1. jack says

    I admire the bravery of the African contestants who are struggling to thrive in Africa, the most homophobic continent in the world. The minds of most Africans are still shackled by the ideology of Conservative Christianity,Islam and tribal religions. Progressives on that continent have a long and difficult struggle ahead.

  2. Strepsi says

    I am generally not a fan of pageants, but in this case — where showing our very existence can get us beaten or killed — we have to call many of these man very BRAVE.

    My best wishes for the African contestants, you are the lights that hopefully will show your countries the way out of the darkness of ignorance and religious oppression.

  3. jack says

    AB Santos: When is the world coming to an end? Be specific! How will it end? Be specific! Are we talking a billion years when our sun burns out, or next week? Please give us mere mortals your answer. LOL

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “Countdown until Kiwi whines about people being caucasian:10….. 9 ……. 8 …… 7″

    Little Kiwi doesn’t whine about anyone being a Caucasion. He is a very proud Canadian Caucasion… who just happens NOT to be an arrogant, racist, White supremacist, American Republican pig…that’s all.

    “The minds of most Africans are still shackled by the ideology of Conservative Christianity,Islam and tribal religions”

    Actually, Jack, if they’d kept their “tribal religions” they probably wouldn’t be as anti-Gay.

    And let us remember: you can have a nation of five million people. If five thousand idiots make a big ugly demonstation against Gay people–that five thousand gets all the attention. You know, like the Tea Party here.

  5. jack says

    Derrick: You really don’t think littlekiwi is arrogant? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I often come down on the same side of an issue as kiwi, but he is so mean spirited, vulgar,hysterical, angry and arrogant that I don’t want to be associated with him. He is the kind of spokesman who drives people away from the causes he “rants” in favor of.

  6. Leroy Laflamme says

    Hard to believe that only the arrogant, racist, white supremacist, American Republican pigs among us noticed right away that everyone of those beauties is lily white, with (it looks like) only two exceptions. I can understand why most African countries didn’t send a representative, but what about the rest of the world? Just saying.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    I didn’t call anyone on this blog an arrogant, racist, White supremacist, American Republican pig. I just said that Little Kiwi ISN’T one. He fights against such beings.

    Someone mentioned Little Kiwi’s name. Why wouldn’t you speak up for someone who’s been considerate and valiant enough to speak up for you? I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers…appreciate it too.

    Were all the contestants “lily white”? Oh, well, we’ll have to protest that. Maybe next year, or maybe in 2014…maybe.

  8. jayjay says

    I second always backs up his info with relevant citations to prove his’s called being poignant and scholarly..rather than making accusations like.. 😛

  9. gomez says

    @mic. as one who was recently accused of being “obsessed” with little kiwi, by little kiwi himself, i see sometimes he’s right, and other times he’s not, but don’t you dare disagree with him bc he will lash out with the heat of 1000 suns. and viciously. he’s said some pretty vile things here.

    absolutely absurd to say people who often criticize him (rightly so) have some kind of “disgusting anti-gay agenda”

    the fact that discussions often turn to a contentious argument about him and his “gospel” i think speaks to his overbearing presence on this site. (even more than jason, tank, ratbastard, and rick). where is he anyway? biting his tongue?

    but i’m “obsessed” apparently

    @mcginnis. what’s repulsive about this? what levels? curious.

  10. Derek Washington says

    Uh, back on the pageant fellas. Good to them for taking care of their bodies and being proud of who they are. Bravo to the African contestants for being a lot braver than most of us. As far as Africa being the worst continent for Gays, by what standards? Is it horrible for Gays there? Yes. Is it horrible for Gays in the USA? Yes? How about the Pacific in Indonesia or the vast majority of the world? Yes. What you wanted to say is “Savages, Darkies, Jiggaboos, The “N” word, are all a bunch of homophobes that the world would be better off without.” YOUR world. Get over yourself @Jack. I have never been the victim of racism except from American Gay White Men. Do I think they are all awful and backwards? No. They are humans who are flawed.

    Just like I am. Just like you are.

  11. David Hearn says

    Argentina, Brazil, and Bulgaria are somewhat interesting. Many of the others just don’t look like male beauty contest winners to me. It would be interesting to know how one rises through the ranks for this contest.

  12. uffda says

    A lot of estimable people on this site have serious doubts about KIWI. His style is infantile, repellant and inexcusable, often in great contrast with his content, though that content is often monotonous and overstated. I no longer read him because I know what he’s going to say. On his website you will see him appropriately flanked by a pit bull and then a series of teen posturing which say nothing more clearly than that he is unemployable, accountable to no one, and spoiled rotten. Truly, “lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds.”

  13. thinking about it says

    OK, who do you have to sleep with to win this contest? Just kidding, I’m sure it’s all out in the open, with those speedo’s and all.

  14. says

    Disgraced Ethiopian!!! Ethiopians are children of God–worship our God–God of Abraham with chanting, dancing,not disgraced onces. I tell you what–the homosexuals, lesb need to be collectted, and burn!!! These people are occupied by Satan. Satan knows where the children God–that’s now he enter Ethiopia. We will fight back against this evil act!!!!

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