1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Hmmm. Not sure if they’re laughing with us or laughing at us. The Ambiguously Gay Duo was clearly laughing with us, but this one, with the exaggerated sibilance and limp wrists, and chasing after a grossed out boy…not liking it.

  2. Theodore says

    This whole premise just confuses me. There are gay superheroes. Northstar, Colossus, Destiny and Mystique (ok, they’re villains, but you get the point)…

  3. Randy says

    I think as dark comedy, the song/video works pretty well. I think they’re pretty firmly on our side.

    The premise makes a lot of sense. The fact that you can list all the gay superheroes in a single comment means that in most of the comic universes, superheroes still can’t be gay.

  4. Sebbastian says

    Its made for telling the world that there is time for gay superheros, cause ” comics always told me, who I wantd to be” is a strong and meaningful thing in this song, cause it says so much… (we are told wat to like, and if we like otherwise, its gross (for others) )