1. BrokebackBob says

    I’m with GraphicJack,

    People aren’t paying enough attention to
    check the long-term data on these events.
    When you do the research you find these
    events are part of much larger and longer
    patterns in weather. I’m 56 and I remember
    hail like this in Indiana one spring.

    I have noticed that if you have an overall
    mild winter in terms of precipitation you
    will have lots of spring rain and other
    kinds of precip.

    Doesn’t help much when your trees are
    shredded and there are a million pock-marks
    on your car’s finish.

  2. Redebbm says

    Climate change? Naw the country thinks thats too much science, too much splainin’. It had to be our gay marriages doing it. That sounds much more rational…

    Sometimes it astounds me how far people will vote against their interest in this country. Not that the Democrats have been very progressive on this issue either. They let the right go further right, and expelled any Republicans that accepted climate change to purify the party into a state of “Nothing to see hear people, you better keep your eyes on gays/latinos/ & women.”

  3. TJ says

    This happened where I live in NorCal last October. I had just returned from a trip. I looked outside and marveled at how nice the garden looked. I thought, “I should take a picture.” I didn’t. 20 minutes later, everything was in shreds under 3-4 inches of hail. Nothing left to see.

    Adding insult to injury, it was fairly warm the next few days. The whole neighborhood smelled like one of those bags of salad mix you forgot about in the fridge.

  4. Rob says

    Tornado vid is nice, but you want to hear some mention of the people who could be dying at the center of it. The “awesome” and “wow” stuff sounds a little off when loss of life is so likely.

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