Posts from May 10, 2012

Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1122

JOBS BUSTING: Steve and 80s-era company spoof Ghostbusters. SEAHORSE SEX: You’re curious, admit it. EVIDENCE: Is ‘True Love Leaves No Traces’ accurate? EVOLUTION? Sean Chapin offers an aural take on Obama’s marriage pledge. Fo…

What Is Your Opposite Gender Name?


When I'm rude to my mother, which is not often because she very early on instilled a deep respect in me of women [The right would have a field day with that, no?], she tells me, "I should have named you Richard." You know, as in Dick. I…

Gay Man Sues Boss For Anti-Straight Discrimination


In what is a bit of a reversal from the typical discrimination case, 32-year old Jamie Ardigo claims that his former employer at J. Christopher Capital, J. Christopher Burch, boasted about only hiring gay men because he trusted them more than their s…

Mitt Romney: Anti-Gay Bully?


In what could be a damning anecdote from Mitt Romney’s more youthful days, Jason Horowitz at the Washington Post reports that the presumptive GOP nominee not only participated in but led what could be described as an assault on a fellow student…