1. RichB in PS says

    Adding to the above, I read this elsewhere -‘… the verdict “another opportunity for all Americans to speak out against the behavior of anyone who would abuse another person – especially a child – because of his/her sexuality or any other reason.” …’

  2. says

    My heart just breaks for the Clementi family. Although they have two other sons, the loss of Tyler is sure to always haunt them. The Tyler Clementi Foundation is a wonderful way to honor their son. I applaud them for not sinking into silence and being brave enough to speak out publicly.

  3. gregory brown says

    I agree with os2guy. and, hard as it is, I feel sympathy with Ravi’s family. they’re losing a son too. there are no winners in this situation.

  4. Trasker says

    Why do so many say that Ravi’s family is “losing a son too”. They aren’t. Even if he gets the full sentence, which he won’t, he will do half the time, if that, and then be out on parole to rejoin his family. Signorile is right, the jury made the right decision and now the judge will sentence. Its still so upsetting to me that nobody around this twerp told him what he was doing was wrong.

  5. says

    I agree with @David R and @OS2Guy re: “succumbing to the bitterness” and “sinking into silence”. The grief they’ve had to endure is beyond belief. All the kid wanted to do was live a normal gay life and this Ravi guy wasn’t going to let him. RIP Tyler Clementi, you will be missed.

  6. Allen C says

    This story much like the story of Larry King (the boy shot in the back of the head by a homophobic classmate) has been very telling. Telling regarding how dismissive people in this country are toward homophobia. It’s a conversation they simply DON’T care to confront. Unless a person holds a sign that reads “I HATE GAYS!” while going on a shooting spree and killing all gays, virtually every case involving a gay individual targetted gets justified and brushed off as ‘not homophobic’

    This case has been more discouraging in regards to this countries homophobia than even any anti gay marriage legislation I can think of.

  7. IonMovies says

    The thing about this trial that made me as a gay man so frustrated, livid, discouraged, angry and upset was how often I read that Ravi’s brand of homophobia is typical amongst youth his age, and the number of people who *defended* him saying that his homophobia was no more than any other college male was shocking, infuriating and upsetting. It suggests that homophobia is acceptable in varrying degrees. It boldly states that, within reason, some forms of homophobia can be tolerated and SHOULD be tolerated.
    The conversation turned from what it should have been -don’t target people based on homophobia- to …”did he target the victim anymore than any other homophobe his age?” That right there was the tragedy, amongst many others, in this story.

  8. anon says

    I’m still predicting that the many of the convictions will be overturned on appeal. If they go the route suggested by some defense attorneys, the entire NJ bias crime statute could be declared unconstitutional. This seems a bit extreme, but a lot of the wording of the statute is vague and predisposes an account of the mindset of the victim (fear and intimidation) that is normally outside the law. The more likely route of appeal is that Ravi’s rights as a roommate can’t be so easily dismissed (though why they didn’t get him for wiretapping is a bit of a mystery). The appeal will probably be very technical, legally. The issue of gay rights will disappear or more precisely, not appear.

  9. Jay says

    Yes, of course, this was the right sentence. To equate the suffering of Clementi’s family with Ravi’s family is absurd and demeaning. As Trasker says above, Ravi’s family has not lost their son, but Clementi’s family has. See the blog by Claude Summers at, which makes some of the same points that Signorile does, especially about how the defense assumed that a homophobic jury would see Ravi’s actions as just a prank rather than the criminal acts that they were.

  10. ratbastard says

    My God, Tyler was the spitting image of his mom. It must have hurt when she [allegedly] gave him a hard time for being gay.