Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1102

PURPLE PANDA: Mr. McFeely does not have a successful day at kindergarten.

KITCHEN TIPS: Speed-peeling a potato (if you don't mind 20 minutes of set-up).

DAILY DOSE OF DRAMA: Don't press the button.

MEGAN MULLALY AND NICK OFFERMAN: Americans for marriage equality.

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  1. say what says

    Geroge zimmerman in custody

    prosecutor supposedly speaking at 6

    ap reporting wil be charged with 2nd degree murder

  2. BobN says

    You can tell how unaccustomed the Belgians are to street violence. None of them act like they think it’s real. No one runs, no one panics, no one reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun to shoot the “criminals”.

    Imagine the carnage if they did something like this in Dallas.

  3. Gonzo says

    These marriage equality videos are a good gesture however I would much prefer the use non-celebrities to communicate the message. Having celebrities in the campaign ads does more harm than good because they can’t relate to us.

  4. jack says

    That purple panda scene was so cute. I was reminded of my younger bro Phil who grew up to be an Army Sgt, but as a little boy would run into the dining room when the Trick or Treaters came to the door on halloween.

  5. Rix says

    If they wanted real drama, they could have featured drag queens who’ve just had their wigs stolen.