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Fred Karger Launches Search For Maggie Gallagher's Mysterious Husband


LGBT activist and quixotic Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger sent out an email today wondering where, oh where National Organization for Marriage founder Maggie Gallagher's husband has gone.

I've included the text from an email he sent on the subject today, AFTER THE JUMP, as well as some video of Karger and Gallagher on Thomas Roberts' MSNBC show.

Is Maggie Gallagher Divorced?
Moved to Washington 3 years Ago Without Mystery Husband

I was on Thomas Roberts’ show MSNBC Live with the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, Maggie Gallagher. We were on MSNBC so she could try and defend the treasure trove of “Confidential” NOM documents that had just been uncovered as a result of the 2009 investigation that I got launched against NOM in Maine.
Maggie and I were in separate studios although we met afterwards for this photo and a chance to visit.  I asked Maggie if she was still living in New York, and she told me that she moved to Washington, DC nearly three years ago.  What about her husband Roman Srivastav?  She allegedly married this East Indian man 19 years ago after living as an unwed mother for 11 years.  No one has ever seen Maggie with Raman.  Wonder if they really did get married?  If so, maybe so he could get a green card?

Maggie the *Bigocrite

(Big-o-crite \ˈbig-ə-ˌkrit\ – a person who is both a bigot and a hypocrite.)

For the past 15 years Maggie has written books, columns and talked to anyone who would listen about the necessity of kids having a mother and a father (even though she didn’t follow her own advice for over a decade).
In 2008 Maggie took it up a notch and started the National Organization for Marriage with $3 million dollars to qualify and pass California’s Proposition 8 to take marriage away from millions of Californians.  NOM has been labeled a “Hate Group.”

Where’s Your Wedding Ring, Maggie??

According to WikiAnswers only 9.3% of American women don’t wear a wedding ring, a pretty small number.  Certainly this national champion of marriage whose twitter name is @MaggieMarriage would wear a wedding ring if she was really married.

Tell the Truth, Maggie

I first became suspicious when you spoke in Rhode Island two years ago at NOM’s "Celebrate Marriage & Family Day."  If ever there was a day to appear with your husband that was it.
I even scoured Google images, not one photo of you and Raman.  NOM’s Brian Brown is all over Google.  There are lots of photos of Brian with his wife and family.

I smell a rat, Maggie. You are the author of a book is titled “The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better off Financially (on Amazon for only $1.00).” Makes sense to me. But why are you so hell-bent on making sure that those of us who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender can’t marry?

Put up, or Shut up

Let’s see your marriage license, Maggie.  Better yet, let’s see your husband!

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  1. What is even more damning than her imaginary husband is the fact her son is gay and lives in new york and works on Broadway as a songwriter. He also draws $160,000 a year salary from NOM as a "consultant" and some would call that "hush money". As a gay man at least he can marry in New York to the one he loves, bit God knows his mother is working hard to end that small bit of equality. I hope Maggie's gay son never kills himself over being the victim of discrimination and hate -- in this case Maggies multiple bloody chickens will really have come home to roost.

    Posted by: Rob roberts | Apr 13, 2012 4:35:38 AM

  2. "For the past 15 years Maggie has written books, columns and talked to anyone who would listen about the necessity of kids having a mother and a father"
    I should think that her SON would be the one more qualified to write books, columns and talk to anybody who would listen about what he missed about not having a two parent opposite gender home and NOT Maggie. She of course can talk about the issues of being a single mother, but again, only from her perspective and not as the voice of ALL single mothers.
    The problem with putting yourself out there as the spokesperson/go-to-expert is that you had better have a solid basis on which to build your authority. Maggie clearly does not.

    Posted by: Not a Friend of Maggie | Apr 13, 2012 7:31:21 AM

  3. Let I.C.E. handle it...

    Report a fraudulent marriage to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (I.C.E.). Call I.C.E. at (866) 347-2423 with as much specific information as possible.

    Read more: How to Report a Marriage Fraud |

    Posted by: tfg | Apr 13, 2012 12:50:26 PM

  4. Gallagher says her wedding ring won't fit comfortably because of "arthritis," as if there were no other reason her fingers had gotten fatter since her supposed marriage.

    Posted by: Scott Rose | Apr 14, 2012 1:08:58 PM

  5. Maggie's Donations to last year Mr/Mrs vs. this year uses maiden name!


    -------> Santorum Alert!!! <-------

    He's shown right next to her doing a donation to this school too!

    The Heights - The Heights School is an accredited independent school for boys in Montgomery County, MD

    The all-male faculty strives to present an example of what it means to be a true Christian gentleman

    Dang! That word "TRUE" sure is cropping up a lot lately!

    Posted by: Inquiring Monkey | Apr 14, 2012 7:20:09 PM

  6. This is really mysterious. How the information regarding Maggie cannot be disclosed to people? I think the information which you posted here is enough for Maggie’s marriage proof.

    Posted by: California public records | Nov 20, 2012 5:21:38 AM

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