1. Alan says

    Seriously, if you’re so caught up in your hatred for Allen West, he’s the same guy who said he was in a “white supremacist motorcycle gang. He says thing to make liberals wet their pants and go home crying to their mommies.

    So look, quit hating on this black man. It’s not cool and it reflects badly on this site. Allen West is a much better than Obama’s hateful pastor Jeremiah Wright, a hater of gays and Jews.

    So write an article on Wright, Andy? Not gonna happen, is it?

  2. say what says

    Allen West = charged with violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    Enough said right there

  3. says

    he’s the black man’s version of GOProud.

    be a targeted minority choosing to suck up to a group of bigots, who will otherwise hate you unless you cut off your own balls and show subservience to them by repeating the asinine talking points that are their raison d’etre.


    and ignore Alan the Troll – he’s one more racist who comes on here every day to express his fury that a black democrat has more respect for him as a gay man than his own chosen white “comrades.”

  4. Bart says

    West isn’t smart enough to say things to incite anyone. He’s simply crazy. The people of his district have had buyer’s remourse ever since they elected him. He’s soon-to-be-a-Fox-contributor.

  5. says

    @ENDO – President Obama’s election really made a specific sub-group of gay men snap the tether, so to speak.
    you get those gay men who were raised to hate blacks and liberals, and in their own, other gays.
    Enter President Obama. Suddenly a black liberal democrat extends more grace and compassion to them than their own white families and communities. Hence the snapping of the tether.

    It’s gotta be a devastating loss of self to realize that the people you’ve been raised to hate your entire life are actually the ones who are doing more for you than the people whose @sses you’ve been kissing for decades. Ouch, for them.

  6. Alex says

    West needs to shut up and sit down. He and his like (i.a., Cain) are out to gain easy political points by putting on their minstrel show for white conservatives. They don’t give a rat’s ass about reality or the consequences of their japery. They’re the GOProud of black people.

  7. says

    remember those people who, during the process of Integration, ran around with signs saying “Race Mixing is Communism?”

    I do. Bet West doesn’t.

  8. Caliban says

    ED beat me to the “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” quotation.

    How very McCarthy of Rep West. That or Manchurian Candidate.

    Who elected this POS?

  9. acorlando says

    He had been on a list of potential running mates w/Romney…I guess we can scratch his name off.

    But more to the point, name names Allen. If you have the names, name them–and be prepared to prove it.

  10. jack says

    Romney has got to pick this guy for V.P. We need a strong democratic victory in november and that would guarantee it. However somebody should tell west that his act has been done before by joe mc carthy and it didn’t work out to well for joe.

  11. mike/ says

    Sen. Joe McCarthy reincarnated? i’m serious…

    Rep West was born in 1961. Sen Joe McCarthy died in 1957!!!!

    it could happen…

  12. says

    you gotta hand it to the GOP – when it comes to “representing minorities” they always pick the most embarrassingly pathetic ones.

    from the anti-woman women, the testicle-free anti-gay gays, to non-whites like West and Steele – it’s always the same thing: find a minority who sucks up to white heterosexual christian males.

    you get all the racist gay men who lean-Right because they hate blacks. you then get the non-whites who lean-Right because they hate gays. both targeted minority groups side with the GOP because…..they hate each other. it’d be hilarious were it not so shamefully sad.

  13. says

    Shouldn’t these Reps. & candidates for office have to pass a literacy test…..and a stupidity test ?

    In fact all aspiring office holders should be subject to a basic skills test…..and a mental evaluation for megalomania.

  14. Peter says

    Rep. Allen West’s latest pronouncement rudely reminds people that demagogic assholery knows no color barrier.

  15. says

    West is a jerk who would enjoy living in Iran…and who would carry a communist card anymore? If they do, it is their grandfather’s card.

  16. stevenelliot says

    The word “communist” lost its political punch in the 1980’s. Only granny and grandpa care whos a communist. If the rethugs wanna be hateful cant they come up with new material?

  17. jack says

    Hey, the right has fringe folks like Allen West and the left has fringe folks like kiwi and jacktwist. And so it goes.

  18. Randy says

    I just want to know what institution West escaped from. Is this guy for real. live in South Florida and everytime I hear his name on the news, I just cringe, because I know it’s going to be some idiotic thing that he’s said. He has no shame at all!

  19. jack says

    @Jacktwist: We use to have literacy tests in many of the southern and border states. The purpose was to keep black folks from voting. That is not a road we should go down again, even though your target would be people you disagree with. And lets not put any “mental evaluation” in as a requirement or some of the folks you often agree with on this site might be excluded.

  20. Redebbm says

    Well as Maddow pointed out, he knows he’s on the losing side of an issue as the Progressive Caucus wants a fair budget passed as opposed to the GOP’s attack on Medicare and anyone who isn’t rich. So it only makes sense the Conservatives pull out the Communist attack which is getting tired and old. I hope most see through it and vote this man out.

    Or, this man is so delusional and unhinged the congress he enters everyday isn’t actually the one that is actually there, and sees things that aren’t there. Either way this man needs to be voted out. He contributes nothing to this country except saying things to rile people up, and increase his own celebrity. His smug smile says it all.

  21. SeanR says

    Oh boy! What a moron!

    That someone like that was “on the shortlist” for Mittens means that we could have fun with the eventual VP running mate (oh would it that West had been picked and *then* made this asshat comment about commies) Can’t wait for the phoney war to end and the real campaign to begin!