Marriage Equality Opponents Launch Petition Drive in Maryland

As in Washington state, opponents of marriage equality in Maryland have begun their petition drive to overturn the law, the AP reports:

MDMaryland Marriage Alliance officials announced Wednesday that they have launched the petition drive to collect the nearly 56,000 signatures needed to bring the law to referendum on the November ballot.

The group, which is leading the referendum effort, is working with, an organization and website developed last year by a Maryland delegate, to collect signatures…


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    Ha! I meant to say, “Marriage equality opponents,” but I think they’re so bigoted that apparently I couldn’t get that out of my brain and bigot came out instead. LOL.

    They really are despicable human beings, spending all their time, money and energy trying to make other people’s lives miserable.

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    And just as with Preserve Marriage Washington, Maryland Marriage Alliance is just a thin veil for NOM to operate within Maryland without the state raising red flags against the “organization.”

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