1. bobbyjoe says

    Congratulations, Towleroad… I didn’t think you could find anything more horrifying today than that serial killer tour story, but here it is!

  2. Henry Holland says

    Ah, the stupid, it burns: “God gave the Bill of Rights”. The Constitution doesn’t mention God or The Supreme Creator or any variation at all, not in the original or in the Bill of Rights, which is its genius.

    Nice Jazz Bass the guy is playing though.

  3. Jaybo says

    As a song, i was expecting a lot worse…the lead singer girls aren’t terrible…of course the message is nauseating. But what the dancing in the video proves is that straight white people really don’t have rhythm…

  4. jack says

    This is a free country and they have every right to express their political sympathies, as do we. The nasty ad hominem remarks posted above are uncalled for.

  5. TJ says

    People are absolutely free to support whomever they choose, JACK. We are under no obligation to approve. If comments sometimes seem childish and ignoble, consider the anger, frustration, and outrage they actually represent. People who happily support one of our worst enemies are not our friends. They support someone who would not only support a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, but also righteously disolve existing unions without the slightest hint of compassion. Sorry if respect isn’t forthcoming. But I believe respect should be earned.

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