1. says

    I’ve read lots of criticism of Obama for using a teleprompter but no criticism of Romney for doing the same.

    Dear Right Wing,
    why not ?

  2. Paul R says

    I’m so tired of the political system in this country, where election cycles are endless. Romney will win if hell freezes over or Obama goes on a murderous rampage. But we’ll have to hear about the campaign for what seems like forever. Such a waste of time and money.

  3. Mike says

    @Jack Don’t look for consistency or logic in the right wing. They decide what they feel, then pick and choose facts and fictions to support their id-based world view.

  4. say what says


    because the modern repub party are hypocrites

    for example the clutching of pearls over condemning “judicial activism”. All of a sudden the repubs love judges though Bush stated in the past pretty much the same thing Obama did, newt has talked about arresting judges, etc etc ad infinitum

    You are trying to be rational…..insanity and hypocrisy aren’t rational

    “The Dems aren’t perfect but the Gop is a Flop”

    If Obama said breathing is good the repubs would all stop breathing

  5. realitythink says

    Obama already is on a murderous rampage with his drone program. He’d have to rape a white woman on TV to lose this election. Maybe.

  6. Will says

    Hypocrisy and lies, hypocrisy, and more lies, some more hypocrisy, and even more lies are all the Republicans have. No alternatives, or vision, no remorse, and absolutly no responsibility to Bush’s disastrous 8 years (which caused the mess in the first place) or the Republican congress stranglehold hoping to ensure nothing is resolved and that Obama looks bad.

    Yet somehow, in just 3 short years Obama still ruined the world (?).

    Never in my lifetime have I seen the extent of desperation by this so called “party”.

    Especially at this point, how anyone (Gay or Straight) would continue to align themselves, or call themselves a Republican is beyond logic or common sense.

    Although some on this blog continue to say that they are fiscal conservatives (especially financially) and thus are Republican is ridicules at best. Who isn’t concerned about finances? We all are.

    We all want to pay less taxes and have more, but really…when was the last time you were “trickled on”?

    Obama 2012 no other option.