1. tomjck22112 says

    He said he was “choked” by a stranger’s scarf, and his sister assaulted also. Sound rather extreme, and if someone assaulted your sister what would you do?

    We have to take him at his word for now and not assume he’s making a mountain out of something harmless.

    If anyone called you a f@g, how would you feel? He also made a reference to “who’s husband I was f-ing” so maybe he IS gay or bi.

    Leave the guy alone. If he is, let him come out on his own.

    However his account of the incident is true, (and I suspect many are rolling their eyes at this) why didn’t he press charges? We’ll know soon enough.

  2. bierce says

    Very misleading headline. He choked out a man who attacked him and was choking him with his own scarf and calling him a fag — he didn’t simply choke a guy because he called him a fag. And the “…not f—ing true” comment was in response to internet rumors in general about his love life, including various actresses he might be dating, not simply the rumors that he might be gay.

  3. Mike B. says

    Your tagline is very misleading. The subject was the victim of an anti-gay hate crime. The fact that he turned around and “choked out” the perpetrator does not imply that he will “choke you out” if your call him a f-g.

    A more accurate statement is that Jeremy Renner will choke you out if you try to choke him AND shove his sister AND call him a f-g. That’s very different, isn’t it?

  4. Reid says

    What happened to his face, bad plastic surgery? She’s a mess. He should take the lead from the far more handsome, far more talented, far more sexy, far more classy Bomer and come out!

  5. says

    What Bierce, Mike B and Mark said….2X.

    And this thread is unfortunate, cause everyone else is just seeing what they WANT to see, versus what was actually said. Including the author of the post. The reading comprehension in this country is in a shameful state.

  6. Dawson says

    Maybe it’s me but I don’t find this type of reaction to being called Gay in 2012 as anything I can tolerate. Anyone in the public eye who uses my sexuality in a negitive light will never get my support.

    I will never pay for another film or art project the Ms. Renner appears in.

    Yes, I am one of those old fashion people who believes you boycott those who do us harm or support radical republicans (Target anyone). Please let Hollywood know that we no longer will pay our gay dollars to anything related to Ms. Renner.

  7. Ryan says

    Um, Dawson, did you actually bother to read the article, or just the deceptive headline? He wasn’t called “Gay”, he was called a fag. And he was choked, and his sister was assaulted. If you truly consider that reaction to be anti-gay, I don’t know what to say. I’m guessing though, that you didn’t bother reading the article.

  8. David Hearn says

    I’m too lazy to Google Who is Jeremy Renner and who gives a damn? Like a lot of actors, he looks like a drag queen who has been in a fire.

  9. LuckyLinden says

    Completely agree with all who say twos headline is misleading. Almost libelous so from a gay perspective…it’s written to imply he’s a violent anti-gay man who will attack if you imply he’s gay. But the actual story makes it clear that the violence was in response to being called a slur, physically accosted, and his own sister being shoved in front of him. I would respond with action, too. This was not a case of a man being overly sensitive to being called gay. He also became super famous overnight and that is a huge thing as far as how well you handle increased scrutiny and intrusion.

  10. BreckRoy says

    A lot of bashings (and an even greater amount of bullying) start exactly how he described: someone physically hassling you–blocking your route, tripping you, pushing you, or pulling on your coat or scarf to choke you, then that person calling you slur like “fag,” and attacking your “gay” clothes/look/speech/etc., and upping the physical altercation by pushing or shoving the weakest member of your group. I have been there personally.

    If Jeremy Renner was openly gay and the exact same thing had happened we would all be applauding hike for fighting back and not allowing himself to be bashed or bullied for his sexual orientation (and frankly knocking someone out is one of the few ways you can make sure they don’t come after you once you let go of them and give up your advantage), but we are divided here. Why? You can be a straight man bashed or bullied for your PERCEIVED orientation. This guy saw his scarf, started pulling on it/choking him, taunting him with “fag!” and then started shoving Renner’s sister. Whether he *is* gay or straight is irrelevant, he was being bullied for the perception that he was and he fought back.

    If a guy had called him “gay” from across the street and he went over and beat him up in response, he would be a homophobic jerk. This, however, is totally appropriate for a person being bullied and potentially bashed by a true homophobe for “being” gay. Whether or not the victim is or was simply thought to be gay is irrelevant.

  11. Jay says

    Much ado about nothing. Add me to the chorus of “misleading headline” – neither of those are accurate representations of his statements. I expect better out of this site.

  12. says

    How do people tell he’s gay though? I can’t. I’d seen him in The Town and Bourne Legacy and I couldn’t see any trace of gay in him although it’s suspicious why he was in a bar with his sister instead of his girlfriend. And why would anyone call him a fag for wearing a scarf? Thousands of men wear scarves and don’t get called a “fag.”

  13. says

    He can’t come out now if he is gay. All those movie offers would be down the drain if he did. He’ll be playing Gretel, not Hansel.Look at what happened to R Everret. I’d stay deep in the closet if I were he.

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