1. jack says

    The single most effective thing that you can do to prevent your son or daughter from being bullied is to enroll them in classes in martial arts and self defense. It will improve their self confidence and self esteem and equally as important teach them how to beat down the would be bully. In case you haven’t noticed, bullies like to hurt others without being hurt themselves. Make that impossible. Fight the bullies, don’t beg them not to hurt you.

  2. Pat says

    How people got the notion that gay men have sophisticated good taste in aesthetic matters–music, art, etc.–is beyond me. This is the sort of overwrought kitsch that most gay men like. Unwatchable.

  3. haga says

    The fact is that most children that are bullied in school are also bullied at home. For some reason we as a culture want to turn a blind eye towards the various psychological abuses meted out to children at the hands of their families where perhaps they are already invisible. The role of the scapegoat is a LEARNED role, not one of weakness. It is learned powerlessness and it starts at home.

    Perhaps a FREE website geared towards bullied children with self defense techniques would be more helpful than expecting out-of-touch parents to enroll their child in martial arts. Martial arts will also help with psychological strength.

  4. tommyboy10 says

    You know Pat, you are showing your age by making that comment. this is an artistic expression … it doesn’t have to sound like Motzart and the fashion does not have to be Bob Mackie … this is about teenage bullying and self-expression and angst.
    I loved it!!

  5. says

    If the Jesus figure of the new Testament were to be born today, today’s modern American Christians would kill Him by age 8.

    You’d get a man who chooses to associate with society’s outcasts. He’d be for universal healthcare, and taxes going toward the Greater Good of all people. He’d oppose the preposterous excuses given by “second amendment defenders” and have a real problem with people giving excuses to walk around with loaded weapons. He’d exercise compassion, grace and understanding to LGBT people and indeed people from different faiths.

    there’s a reason that america’s right-wing Christian politicians skew things a certain way – their “fiscal policies” are antithetical to the teachings and proclamations of Christ. so what do they do? try to cover it up by being “against things” that have no relevance to Christ’s story, but are taken out of context from the old testament, which JEWS knew was never meant to be taken literally as set-in-stone truth free from historical context.

    as for bullying, there’s a real problem and it’s that parents aren’t attuned enough to know if THEIR child is the bully. the problem? they’ve made them the bully, and they often don’t give a damn that their kid is making life miserable for other kids. that’s often why the kids lash out at their peers – i can look back on my childhood bullies and see a sad collection of boys with absentee parents; social-climbing mothers and fathers who didn’t do a damned thing to impart any important lessons on their children.

    or as we’ve seen with the “backlash” to anti-bullying workshops and legislations: “Christian” parents who, rather than stop to think about the realities of peer bullying in schools, are …fighting for their child’s RIGHT to be a “bully”, as long as the bullying is done in the name of Jeebus. Again – the parents don’t care that their kid is a bully – they’re actually proud that they’ve passed on the bigotry to their kids.

    it’s like the discussion about “girls in skirts” – we have a culture saying to its daughters “dont’ wear that short skirt, boys will take advantage of you”, rather than a culture saying to its sons “you treat women with respect and care, and you understand that a young lady wearing a skirt doesn’t mean that you get to take advantage of her sexually”

    there’s a world of parents utterly failing their children and sending them out into the world as mediocre sociopaths who’ve not understood cause and effect.

  6. flimmer says

    Hm. I’m sixty, and I sat here diggin’ the aesthetic and thinking “Oh how we need our envelope-pushers. Goddess bless Blu and Adam Lambert too.”

  7. wds says

    IO’m with Flimmer – I’m 66 and enjoyed it. I also sent to some folks of various ages, and they agreed – powerful was the word used a lot. Adam Lambert isn’t always my “cuppa” but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some of what he does. I’m not a total technogramps, I lurve me my classical, opera, show tunes, country, etc. as well. What I don’t like, I’m aware that others do … it all works out as it’s supposed to do …. :)

  8. Derek Washington says

    You know Pat, you are showing your age by making that comment. this is an artistic expression … it doesn’t have to sound like Motzart and the fashion does not have to be Bob Mackie” You know, we ALL will age. I’d watch what I sneered at now because one day you’ll be talking about GaGa and some young whippersnapper will laugh at you and call you Grandpa. Jes sayin’…..

  9. Shannon says


  10. Blufan says

    To WDS and Filmmer – Danny Blu is a new artist – he is not Adam Lambert although there is a physical resemblance.
    Bullying goes on every day in every school. Great message and great video

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