Newt Gingrich to End Bid for Presidency

Next week, CNN reports:

GingrichWhile details are still being worked out, Gingrich is likely to hold his final campaign event Tuesday in Washington, DC where he will make the announcement surrounded by his family and supporters.

It is not surprising that Gingrich is suspending his campaign for the White House as he has all but acknowledged it is winding down and Romney is the presumptive GOP nominee.

"When he says he is transitioning, what he means is that he is trying to determine as a citizen how he will pro-actively help Mitt Romney become president and the Republican Party win back the Senate and help (House Speaker) John Boehner keep his majority in the House," said one of the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Gingrich will reportedly drop out on May 1.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are shelling out $40,000 a day for his Secret Service protection.


  1. NY2.0 says

    Easily one of the most disgusting presidential candidates in history along with frothy.

    God help us if the GOP gets control of all branches of government this election cycle. They will run this nation into the ground in the name of the “holy grail” of a tax cut for the rich.

  2. Jay says

    Well, Newt banked heavily on the Delaware strategy. He thought that if he only won Delaware he could sweep to the nomination. (And people think this jerk is an intellectual?)

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Oh my God! Why won’t these tears of sorrow stop rolling down my cheeks? This great and selfless man has been so dissed by the American people that he is suspending his campaign!? Horrible, I say. Just horrible. What a great man Newtie is!

    There has never ever been a more piggish opportunist in the entire United States than Mr. Gingrich. The man is the very face of foulness.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Our current political atmosphere is mainly due to him and Karl Rove. His “Contract With America” turned out to be a “Contract ON America” (along with using the wrong prepositions, he’s also an incredibly horrendous history professor–not an intellectual; just a smarmy, morally antithetical used car salesman). There’s a reason he’s called “newt” — cold blooded, slimy amphibian.

  5. Gregoire says

    Oh, poor Jason, he never got the chance to vote for his bro in the election!

    This man destroyed any vestige of respect he previously had. It’s a delight to watch him go down in flames. Somebody pass me the marshmellows!