1. DrJWL says

    Well this is great news! I thought that there was violence against gays all the time through bullying and bashing, but now that this guy says there isnt (and he seems like an authority on the subject) then I will gladly walk down the streets hand in hand with my husband.

  2. Talisman says

    No Evidence?

    Daniel Zamudio.
    Matthew Shephard.
    John Laubach.
    Cody Rogers.
    Chelsea Gallagher.

    Most of these names were taken from Towleroad’s history. There are more…many, many more…that can be listed. And how many incidents are never reported, or are reported in such a way to hide the “gay” angle?

    Yeah, Matty…there’s no evidence that gays are being harmed in our country and around the world.

  3. Alex Parrish says

    I would submit that there is no evidence that Matt Barber has a brain or is capable of rational thought at all. Get back under the bridge, troll!

  4. endo says

    Tell that to my friend in DC who’s jaw is wired shut from a gay bashing attack two weeks ago.

  5. St. Theresa of Avila says

    These inbred fuckwits are looking increasingly desperate. Modern Family is the most popular sitcom among the young adult demographic – need I say more?

  6. jb says

    Ummm, his mother needs to stop talking to her friends because no one handed her a wire hanger when it was needed.

  7. mary says

    I think it’s instructive that Barber claims there is no “mass violence” or “mass discrimination” against gays. How many victims of gay-bashing violence do there have to be before we reach the “mass” level and take it seriously? Strangely, they never apply the “mass” standard when they judge Christians and/or cultural conservatives as being abused (and as a 30 year veteran of the cultural Right I know this for a fact.) To me, Barber has a “mass”ive problem – he doesn’t seem to understand that one victim of any kind of injustice is one victim too many.

  8. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    DoorMatt, I believe, just needs to have his back broken one GOOD time by some dude with a table leg for genitalia, and I promise you, he will be fine. I swear he needs to get laid (and I am not talking about in the airport in Honolulu.)

  9. Abel says

    Yeah, Bam Bam is the worst sort of closet case, right up there with Porno Pete and Brian Brownshirt and Miss Tonette Perkins. Their inability to face their deepest desires result in self-loathing and a need to persecute what they fear in themselves. This is the cheapest sort of psychobabble, but in these cases, it happens to be true.

  10. Bob says

    They are PAID to say this stuff.
    Our efforts should be going to equality, not to spin our wheels talking about idiots.

  11. Nelson says

    So, that time that my little brother and his partner were jumped from behind, pushed against a wall in an alley and beaten , kicked , and left for dead with multiple broken bones and one with a ruptured kidney……that wasn’t violence against gay people? Wow, good to know.

  12. Paul of Tilling says

    I agree with Mary, listen to his clever and manipulative use of “mass”. He knows his listeners are not going to pick up on that distinction just as many here commenting have not – see all the comments about “yes there is violence and discrimination” and “tell that to____”. He is manipulating people into believing that anti-discrimination laws are unnecessary because there is no “mass” problem, that at most only a few people are affected. It’s a tactic that was used in the past, as in
    “why do the homosexuals need protection when they are such a tiny minority of 1 to 3%?”
    He should know about Trojan Horses since he is using one himself with his
    “mass violence,mass discrimination” statements made in a calm and intelligent *sounding* voice,hiding his hatred and prejudice behind “facts” and “reason” and other MSU (made up s***)

  13. scott says

    ok- when was the last time a Christian was attacked or discriminated against in the US- solely because they stated they were a Christian? ummm… Can’t think of one. Because short of the KKK burning crosses in Catholic’s yards- and the KKK did many more horrible things to many other people- there has never been prejudice against Christians since we’ve been a republic.

    Sure, people who also happen to be Christian have been attacked, mugged, and killed- as have people who also happen to be gay, white, or owning a Prius. But they weren’t attacked for those characteristics.

    This is all a smokescreen and lies- Christians have enormous political power and they haven’t been discriminated against one bit

  14. Nick Name says

    Same twisted rational that neo-nazis use about the Holocaust (denying it ever happened). Funny how the people who deny that persecution exist are the very ones who doing it.

  15. cuntsonant says

    he probably speaks to much ‘in tongues’ that even is English sounds like gibberish.

  16. David Hearne says

    To all of you people who can’t come up with anything more relevant than a personal remark which may or may not apply to several people here: Grow up and learn how to have an opinion without calling someone “fat” or “ugly”.

    Now that that is out of the way, one of the things I find amazing about Matt Barber and peter Labarbera is that these guys have been to more Pride Parades, more circuit parties, and more public or semi-public gay events than I have since turning 18 too many years ago. I lived in San Francisco for X sake, and I haven’t seen half the stuff these guys have. They are diligent; they have to wait, walk, or wade past thousands of normal people sweating through polo and khaki to get to some pathetic thing wearing a leather bondage outfit in the heat of the day. They have to endure the monotonous music and mechanized decor of Disney nightclubs, Jeff Sanker’s desperate Last Gasp Of Youth conventions, and for all I know the brew of desert dust, body odor, and Ecstasy of Burning Man.

    Look at the bright side- people like Matt Barber make it much easier to shoot down the position of the religious right and assorted other anti-gay idiots; which is good because we have enough of our own idiots working full time to make it harder on the rest of us.

  17. says

    This is a very pathetic man.

    And yeah, David Hearne, I am entitled to give that opinion.

    This idiot’s, barber’s, apologia and contrived manipulation of violence against gays is manifestly a conceited concoction of his little mind.
    “We’re all against violence…..of course we are but……”
    He then goes on to equivocate…..classic jesuit manipulation.

    As Alice said: “It’s a lovely poem; but what does it mean ?”
    It meant , let’s not take violence agains gays too seriously….it’s not endemic.

    But he is fat, as are all republicans and right wing extremists, and probably a closet case as previously pointed out. And yes these are personal comments. Deal with it.

  18. chuck says

    Also no such thing as Shoa (The Holocaust)…just some more Jewish propaganda!
    He never personally witnessed someone being gassed in Deutschland, therefore it never happened.
    I wonder if he ever saw someone at his school being beaten up for being LGBT? It might have missed whatever little mind he may have.

  19. says

    Barber later went on to say that “the holocaust never happened, and Anne Frank is a creation of the liberal media to create sympathy for Jews” and that race-mixing was Communism.

  20. Will says

    His head is making the mouth-noises, but if it is, in fact, a type of language, it is a form of communication as yet unknown to mankind.

    Sense, this man makes none.

  21. says

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