1. gr8guyca says

    He is wearing a shirt, then he isn’t wearing a shirt, then he is wearing a shirt again. I’m confused. But that might be part of the strategy that seeks to create controversy and discussion.

    This is from the same advertising agency – Euro RSCG – that created the “Most interesting man in the world” for Dos Equis beer. Clearly, they want to create another “iconic” personality for this brand.

    In fact, the tongue-in-cheek writing and delivery are reminiscent of the Dos Equis campaign. I’d bet a margarita that it’s written by the same copywriter.

  2. DeutschStudent says

    @Craig I was going to say “me gusta mucho,” but I guess “j’aime, eh!” would be more appropriate!

  3. BobN says

    It’s a little odd that they’re trying to sell tequila and had him shirtless while he was pouring the beer…

  4. says

    Well, I think that was because I, like many many male-biased viewers, was not noticing anything else but his flesh at the time, even passed me the first time that he was pouring beer, registered only flesh and pouring, but the very next shot, back in that tailored shirt, there’s Sanza Tequila. Best exclamation mark for a brand I can remember. I might never want to drink another. I feel manipulated and filthy: thank you to the creative team that brought me this advertising sensation.

  5. says

    Meh… I’ll take the kitten. The furry man will be amusing for about an hour… but you can keep the pretentious pickled worm juice.

    …where’s my Stoli?

  6. Mike says

    His lips moving are not perfectly synchronized to the audio of his voice…I hate voiceovers!!

  7. Paul says

    I don’t know how i’d feel about an on-duty fireman downing tequila. The two concepts just don’t mesh for me – the firetruck in the background with sirens going…