Amendment One Passes in North Carolina


North Carolina has voted to constitutionally prohibit any domestic union other than a marriage between a man and a woman, the AP reports.

NCIn doing so, voters have also banned civil unions and stripped same-sex couples of domestic partnership benefits. Voters have eliminated health care, prescription drug coverage and other benefits for public employees and children receiving domestic partner benefits. They have threatened protections for all unmarried couples in North Carolina.

ABC News:

With a little over 43 percent of precincts reporting, support for the amendment was strong- with about 61 percent of North Carolina voters casting their ballots in favor of the amendment, and roughly 39 percent voting against it.

North Carolina is now the 30th state with a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Results are still coming in as of this posting, but it's not even close.


  1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Of course, we all knew this would be the case. Now for Washington State.

  2. Cocoa says

    I guess it was an uphill battle…. This will not end here! I refuse to give up!

  3. Sam says

    I want to see which counties had a majority of No votes so I can know which counties I can spend vacation in till the amendment is repealed or struck down.

  4. Malcolm says

    0-34. Gay marriage has lost on the ballot in 34 straight states now, and I fear, Maryland, Washington, Maine, and Minnesota will soon join the tally.

  5. LFB says

    Goddess save us all. And so much for the state that was like a second home to me.

  6. BEAHBEAH says

    Depressing but expected. And lets face it, this is going to happen in every state where it goes to the ballot.

  7. AmicusCurae says

    This will not stand for long! Let the legal challenges begin on behalf of those municipal employees that will lose their health benefits as a result, and documentary filmmakers begin work in earnest to bring these human stories front & center.

  8. Fritz says

    That county-by-county map is terrifying. There are counties that voted 85/15 for the amendment. That’s a whole lot of hatred.

  9. Matt says

    Disappointing, I suppose, but NC was never really in play. It might be a good thing to wake up the Maine and Washington campaigns out of an overconfident slumber. The tide is moving in the right direction….polls trending for gay marriage, demographics good for future support, recent victories in NY and DE and elsewhere. We lost this battle, of course, but no one looking at this “war” from above can feel good for the anti-gay side, with their prospects dimming and dimming and dimming. I predict victory in Maine. Loss in Maryland. Probably loss Washington but close.

  10. dpbfeb says

    Very sad. I don’t think people get it. You can not put civil rights to a vote.

  11. PJ says

    This is exactly why it will be foolish to box Obama in a corner on the issue. These are the people that will come out to vote for Romney.

  12. 99% says

    There is a giant difference between what people tell pollsters and what they actually do once in the voting booth. We are a society of lying scum.

  13. tycmdg says

    Maine will turn the tide. It was so close last time and last time was an off election year.

  14. disgusted american says

    well my family will no longer be spending 1000’s on vacation on the outer banks……we’ll be going to VT

  15. PJ says


    Well as much as that is a noble gesture, I don’t think they really care in NC. See, if you are a gay family, Disgusted, they didn’t want you there to begin with. Today’s voting just proved that.

  16. Molc says

    Like Prop 8 and every other “marriage” amendment-unconstitutional, equal protection, church/state separation. I have hope it will be overturned

  17. Jonathan Oz says

    I’m wondering if this results in much loss of expertise in the Research Triangle area. With loss of benefits from this thing, if I were a high powered thinker who happened to be gay, I’d get the Hell out of Dodge, and let them know why.

  18. says

    Twitter and Facebook networkers….click on the link below and post this picture on your page(s) to show your disgust… while no explanation is needed here, let your friends and followers understand the reasoning and let the bigoted North Carolinians know what you think of their state….

  19. Francis says

    No, it won’t, Beahbeah, it won’t if we fight. In Washington state and Maine, those are two huge opportunities for us. We’re probably going to lose in Minnesota and Maryland, though. Things have changed from when most of these amendments were passed. But it will be an uphill battle. We have to use this as motivation and fight harder than we’ve ever fought, but also, we have the legal system in our advantage and ultimately that’s where full equality will come.

    North Carolina, we were never going to win. We did great in Chapel Hill, Durham, Wake, we won Charlotte, winning Asheville, but that’s about it. So basically, the more progressive, urban, college-educated cities voted against it, but the fact of the matter is most of North Carolina is rural and socially conservative and they have been brainwashed into homophobia and they flexed their muscles today basically to slap liberals in the face. So the huge YES number is no surprise. I read on twitter A LOT of old people were out at the polls.

    The social conservatives in NC got what they wanted. They wanted to prove their state is still “traditional values”, not liberal, traditionally Southern, and that the young college kids were stupid and out-of-touch. Now, the social conservatives in the country have momentum and wind at their sails. The fact half of the voters didn’t even know what was being voted on is unacceptable. This crap needs to end TODAY.

  20. Jimmy says

    Leta force bank of America to move their corporate headquarters out of north Carolina. A gay friendly bank has no business operating in this bigoted state

  21. Ville says

    It’s really about education. Most of the counties that voted against the amendment have a large college educated population.
    Public Policy Polling from last week showed that 55% will vote Yes for the Amendment, 39% for No, and the rest with not sure. The result is now at 61% to 39%.

    What we can take from this polling number is that people who answered ‘not sure’ to the pollsters are simply bigots who do not want to appear homophobic, but will reliably vote for same-sex marriage ban. If we ever want to hope for a win, the polling number before the voting day has to be at least 60% to 40% in our favor.

  22. Tanoka says

    Hmmm, so does this mean that the people who lied to the pollsters KNOW they’re being bigots, but just don’t care?

    Voting on civil rights… my mind cannot wrap itself around that.

  23. Reppin2 says

    I agree PJ. I would never expect a state like NC to accept gays. People that moan a btch about all these backwards states not acceptiong gays….then don’t live there and don’t visit there. Exactly why I moved from Texas. Quit moaning and groaning and MOVE.

  24. Mic says

    Fortunately I can afford to discriminate back. I have just told Morgan Stanley to liquidate my state and muni bonds in N.C. as well as sell fof my BofA positions…and a few others. This means a loss of approximately 2.2 million dollars I have just pulled out of N.C..

    This is the first of many states I will be removing my money from.

    Thank you, N.C., you have made it really easy for me.

  25. PJ says

    This will be interesting when it starts to affect straight people who have a civil union or domestic partnership. This may be headed to the courts on behalf of straight couples! Does this mean unless you are married in a church, straight couples who had/have a civil ceremony will get the same treatment as gay people (ie hospital visits, property issues, being able to make medical decisions on behalf of a partner, etc)?

  26. ByTheBay says

    Companies to sever ties with include:

    Bank of America
    Lowe’s (you should have done so long ago anyway)
    Mitchell-Gold (gay-owned, but so what – they’re just enablers)

  27. MarkUs says

    What about the Democrat National Convention being held in North Carolina? You know how many votes “None of the Above” is garnering on the Democrat Presidential Primary in North Carolina? About a quarter million. It’s not a swing state, it’s SWUNG.

  28. jrocket says

    The outcome is awful, but having lived in NC, I encountered about 95 gazillion churches. People tend to forget we are governed by civil law, they let themselves be governed by fear. Remember too, mega hot mess Jesse Helms was the choice as one of their Senators for about 30 years.

  29. Rick says

    Crap like this makes me so glad I live in the Northeast. But I really feel for our brothers and sisters in the vast homophobic swaths of the country. Especially the kids who have no choice but to ride it out, waiting until they are old enough to escape.

    This outcome was pretty much forgone. But I’m still finding it hard not to feel depressed. Who do these f*ckers think they are, putting a civil rights issue to a popular vote??

  30. NN says

    This was much more than about marry equality. They stripped gay couple of all rights, many children rights, and women exposed of domestic violence. Shame on them.

    I’m nervous for your behalf, in terms of the 4 states that maybe get marry equality. I really hope that all four wins, but doubt it. Civil rights should never be voted on -History shows that they when people get to vote on other people rights we always lose. US needs to catch up.

    If Obama should have a chance to be reelected, I think he has to wait to openly say that he supports marry equality. Because there is still so much hatred against gay people. NC show that today and it is still uncertain if colorado will get civil unions( with just 27 rights,far,away from what heterosexual marry couple get)

    Shame on people who do not support equal rights for all people under the law. It also sends wrong signals to young LGBT(and older) people that we are all equal. It’s no wonder that so many LGBT people have taken their own lives. When this is the message we send them.

  31. Matt says

    The battle for marriage equality has only one destination; SCOTUS. I knew NC would ban it, but I’m disappointed at the 61/39 ratio. I though NC was smarter than that, I thought they were making progress, but I see I gave it too much credit.

  32. PJ says

    To all those thinking of a boycott…don’t do it silently. Let officials in NC know that this backwards vote means something. If you plan on vacationing elsewhere, a friendly note to the NC Visitors Bureau explaining why you, your friends and family members choose not to visit their state (and roughly how many dollars you used spend in their state). Same with people like MIC who have investments there, let BofA or better yet, the state must have some Economic Development office, let them know why you will not be investing in hate. It’s all fine to say I will boycott, but let them know loudly.

  33. dms says

    Right. Every state where this has come up has voted it into their constitution.

    And people want Obama to come out as pro marriage?

    I guess it would be the noble thing to do, but it is a losing issue. We need to do more as a community to educate people.

    To that end, what CAN, what SHOULD we do to change peoples points of view?

  34. AJ says

    Believe it or not, but I but I see this as another nail in the coffin of the bigots. This amendment is so extreme and sweeping, they went too far. This one will be on a sleigh ride to the supreme court starting tomorrow.

  35. Patrick says

    As a life-long North Carolinian I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut today, but reading these comments doesn’t really help. Those of you making vacation plans and investment decisions and looking down your noses at southerners and religious people and the uneducated might really want to win a referendum somewhere so you have a beach to go to. The challenge we have is bigger than your regional snobbery is letting you see. Good luck keeping a Democratic president that might give us a supreme court that could solve this problem if you can’t win Virginia and North Carolina.

  36. PJ says

    @Matt which is all the more reason to get Obama back in….possibly 3 positions will be coming up on SCOTUS, don’t let Romney and the religious right pack the court with judges who still think we are living 1950.

  37. Francis says

    Yes, people lie to polls. Actually, the people who tend to lie are the “I don’t know” voters more than anything. They almost ALWAYS vote conservative regarding marriage, and virtually all other “liberal” issues. And that’s either because they’re scared to come out and admit their bigotry, or they go into the ballot and get scared to vote for progress. It’s all about fear and comfort, and they lack the comfort to go against what they have been basically mentally poisoned to believe their entire lives.

    This is why the youth vote is so crucial. They’re not poisoned. Consistently, they have voted with us. It’s also why we should have hope, because as long as that trend remains, we will eventually overtake the powers that be. Until that day comes, we are in for a rocky road.

  38. Gary says

    Well, my summer vacation is canceled later this year in NC! Hopefully, my relatives will understand. But how sad. How very sad!

  39. Jaime says

    I’m from South Carolina and I’m really disappointed that North Carolina’s tally is virtually identical to ours in 2006. They really ran a great campaign up there and they have some great progressive forces in NC.

    Also, “the challenge we have is bigger than your regional snobbery is letting you see.”

    I second Patrick’s remarks!

  40. kit says

    I, too, have in the past spent thousands of dollars in North Carolina, but I never will again. Because I’m getting to be old enough to think about it, I have even contemplated retiring to the Chapel Hill area — torn between there and Vermont. I’m not torn any more.

  41. Polyboy says

    It’s bloody North Carolina, hoping for the opposite is spitting downwind in a hurricane.

  42. Socaldesign says

    High Point is one of the largest furniture/home design markets in the country. Today our company committed to no longer attend market there until the amendment is struck down or voted out. We have also sent a letter to all our vendors that show there urging them to pull out of the state.

  43. GeorgeM says

    I think we can win Washington, Maine and maybe minnesota and Maryland. Today sucks but we’ll get there

  44. jb says

    Gay business owners should relocate to states that allow it, sell property, drop employees, increase product/services cost, not tolerate sub par performance of co-workers, and stick to our own for once. Am not surprised at all on the decision in NC though it is the south, which tends to have an idiotic, unrealistic, consistently lazy and low work ethic attitude.

  45. Ken says

    For everyone calling for a boycott, remember 29 other states have a similar law including California, do we boycott them all? Makes more sense to just support business with a strong record of supporting LGBT issues and boycott those who don’t.

  46. Patrick says

    You people are unbelievably myopic. Where, exactly, have you won any referendum?

  47. Swiminbuff says

    It would seem America will be one of the last nations to accept same sex marriage, and then America will crow about how great and democratic it is once it finally does have same sex marriage. Hardly surprising. Other nations abolished slavery before America. Other nations gave women the vote before America. Other nations gave their citizens universal health care and America is arguing about taking away what health care it does provide. Other nations have have had women as elected heads of state and heads of government and America still hasn’t matched that yet. No, I am afraid that as long as you continue to put minority rights up for the vote it will be a very long time before same sex marriage is available to all in America.

  48. ajj-drt says

    I looked at some of the comments at the Charlotte Observer and of course there is talk about gay marriage destroying moral fabric etc. (Doesn’t divorce do that more effectively??)Create a law to ban divorce then. Also, special rights by LGBT etc. Very sad.

  49. johnosahon says

    More to come after Romney wins in November, you guys better set what your priorities are.

  50. Paul says

    I don’t get it…coming from a country (Portugal) that has had gay marriage for a couple of years now, why is it even on the ballot in the first place?? Ridiculous.

  51. Francis says

    Washington 2009, Patrick.

    And Ken is right, don’t hurt Chapel Hill, Durham, Asheville, because the rest of the state is bigoted. SUPPORT the gay-accepting businesses and areas in North Carolina and all 50 states. Because that’s what they need, especially in the conservative states. Just spending money and living in New York or California, is not going to change anything and change is what we want. Running away from the problem won’t solve it. We need to support our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in all states and withholding all money from these states doesn’t do that. Also to the few who said “move to a better state”, easier said than done. I’m sure many a gay man has dreamed of moving to WEHO, San Fran or Chicago from their rural towns in the South. But that simply is not a viable option for many people. There shouldn’t be entire STATES in the country that are effectively no-go zones for us. That is pathetic and we have to change it.

    Awareness, education, a bit of sensitivity. Yeah, these bigots are stupid, but we have to talk to them on their level and try to get them to see the light.

  52. Candace says

    I never found the people of North Carolina intelligent enough to be considered relevant. Sad, ignorance and bigotry will be their lasting legacy.

  53. PJ says

    I think what he or she means is obvious. President Romney and the right wingers he has sold his soul to are going to make life much more difficult for us. Re-instating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and anything else we have fought for.

  54. Patrick says

    My precinct voted 85% against the amendment, Candace. Are we too stupid and irrelevant for you too? Enjoy your conservative supreme court for the next 25 years.

  55. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Of course this is not unexpected. I’m not sure we should seem to be in such a state of shock about it. If you put inter-racial marriage up for a vote in NC, you’d probably get a surprisingly high percentage of opponents wanting to outlaw it. Civil rights have never been won by a group by referendum.

    Here’s the important stuff:
    1)what was the average age of the voters? I suspect that most of the people motivated enough to go vote on this were older. The only younger voters would be brain-washed megachurch-attending zombies. I just don’t see many moderate, straight people (already a minority in NC) caring enough to go vote on it. When I worked in a office with younger, white collar workers, none of them voted in primaries. The only people who did were crusty old Republicans. (it wasn’t a single ballot, it was attached to the NC primary)
    2) Preventing Romney from being elected. There won’t be anymore stealth moderates like Souter. He will litmus test every candidate to make sure they want to bring America back to the 20s. Believe me Scalia is anxious to get on the lecture circuit and make big bucks for his many grandchildren. He will resign the instant he knows he can be replaced by another reactionary.
    3) Boycotts are pointless in a case like this. It’s not trolling to say: “what are you going to boycott, 30 states of the Union?” Better to support gay friendly companies and municipalities.

  56. says

    I don’t know when some people will get a clue. The SOUTH is the SOUTH. Unless you are white, male, heterosexual and Christian, you’re not welcome there, and it doesn’t matter if you were born there or not. These people are stone cold bigots, and will never accept us. Period. Educating them will not work. The best thing to do, IMO, is to leave them to their bigotry and get OUT. Laws like this become far, far worse, or has anyone learned the lesson of the Holocaust? I don’t need to boycott-I learned very early that the only way to deal with the South is never to step foot in it. NEVER.

  57. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Actually, Doc, rural America is rural America. (Someone from Portwenn should have known that?) This is just going to take time. The stupid old bigots have to die off, and their children and grandchildren have to come to their senses. Just thank G-d Obama ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. (yes, I write it out, lest we forget) From the official desegregation of the military in 1948, it took over a decade for Jim Crow laws to start falling in the south. And that sure as hell didn’t happen by referendum.

    New Orleans isn’t too awful is it?

  58. TJ says

    Um, yeah, what ST.THERESA said. I live in CA, in a college town surrounded by rural area. It ain’t all SF and LA. Rural is rural, and ignorant.

  59. Randy says

    NC, while the chances of me spending money in your state were always low, they are now zero.

    It’s tiresome, but I do keep track of companies who are headquartered or manufacture in hate states, and I do not knowingly do business with them, if there’s a competitor I can support.

  60. Swiminbuff says

    I am sure if you put the Emancipation up for a vote you could probably get in repealed in several southern states and likely have church leaders speak out in favor of doing just that. Civil rights should never be up for referendums. Hopefully todays vote can be met with a successful court challenge but given the make up of your courts I have my doubts.

  61. Dback says

    Hey, North Carolinans, especially those of you in the “tech triangle”! Come on out to Oregon, specifically Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro–we’ve got a bunch of high-tech companies looking to hire qualified people, and my partner and I could use more cool gay friends. Yes, we only have Civil Unions right now–but as go California and Washington, so (eventually) will go us.

  62. Ginbuck (@Ginbuck1) says

    The big story here to me isn’t the marriage issue. The new amendment abolishes enforcement of other marriage-like and civil-union-like legal arrangements between unmarried adults. The NC ACLU commissioned a legal analysis that raised major legal issues for non-married couples. One issue is that the amendment can be interpreted as invalidating legal arrangements such as medical powers of attorney.

    So if one’s partner works in the furniture, media, or design industries and has a medical emergency, while attending the Furniture Mart near Greensboro, the partner could loose all legal rights to make decisions for her loved one.

  63. KD says

    I was reading the previous stories from earlier this week about NC and a lot of people were bashing the polls as being inaccurate and not giving a clear picture of how NC was going to vote. Guess what? The polls were completely accurate. As they usually are. Sure, once in a blue moon the average of the polls might be off but that SHOULD happen because statistically polls will be wrong every once in awhile. So there, my two cents on how polls are great and you should place most of your trust in the average of them. I’m done now.

  64. Alexx says

    We all saw this coming. but I have to wonder: is tehre anything we can really do?”

    If people choose to live their life prejudiced and pick what to believe in the bible; how can we stop them? We can’t.

    No amount of protesting or arguing can stop that. I always thought that the only way to break prejudice is by confronting people with it by being a part of their lives and proving them wrong.

    Part of me hates the literal belief of parts of the Bible, while other parts of it are blatantly ignored.

    Hypocrisy, delusion, cognitive dissonance: you’re name is America.

  65. zamo88 says

    To all previous comments:

    1) Romney is not Santorum.

    2) Boycotting NC won’t solve anything.

    3) This amendment will be torn to shreds on federal courts.

  66. proprop8 says

    To that end, what CAN, what SHOULD we do to change peoples points of view?

    Posted by: dms | May 8, 2012 10:22:31 PM

    There is no chance at all.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Your mistake is assuming that such a basic and obvious truth is susceptible of reversal by any conjuring whatever.

    It isn’t.

    This will mushroom now- the “historical inevitability” meme died in North Csrolina tonight, and any remaining doubts will be put to rest in Minnesota.

    A terrible strategic error on the part of the SSA movement- targeting marriage.

  67. PJ says

    @Zamo88 “Romney is not Santorum”…No, but he isn’t far off when it comes to gay people. He is playing the tune the religious right wants to hear. Any doubts, last week’s gay advisor debacle. He needs the conservatives more than he needs us, so don’t expect him to cozy up to us any time soon. Now or in the future.

  68. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Gosh Proprop, a crazy closet case who’s angry enough to come rattle their chains at Towleroad. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a life filled with such anger.

    I don’t want to waste too much time on your idiocy, but this wasn’t started by the “SSA” (?) movement, it was put on the ballot by a newly-ascendant Rupub majority in NC to appease the tea party/ultra right wing of their party.

    Polls do indicate inevitability of same sex marriage – even a top NC republican admitted it would probably be overturned in 20 years. Old people are mostly opposed to it, and young people are neutral to supportive. Guess what…I’ve got news for you…old people die.

    You’d probably claim to not be racist now, and that might be true, but someone of your mindset would have also voted against desegregation and against mixed marriage…and you would have been wrong, just as you’re wrong about this issue. Your type of conservatism (as opposed to Theodore Olson’s) is a fear of what becomes progress and then the norm. Conservative southerners of the 60s feared desegregation would literally cause the end of the world. It didn’t. Neither will gay marriage.

  69. St. Theresa of Avila says

    To clarify, I was talking about this particular ballot initiative being initiated by a new NC Repub majority. Progress towards civil unions has come from legislatures or the courts, just as every other civil rights struggle has advanced.

  70. jason says

    Obama cynically used this election result to determine his future evolution on the subject of marriage. Now that the amendment has passed convincingly, I can guarantee you that he won’t evolve at all. Either that or he’ll try to politically exploit the result to get us to vote for him again.

    Well, I’ve got news for the President. I ain’t voting for you, son.

  71. brian says

    Obama failed us absymally. He wanted the amendment to pass so that he could use the result as yet another phony point of division between him and Romney.

    The truth is, both Obama and Romney are identical. Under either, you won’t get any progress.

  72. St. Theresa of Avila says

    @Zamo88 “Romney is not Santorum”…

    He’s actually more dangerous. At least Rick was honest about his bigotry and misguided faith. Romney is a stealth moderate. Trust me. Everything in his life has been leading up to this moment…in fact, being a moderate seeming Republican government of a Northestern state was probably all part of his (or “their”) plan. He will do just as much as Ricky would have done to try to turn the country back to the 19th century.
    I almost wonder if the Rupublicans have played a brilliant game of kabuki theater to make Romney seem unwanted by the far right, thus shading him as a moderate when he isn’t. I’m not quite prepared to go that far; but it must be remembered that, with far more soft money behind them than the Democrats (since the rich and big business want pliable leaders) they can afford to hire the best mercenary political operatives to dream these things up.

  73. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Uuuhhh oh, Jason/Brian have descended, the troll brigade is late to the party!
    Obama hasn’t failed miserably. He hasn’t failed at all. He fixed DADT; in some ways we are now where blacks were in 1948…i.e., a long way to go. If you want to tell me Romney would have repealed DADT, I have a bridge to Brooklyn to sell you! He’s trying to push a heavy stone up a steep hill…he’s being smart about it and using planes, levers, and smaller stones as machines, to keep the stone from rolling over him.

  74. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Oops…using the prevailing terminology I should have said Romney was a stealth conservative, not a stealth moderate. He is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  75. BJ says

    Bank of America’s headquaters are in Charlotte, NC. Tomorrow I am going to the B of A branch near my work in California and closing my accounts and credit cards that I have had with them for over 20 years. I am done doing business with anyone based there.

  76. TJ says

    I recognize SSM, but SSA? Perhaps it’s late.

    And “targeting marriage” – WTF does that mean? Wanting it? Deserving equality? Trying to destroy an institution (so wrong, but thanks for playing)? Stupid is stronger? What?

  77. ZAMO88 says

    “He will do just as much as Ricky would have done to try to turn the country back to the 19th century.”

    You mean back when Mormons could have more than one wife at a time?

  78. says

    Confirms my view that Obama must be elected at any cost….and he should postpone his support for same sex marriage……

    It is all about SCOTUS now; we will win or lose this war in SCOTUS. And if Obama can get even one more appointee or a sublime two, then we can look forward to equality being upheld.
    So swallow all your misgivings and lets get started on a landslide.

  79. Bill says

    Everytime an amendment passes we see comments by gay people who say they will boycott the state. Give it up! Heterosexual-only marriage amendments would pass in at least 49 states if not all 50. Some gay people don’t want to think of heterosexuals in a negative light so they say it’s a ceraint region or religion that’s bad. That way it washes heterosexuals’ hands clean. Just face reality, that’s all I’m asking. Heterosexuals are behind this, they are on a war against non-heterosexuality.

  80. Tyler says

    While I generally agree that completely boycotting everywhere that votes against us is probably not very productive, it’s certainly something to take into account in terms of where you live. And to everyone who has said that California is just as bad, that’s ridiculous.

    First of all, Prop 8 passed four years ago, by 10 points less than this. Second, it doesn’t eliminate civil unions. And unlike North Carolina, California has robust civil unions (which NC would not have had for a long time even if this amendment had been defeated). Finally, the Legislature, which passed a same-sex marriage bill 7 years ago, the governor, and the supreme court are all strongly pro-gay, and all oppose Proposition 8. They passed the gay representation in textbooks bill, there’s a robust nondiscrimination law. These facts are all relevant and there’s no comparison between CA and NC. (And for the record, I do not live, and never have lived, in California).


    Did anyone on the planet expect any less of North Carolina?
    There have always been two Americas. NC is the one the world doesn’t want to move to.
    This is a constitutional issue now.

  82. jd says

    Is divorce legal in North Carolina?

    If so, perhaps the gay community, who value marriage not only for the legal protections it offers, but also as a public celebration of commitment, can work to put anti-divorce laws up for public vote–that is, put the rights of heterosexual couples to divorce up for vote.

    Divorce does more to destroy marriage than gay marriage ever would. So let’s put divorce up for vote if we really want to “protect” marriage. I mean “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder” etc. Based on that verse (Mark 10:9), divorce is completely not Biblical.

    North Carolina, since your state wishes to practice Biblical principles, please repeal the legal rights of heterosexual couples to divorce. Take it a step further & SAVE MARRIAGE by repealing divorce.

  83. Jeff says

    Bank of America based in North Carolina I am closing my account today The one I opened in 1975

  84. Bill Michael says

    The Reverend Billy Graham can now die proud of himself that he helped to bring forth sorrow and hardship on so many people in the name of his god. Hope you get to meet God soon, Mr. Graham.

  85. Bill Michael says

    PS: No way my family will ever vacation in North Carolina again. Our dollars will spend just as well, elsewhere.

  86. Sam de Croy says

    WTF!! If this were an issue of race or gender,most Americans would chain themselves to railings; demand a recount;protest in the streets! Hey, it’s just about the civil liberties and equal status of a bunch of fags and dykes, therefore it don’t mean a thing? Like hell it means something – LGBTQ people cannot just sit back and allow members of our own community to be treated in this way. Where is our outrage? Our protest? Why are LGBTQ Americans asked to pay the same taxes as other members of the community for fewer rights? Have a look at mass withholding of taxes – there were massive rent strikes in Scotland and other places in Europe that soon stung some action out of people!

  87. GeorgeM says

    The president wasn’t going to get your vote anyway nor did he get it the last time.

  88. Radical Rightwing Checklist for NC says

    1. Let the people vote on marriage. –DONE!
    2. Let the married people vote on segregation.
    3. Let the married white people vote on slavery.
    4. Let the straight white married people vote on divorce.
    5. Let straight white christian married people vote on public burning of witches.

  89. Wild Pup says

    Its time to wake up people. The American Taliban are well on their way to a complete victory. Their propaganda machine has the people of this country believing it was founded as a Christian Nation (it was begun to escape the Church of England) with our Christian Founding Fathers, Franklin was an atheist and Washington was a firm believer in religous tolerance and that no one religion was to define America.

    We as citizens of this country must now stand up and demand our rights. If I am not allowed the same rights and protections as the hetero’s I think its time to forgo paying taxes,

    Resist, Revolt, Repeal

  90. SayTheTruth says

    For what I previously read about this biblical lands of North –and South- Carolina, not only is not surprising, but I expect slavery to be reestablished next in line.

  91. Francis says

    Only 34% of people voted last night in North Carolina. Not only do we have a severe problem with homophobia in America, but we also have a severe problem with apathy in regards to gays/straights “supporters”. Way, way too many people who say they support our rights and/or are gay themselves don’t back it up in the voting booth, on the street…….anywhere. The bigots are more motivated than our side. That’s something that has to fixed as well going forward. To make gay rights something worth fighting for.

  92. noteasilyoffended says

    Didn’t we all know this would be the result? Seriously. If we gays really want to fight back, we need to hit the right-wing, hypocrites right in their “save the sanctity of marriage” gut. We need to begin a campaign to BAN DIVORCE. The hypocrites cannot have it both ways. So, let’s get it together, start a movement and get this initiative on every states next election cycle. If nothing more, it will bring to light the right’s hypocritical ways. THEY CAN NO LONGER HAVE THEIR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

  93. Tony says

    Anyone who thinks the vote on Amendment One was shameful and disgusting needs to sign the repeal petition circulating on

  94. John says

    There’s a lot of old-fashioned ignorance in North Carolina, as in most of the south, and much of the rest of the country – it is manifested in bible-thumping, it is manifested in racism, it is manifested in “tradition”. I’m not surprised. If the Civil War were waged again today, I wouldn’t fight – let the bumpkins secede.

  95. Caliban says

    THIS is why public opinion polls don’t mean an F-ing thing when it comes to gay rights or gay marriage. How many of the people who said they didn’t support the Amendment were actually motivated enough to get off their fat a$$es and actually VOTE against it?

    Very few, apparently.

  96. johnc says

    Gay marriage banned in CA – far more registered democrats than registered republicans, gay marriage banned in NC, far more registered democrats than registered republicans. If all the democrats so filled with love and free of fear… then how do these measures pass?

  97. GeorgeM says

    I’m sure John even less republican voted no then dems. Most of the 40% were prob democrats. Minimal help from the right
    But you’re right dems voted yes on this.

    New civil rights has a good article on how republicans are becoming more anti gay as time goes on, makes you think if that’s true,

  98. MCnNYC says

    It’s obvious NC has not gotten past the hateful legacy of their favorite son and Senator Jesse Helms. This is was an expected result but it wasn’t even close.

  99. MCnNYC says

    One economic boycott that can work is if given the choice to fly thru Charlotte DON’T ! Don’t give them your tax dollars ifbu don’t want to hurt the gay friendly businesses.

  100. MLK says

    Pretty obvious by the map that someone posted earlier that the only counties that voted against are counties that have major educational (i.e. smarter and more enlightened folks) institutions.

    North Carolina is still considered the ‘deep South’ and I didn’t expect anything less than this outcome, however, I am still disappointed.

  101. gary says

    Only the Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Asheville metro areas, and I think where Appalachian University is. And that pretty much reflects NC as a whole. A few islands in a vast sea of rednecks

  102. Pointed says

    New NC state logo – should put it on their vehicle tags: “NC – The State That Loves to Hate”

  103. Georgina says

    Well if you look at the county by county map, all the counties that voted against it have large colleges. It was the rural areas that voted for it. People in the Triangle(Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) do care unfortunately they are the minorities. People in those areas are disgusted by the election results.