1. Marc C says

    It wasn’t just that they were called a civil rights group; they were called that by a BLACK reporter.

  2. Chris says

    On their site, they have changed the headline twice..
    From “Civil Rights group” to “White rights group”

    And then from “White Rights group” to “Neo-Nazis”

    It also seems they pulled the video from their site, at least I can’t find it.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Wow, just WOW!

    How ironic that right after they called it a “Civil Rights Group” the camera broke back to the reporter who stood in silence for at least 5 to 10 seconds with LITERALLY nothing but the sound of CRICKETS chirping!

  4. David Hearn says

    First, I would like to point out that the man speaking for the NSM clearly has a Wiz-khan’-zin accent and has as much business in Florida as Al Sharpton does.

    Secondly, I would like to point out that the racist hate group Nation Of Islam has been visibly present at the various rallies defending Trayvon Martin’s attack on George Zimmerman.

    Just trying to inject a little objectivity here, as always.

  5. Jack says

    I hate to say it, but when groups like the Black Panthers et al. get involved and threaten violence, things like this are going to happen.

    Hate groups and violent organizations of ALL backgrounds and colors have no place in civilized society.

  6. David Hearn says

    As I understand it, the objection here is the reference to the NSM as a “civil rights group” rather than the more judgmental “hate group”.

    Amusingly enough, the right to Freedom Of Association is clarified in the decision in NAACP v Alabama.

    As the primary and only realistic goal of the NSM is freedom of association to the exclusion of persons not in agreement, and ultimately a separate and autonomous region for that freedom of association, in addition to asserting their right to speak freely without retribution and to promote their cause- then they would be by definition a civil rights group.

  7. David Hearn says

    Jack – “Hate groups and violent organizations of ALL backgrounds and colors have no place in civilized society.”

    What a ridiculous thing to say. Clearly the history of every multicultural country is inclusive of divisions and clashes along lines of race, ethnicity, culture, religon whatever you want to call it. Can you name a multicultural country past or present where this is not true?

    Even in Japan and Formosa you have people who claim to be indigenous and more rightfully present than the mainstream, and a majority which has little patience with them. In the Philippines you have Islam being its charming self and generating division, violence, and separatism. In northern Ireland you had/have people who are for all intents and purposes the same DNA pool dividing themselves up along political and economic theory, labeling themselves by religious identity, and bitching and moaning about being on the wrong side of a war 400 years ago.

    This is civilization.

  8. Jack says

    @David Hearn:

    If you want to nitpick at my words, have at it. You know well what I meant. In an advanced society, these kinds of groups should not exist. Idealistic? Sure. True nonetheless.

    Having a somewhat Hobbesian worldview, I am aware of the maladies and conditions of humanity, many of which are likely innate and not subject to change. But to not aspire to something greater is at best apathy, and at worst, cowardice.

  9. David Hearn says

    Jack – “If you want to nitpick at my words”

    Words mean things, I am nitpicking your ideas. Primitive and civilized have meaning. If we call a people primitive these days, then we are accused of being racist or unkind, even if the subject group is barely out of the Stone Age. The history of civilization is much longer than the history of utopianism- civilized and utopian are not synonymous.

  10. Jack says

    Well pardon me for being a bit imprecise on an internet conversation, while I’m also busy doing real things. You aren’t nitpicking my ideas, because nothing you have said changes anything that I meant.

  11. says

    it’s a “we love Hitler” group.

    when i saw it was changed to “white rights group” last night i nearly spat my martini all over my screen. WHITE rights? my being white is probably the only damned thing about me thats’ never held me back, in any form, in any way, at any moment ever.

    “white rights” is like saying “Christians are being persecuted in america!”

    no, you’re not. now kindly piss off.

  12. Coffee&Chicory says

    The “Black Panthers” present in the current debate about threatening violence in the wake of Trayvon Martin do not represent the core values or beliefs of the original Panthers. I grew up a small white boy around a couple of the original leaders and violence is not part of their vocabulary. PLEASE do not confuse the two. The New Black Panther group is not a continuation of the original movement.

  13. says

    I can’t believe these journalistic ethics. Now they’ve changed it from “civil rights group” to “Neo-Nazis”. The culture of ‘report it first’ and instant internet corrections is eroding the “read it before you post it” mentality.

  14. jack says

    I cannot imagine anyone so wounded or threatened by others that he/she would call themselves neo-nazis.Have they no knowledge of history? Don’t they know that a couple hundred thousand Americans (mostly white) lost their lives defeating this abhorent ideology?

  15. Jack says


    I hope you’re right, but was the Black Panther org that occupied Willard Straight Hall at Cornell not part of the original Panthers either?

  16. says

    “…freedom of association to the exclusion of persons not in agreement, and ultimately a separate and autonomous region for that freedom of association”

    @David Hearn I don’t think I’ve ever come across a definition of civil rights group that would include the above statement. At least not one that would be applicable in the United States. Could you explain how you came up with that definition.

  17. says

    @Jack according the Wikipedia Article ( and the article it sources from the Cornell Daily Sun (citation 9). The takeover of Willard Straight Hall was orchestrated by the Cornell Afro-American Society and not the black panthers. Furthermore, it was an unarmed sit-in until the students were attacked by white members of one of the frats.

    Even still, I doubt the Afro-American Society had any more resemblance to the new Black Panther’s than the original Black Panthers did.

  18. Contrarian says

    It’s an affiliate of News Corp.(Murdoch). What do you expect from that crowd? The network of race baiting neo-fascists whose core audience is hateful grumpy constipated old white guys with too much facial hair and guns (not the bicep kind for you gym bunnies).

    The Dirty Digger from Oz, Murdoch, the “honored” Papal Knight, and sleazebag employer of whole battalions of quisling and Benedict Arnold gay men at the various iterations of his media empire. How DO you guys take blood money?

  19. David Hearn says

    Charles Bell –

    I’m not surprised. Freedom of association has taken quite a beating in the course of the Civil Rights Movement. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid civil right, merely that our system is a bit out of whack. For example, despite there being an exception in the federal fair housing law for owner occupied properties of four units or less, boarding houses, and shared accommodations, there are places which have tried to make it illegal to express a preference in roommate ads and rentals and so-called progressives cheering them on. Seriously, if you don’t have the right to control who lives in your house, then your rights are in the toilet.

    And we have gay people in our midst who would have a cow if someone advertised for a roomie, “White male seeks same” but have no problem whatsoever with “Gay male seeks same.”

    Like I said, the Nation of Islam has been at these ridiculous Trayvon Martin rallies, and no one has said a word about it here on Towleroad. But the NSM is somehow different? Those two groups are like twins.

  20. says

    @Davis Hearn
    i guess with I was my question I was hoping you could explain how your definition of civil rights group has been applied in the past. I am particularly talking about the “separate and autonomous region” part. I am still curious about that.
    Still, I hope you read my response to your comment. I was falling asleep as I wrote it so i may have missed some grammatical errors. I apologize in advance.

    This very story is an example of freedom of association at work. Many people find the NSM to be a detestable organization with a horrible message but they are still quite free to associate. NO action can be taken agains them unless they actually break laws. That of course doesn’t change the fact that many people find their message deeply disturbing.

    Discriminatory housing ads are not an expression of freedom of speech. NAACP v. Alabama protected Freedom of Association specifically as a requirement for the expression of Freedom of Speech.
    Just because federal fair housing laws provide exceptions for certain cases, doesn’t mean state and municipal housing laws must as well. That state and local lawmakers want to expend such protections to rental and roommate-ads just shows the extent to which certain forms of discrimination have come to be seen as unacceptable. You still have plenty of control over who lives in your house.

    Perhaps it’s because of where I live, but I’ve never seen a White’s only roommate ad on craigslist nor have I seen a gay’s only ad. I’ve seen requests for gay-friendly roommates but that isn’t the same thing.

    Finally, this is only the second third post that I’ve seen on this blog specifically about Trayvon Martin. The last one was filled with comments from people upset they gay-rights organizations would come out in support of him and his family. Despite being perhaps the biggest news story so far this year, the gay blogosphere in general has been relatively silent.

    No one has said anything about The Nation of Islam on here because they don’t play much of a role in this. They haven’t mattered since the Million Man March nearly 20 years ago. Al Sharpton is the one leading the rallies.

    I’d say the same is true for the New Black Panthers and the NSM but they never mattered. Both groups are using Trayvon Martin as a means of building their national profiles. The New Black Panthers did it by offering a bounty on George Zimmerman. Now the NSM are doing it by showing up with GUNS and positioning themselves to provoke another shooting.