You will find there the ACTUAL arguments conservatives believe in, captured in writing, and are using to curtail our rights.

  21. No kidding says

    This just in: After their defeat in New Hampshire NOM is now asking all straight married couples in the state to divorce as a protest. Said a spokesperson for NOM, straight marriage is no longer special, so why bother?

  22. says

    Hey Mary – The day that civil equality becomes a “political issue” is the day that the USA no longer exists. Take you’re bigoted “spin” and go sit on it….

  23. Tiulor says

    I’m a FIRM believer that Mary and Rick and Ratbastard are the same alias. They then create other handles to agree with themselves. I’m sooo glad everyone is finally seeing it!

  24. wtf says

    DRH, is it really hateful slandering if it’s true? Because your implication that there are “2 sides” to the “argument” of equality sounds really fukking douchey. Suck on that a while.

  25. Glenn Rivera says

    Once again…the same rhetoric which has not been proven and RELIGION is the main factor … any gay RELIGIOUS practicing gays and lesbians WAKE UP! They do not want you! You can let go and be totally free. It does not mean you want to be horrible person. Just free of their backwards teachings!

  26. says

    DRH, we DO understand their point of view. they’re prejudiced against LGBT people.

    what’s to understand? it’s not as if “gay people would be respected if only they understood what anti-gay bigots dislike about them”

    they dislike that we exist. they dislike that we’re increasingly unafraid of them.

    now, every single anti-gay bigot claims to have gay friends. some have gay family members.

    so, clearly, it’s gay conservatives that are to blame. after all, being a gay conservative hasn’t convinced these bigots that their “friends” deserve equality.

    if you don’t have the spine to stand up for yourself, and your community, you give people no reason to respect you.

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