Don’t Re-Nig: Site Down


Perhaps you've seen the above picture circulating on Facebook. I certainly have, and I assumed it was photoshopped. Nobody would go in public with that on their car. Right?

Wrong. That's an honest-to-goodness bumper sticker that was, until today, offered exclusively by a company called Stumpy's Stickers. It was only one of many variations on a theme. In another "Don't Re-Nig" sticker, the president is pictured as a chimp. Iterested readers may view that sticker AFTER THE JUMP.

Maybe because Stumpy's web hosts were embarassed, or perhaps because Stumpy's propietors realized they didn't want to wrestle with the massed hatred of the entire United States citzenry, Stumpy's website disappeared on Friday, less than 24 hours after the "Don't Re-Nig" pic went viral. 

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