1. says

    Wow, an ad for Goldman Sacs first;
    then American Evangelicals stirring up their Christian hatred; and the USA still giving aid to this murderous country……what more is there to be said ?
    The religious sectarianism of US society is beginning to spill over into other continents, needless to say Africa and even Europe.

  2. pedro says

    Are you really going to blame America for this? This is the continent where albino children are murdered so their body parts can be used in magical potions…I don’t think these people were modern sophisticates before the evangelicals got there. Blame this crape on very primitive thinking…the truth hurts…

  3. BobN says

    Yeah, a movement that got started by American Evangelicals, funded by millions in “faith-based assistance” funnelled to Africa by the Bush administration, further inflamed by the conservative-driven schism in the worldwide Anglican Communion is ALL OBAMA’S FAULT.

    What crap, what utter crap.

  4. John says

    It’s time the US Government take away tax exempt status for every religious group that uses American Tax Dollars to promote a political agenda! These Evangelical Duche-Bags get to collect Sunday tithing to further their outrageous neo-political causes and they are exempt from paying taxes on property owned and operated by a government accepedt religion or religious sect.

  5. Randy says

    Uganda should be ejected from Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth. It shouldn’t even take this particular issue to do it, but this should surely push it over the top, given the pile of crap that has come before, with the government and military records, and treatment of certain ethnic groups within Uganda.

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