1. ratbastard says

    Maybe Ms. Fulton [I’m sorry for her loss] should have been more concerned about the direction her son Trayvon ‘nolimitni*gga’ Martin was headed in his life. Florida and other places have such laws because they also have out of control violent crime, home invasions, street assaults and robberies, etc. Victims or potential victims of violent crime have a right to defend themselves. Police can’t be everywhere,a will usually only show up to assess a crime scene, take a body to the morgue.

    It’s stuff like this that give ‘progressives’ such a bad name among many people.

  2. ratbastard says


    You were nolimitn*gg’a friend? Who’re you, nolimitf*ggot? It’s OK I use the F word because I’m a f*ggot, right Melvin?

    And please, Mr. Zimmerman is HISPANIC, he self identifies as ‘Hispanic’, not ‘white’, so please leave the evil white devils out of this one, OK?

  3. ratbastard says

    nolimitn*gga was a Florida black Foot Soldier


    Ironically, it was another ‘person of color’ who killed him, not a ‘white terrorist’.

  4. AJD says

    Hey Ratbastard,

    What are you trying to accomplish with your message my putting a grieving mother down on Mother’s Day? Is it because you can hide behind a pithy moniker on a blog? I sincerely hope you never have to feel the pain this woman has, because the guilt would consume you for all the hatred you have in your heart. You are a monster.

  5. Joey says

    My heart goes out to Trayvon’s Mom It is too bad that Zimmerman’s parents didn’t raise their son to be as respectful of human life as she did.

  6. Mic says


    You sir are a Moron.

    Shame on you for thinking anyone can chase, run down and slaughter some kid with a bag of skittles because the shooter, like you, suffer from deeply seeded racism.

    And then to blame progressives for the failure of Republican lovin’ gun laws is sick..

    You are in need of medical help. Seriously.

    I suppose if the black T. Martin had gunned downed the Hispanic in the exact same situation YOU’D be screaming about gun-toting n*gga thugs…huh?

    Oh…of course YOU wouldn’t

  7. gr8guyca says

    I have always thought that to combat the huge influence of the NRA, there needed to be another group that would equal their clout; mothers.

    The mothers of America should band together to fight the needless violence of guns in this country. It is their children who are killed.

    We are the only country in the world that has such an affection and addiction to guns. It’s barbaric.

  8. joanna says

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  9. cadence says

    Ratbastard, maybe you can explain to us what Trayvon Martin did wrong that night that lead to him being followed, harassed, and then murdered? You believe that his mother raised him wrong, so obviously you have some proof of this.

    I think it’s incredible that all she has ever wanted is a fair trail, so that all of the facts could come out. She’s just asked for this, even though her son was treated as less than human by both his killer and the police.

  10. Ratbastard says

    You progressives are so pathetic. Blacks are the biggest problem in America. Face it.

    Posted by: ratbastard | May 13, 2012 3:39:09 PM


    I didn’t post this.

    –the real Ratbastard

  11. Ratbastard says


    I’m mocking ‘progressive’ P.C. language and desire to rigidly categorize humans when I reference ‘Hispanics’, ‘people of color’ [grammatically speaking, in the English language, that should read ‘colored people], the N-word and the F-word, and hypocrisy surrounding their use.

  12. Bill Michael says

    Would everyone, including the news media, be happy if Trayvon Martin had just beaten George Zimmerman to a bloody pulp like he was intent on doing? Where is it written that you must allow an attacker to crack your skull before you can legally defend yourself?

  13. David Hearn says

    Bill Michael – Well said!

    George Zimmerman is currently disarmed and in hiding. That is exactly what Al Sharpton thinks law abiding people should have to do.

  14. says

    Where was Trayvon Martin’s “Right to stand his ground” against the older, taller, heavier, ARMED adult that was following him?

    Does a teen not have a right to “stand their ground” against a grown man, a complete stranger, who is stalking them while ARMED?

    The racists on here smugly (and anonymously, as usual you f***ing cowards) blaming Martin are pathethic scum. Which you know. Hence your anonymity.

  15. says

    Hey< “David Hearn” I’ve noticed you’re one more smug coward with a lot of opinions that you don’t have the balls to put a face to. What’s your excuse?

    I mean, we can all tell that you’re one more closeted troll coward, but I’m wondering who you’re going to blame for this? Blacks? Liberals? Leftists?

    Just a little note to say you fool nobody. Feel free to hang yourself.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    Bill Michael & David Hearn:

    what would you advise your seventeen year old son to do if there’s a grown man following him around at night? Drop his pants and drawahs and bend over?

  17. Jerry6 says

    The kid was walking down the street with a can of soda in one hand, and candy in the other. Exactly what criminal act was he supposed to be about commit that justified the “Super Crime Stopper White Dude” getting out of his car to confront him?

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