1. St. Theresa of Avila says

    It’s funny that the Jesus graphic sort of has a Tebow-like face. (not that I find him attractive)

  2. agcons says

    If you don’t live in the US and you would like to read the dirt on Jesus and Judas, make sure you use the “no country re-direct” switch in the URL:

  3. Matt says

    JUdas, IDK, I’m pretty sure that that’s just a joke. (I have spent more time than most studying the bible) Jesus and John the Baptist may have been an item, however. Read the new testament between the lines, and you can totally get that vibe.

  4. Thomas says

    Just to clarify Matt’s comment, Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins. John (the “beloved” disciple) was one of the twelve apostles, and was a different person altogether. But to Matt’s point, yeah, there’s been quite a bit of speculation over the nature of the relationship between J and the apostle John. Now how did we get on this path?

  5. says

    Actually, Jesus said plenty about the gay. He healed the Centurian’s pais, his male lover, and said about the Centurian, I have not found so great a faith, no not in Israel.

  6. Ninong says

    And John (the “beloved” disciple) was the only one of the twelve apostles present at the crucifixion.

  7. jamal49 says

    @MATT: You’re going to have do a lot more than “spending more time than most studying the bible” if you are going to get any sense of the true nature of Jesus, The Twelve Disciples and anything truthful related to Jesus. The bible is not a necessarily reliable source for anything factual regarding Jesus, especially the elusive “historical” Jesus. I suggest that you put the bible on the shelf for a while and start reading anything by Elaine Pagels, the late Dr. Morton Smith, any of the better compilations of all the Gospels (not just the contrived “four gospels” that was decided upon by a committee vote by the Nicean crowd. The study of Jesus can only take place OUTSIDE the bible if you’re going to do any “studying” at all. The truth is there but you won’t find it in the bible.

  8. says

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