Loudoun County Democrats Call for Resignation of Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

Loudoon County, Virginia Democrats on Monday called for Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s resignation on Monday following the designation by the Southern Poverty Law Center earlier this month of Delgaudio's conservative nonprofit organization, Public Advocate of the United States, as a "hate group".

DelgaudioEvan Macbeth, chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, said the time has come for Delgaudio, who won his fourth term as supervisor in November, to step down.

 “Loudoun County is no place for hatred and bigotry,” Macbeth said in a statement Monday. “The people of Loudoun deserve much better from their elected leaders than Eugene Delgaudio.”

You may recall that Delgaudio fought tooth and nail against an anti-discrimination ordinance in Loudon County, labeling transgender people "it" and "real life Tootsies" and has had an ongoing campaign against the Student Non-Discrimination Act which included an email sent out by the Weekly Standard warning people that federal anti-bullying legislation is a secret plan to "indoctrinate" children with "homosexual propaganda".

Said Delgaudio in an interview today with the WaPo:

“Now a no-name organization is on [the SPLC] list,. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when they have to kick the Italian guy…Liberals will always cry when they lose, and they lose every time they come up against me…I think the term anti-gay is wrong, but I’m not going to cry about it. I would categorize [Public Advocate] as pro-family, pro-traditional marriage…"


  1. Daniel says

    Like he cares what anyone, especially Democrats, have to say about him.

    He’s a deranged lunatic, which speaks mightily of the voters that RE-elected him last November.

    Don’t blame the other supervisors or even the man himself, blame the voters that put him there.

  2. jamal49 says

    Let there be no doubt about this. Delguadio’s organization is a hate group. Somehow, I got on its/his mailing list but instead of blocking their emails, I let myself read each instance of them. I forwarded them regularly to the SPLC and other organizations. It was appalling to think that that man and his group could get away with the outrageous lies and hateful commentary without someone finally calling them out on it. I am happy that the SPLC has the courage to tell it like it is. Delgaudio is a hate-monger and a viscious bigot. Sadly, he has support among the hateful bigots that the Republican party of VA is comprised. Another martyr to the cause of right-wing bigotry.

  3. Kieran says

    I don’t know how anyone can expect Mr. Delgaudio to change his opinions on the LGBT community when he obviously hasn’t even changed his glasses in 35 years…

  4. Maleko says

    Just one more reason to support SPLC with a cash donation. They do some really good work and deserve to be supported for it.


  5. says

    There is no legal definition of “hate group,” which is why even the FBI does not, cannot, designate “hate groups.”

    The SPLC uses the deliberately subjective term “hate group” in its fundraising materials because it allows them to denigrate any group with which they disagree without accusing them of any actual crimes.


    The Boy Scouts of America have stated publicly for decades that gay men “lack the moral values” to be Scoutmasters and openly refuse to hire them as such.

    Despite this blatant anti-gay discrimination, the fact that the BSA accepts public funding AND the fact that the BSA’s core mission is to mold the minds and shape the characters of millions of American boys, you won’t find a word about them on the SPLC’s web site.

    Why not? It’s simple. Many of the SPLC’s mostly elderly donors were Scouts or the parents/grandparents of Scouts and linking the almighty donors to a “hate group” is bad for business.

    “Fighting hate” is all well and good until it cuts into the bottom line.

    Some “experts”

  6. Peter says

    My Partner and I live in Loudoun County Va and I wrote to the Board of Supervisors regarding this prick several times. Let’s hope something will come of this.

  7. uffda says

    PETER – “…regarding this prick…” is so perfectly put I burst out laughing. The invective on this blog is downright instructional. Thank you, and for your efforts.

  8. Caliban says

    Richard Keefe, while there may not be a specific, concrete definition of “Hate Group,” the SPLC has articulated how groups end up on their list. It’s not enough to opposed to gay marriage, or to deny membership to gays (as the Boys Scouts does). The groups designated as Hate Groups by the SPLC deliberately lie, slander, and distort information about gay people in order to demonize us. It’s the difference between someone saying “I believe marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman” and “all gays are pedophiles.” There is a VAST and obvious difference in the rhetoric used by hate groups.