1. ColinATL says

    California passed the same law back in October, although I don’t think it got any coverage.

  2. Mary says

    Now here’s a dilemma for the traditional values crowd. Do they hail a move that would make divorce easer for gay couples, who they think should never have been allowed to enter the institution of marriage in the first place, or do they bemoan the fact that divorce (one of the chief destroyer’s of the social fabric according to socons) is now easier to get? Kind of funny when you think about it because if they say that gay divorce should be made as easy as possible, then what stops that “pro-divorce” position from spilling over into the heterosexual realm and seeing heterosexuals advocate easier divorce laws also?

    They could solve the problem by accepting marriage equality and taking a uniformly pro-marriage, anti-divorce position across the board. Eventually when marriage equality is legal in every state, they will have no other choice but to support the instituion of marriage this way. But for now they’re stuck with a huge inconsistency.

    …….ah, the dilemmas of culture war politics!

  3. patty says

    my question is this, my friend got married in DC, we/they live in VA BCH, an now sorry to say they have split up. neither one has lived in the DC area. how do they go about get a divorced? thank you for your time.