1. chad says

    kids and adults will always get bullied, parents will always get divorced, life is always going to be hard for some of us…most of us even. Why aren’t we focusing on giving kids the skills to cope with life’s crap instead of fooling ourselves into thinking we can end lifes miseries?

  2. Jorge says

    Chad according to the article the mother was seeking help…this is so sad and kids are very cruel that is no lie….that would be horrible! I send my condolence to the family.

  3. Francis says

    What’s sad is a lot of society still does not seem to take bullying/harassment seriously, until a child dies. They don’t understand, they can’t fathom how a kid can be bullied so relentlessly and how a kid can commit suicide so young, just highlights how many people out there just don’t get it. It’s a deadly cycle. My heart goes out to the family.

  4. Jack M says

    If a seven-year old commits suicide, it’s a clear sign that we need to wake up and realize that the world affects children much more than we think.

  5. Michae says

    Wow, this hits way too close to home since it was at age 7 when I first started getting bullied.

  6. Marc C says

    @JACK M: Not meant to be flippant, but why not let’s just aim for a 5 year old? Or how about 4? Four is a nice round number.

  7. Peter says

    Bullying has been going on since year 1. It hasn’t changed its colors. There are other, more major factors being ignored as to why kids, as young as 7 in this case, are killing themselves. Are we raising a bunch of snowflakes?… Not teaching them how to cope, protecting them from life’s stresses, trying to always make them feel happy and special. I’d venture to say bullying is near the bottom of the list as a cause. A trigger perhaps, but there’s much more involved.

  8. Homo Genius says

    I am wondering if all the hoopla over bullying caused this….. Its very weird for a child to commit suicide… at 7 many kids really dont even really know what that is…Could it be that the nonstope coverage put the idea in the kids head or made it seem like an option. SO so terribly ad.

  9. andrew says

    Stop the coverage NOW of all these child suicides. By covering it you are helping to romanticize suicide as a solution to bullying. That includes Andy Towle!!!

  10. antb says

    Yes, Andrew and HG, we should kill the messenger for bearing the bad news, because clearly that will solve the problem.

  11. sparks says

    The mother was consulting a PASTOR, not a psychologist or pediatric specialist, about a 7-year old child’s depression?

    Well that’s dandy. Next time I sprain an ankle I’ll be sure to book a sitting with Miss Cleo.

    Religion is making this country almost unbearable.

  12. VikingBear says

    The answer isn’t to stop talking about this but to force it into the open. I doubt that more kids today are killing themselves. I think that we are just hearing about it more due to the 24/7 electronic media we have available. Unless we make every person, adult and child, know that bullying will not be tolerated… this will continue to happen. Our society tends to give a pass to bullies. We need to enact real penalties to this crime. The “kids will be kids” arguement will lead to “I don’t know why he murdered his/her family”. Giving kids tools to cope with bullying is a small fraction of the equation. Making bullies pay (in a very real way) for their crime is a huge part of the solution.

  13. VikingBear says


    The community this family lives in is very poor. Most of the people here cannot afford to get a flu shot let alone consult a psychologist. Most of these people lean on thier clergy for support for things that we would go to a specialist. It isn’t the mother’s fault.

  14. ratbastard says

    I’ve heard rumors that the boy’s mother was the one who ‘bullied’ him.

    No doubt living poor in a broken family, with 8 sisters, a mom, and no dad or brothers, was difficult for him. Very sad, the boy was a genuine victim alright, but not the kind that some posters are referring to on here.

  15. Hollywood, CA says

    Nothing will happen, unfortunately. What’s to understand? Every person in that kids life let him down.

  16. ratbastard says

    From the Detroit Free Press:

    ‘The mother told police that her son “had been depressed due to her recent separation from his father; the fact that he had been bullied continuously by the children at school, in addition to the CONSTANT TEASING THAT HE HAD ENDURED BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY BOY IN A FAMILY OF EIGHT FEMALES,” a report says.

    How the F does a divorced or single ‘poor’ mom raise NINE children properly? WTF is wrong with some people? Seriously, WTF is their malfunction? And why is this kind of situation so endemic especially among certain demographics, at least as long as I’ve been alive, 35 years? What’s the ‘progressive’ answer to solving this very serious social problem that results in many human tragedies? More welfare? More section 8? More $$$?

    I certainly believe in an adequate social safely net, including housing, healthcare, food, and education. I don’t believe in ENABLING poor judgment/bad behavior like having MULTIPLE children [often by different men/boys] then ‘collecting’ goodies because ‘mom’ can’t take care of herself, ‘dad’ can’t either, or [sometimes both] don’t give a F. This sh*t is unreal and p*sses me off big time, because I’ve seen it up close growing up and as an adult. Maybe the concept of forcing some females to be sterilized was the correct thing to do. Obviously, the course we’ve followed since the 60s, over the past half century, hasn’t produced positive results in adequate numbers. Anybody, gay or not gay, liberal or conservative, can see this is a true statement. Unfortunately, too many people on both ends of the spectrum [including private organizations and companies making big $ off of government subsidies and contracts] make $ off this tragic and p*ss poor situation.

  17. Wdeanis says

    @Sparks Pastors are trained counselors as well; she was seeking help from someone who could help. They know how to help people deal with complicated emotions and situations. You may not value religion much, but if she was comfortable going to her pastor for guidance then you know that they are a religious family; they would have found solace in his words. Not to mention expenses off a psychiatrist, though I’m sure they’d find a way if it was elevated to that level. I agree with the others though, this tragedy might have been avoided if we gave our children the knowledge of how to deal emotionally with feeling disparaged.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    “Bullying has been going on since year 1. It hasn’t changed its colors.”

    I’m not so sure about that, Peter. Being “mean” was considered a bad thing by most kids when I was seven years old. At seven, I was already a “f.ggot” to most folks, but it really didn’t get “ruthless” until I’d past my teenage years.

    I don’t want to let my mind entertain what RATBASTARD mentioned as a possibility–it’s too painful. But with eight sisters! Usually older sisters are very protective of their little brother.

    Well, like I said, I come from a different time.

  19. bandanajack says

    lets not pin this on the media. how much media has a 7 year old got access to. unless there was another child suicide in that area, it is unlikely the national plague entered into the equation. a 7 year old felt helpless and hopeless probably from all the reasons above, but being tormented at school would have loomed large. and i can’t help but think some scrutiny needs to be aimed at the mother, and maybe even that solo trip to the pastor. fishy…

  20. ratbastard says

    I just came in from a quick errand outside. I live in a safe and very diverse inner city neighborhood, but it’s still an ‘inner city’ neighborhood. There’s a projects a 1/2 mile away. A kid [yes, kid, boy, whatever you want to call him, he was AT MOST 18] walked by me smoking weed WHILE PUSHING A BABY CARRIAGE, WITH AN INFANT IN THE CARRIAGE. The kid had absolutely no effing shame, in fact he looked defiant. I see stuff like this ALL THE TIME. Moms and dads [? BFs? Who knows] talking in terrible language around children, playing gangsta rap where every other word is ‘b*tch’, ‘ho’ ‘ni**a’, etc. It’s RIDICULOUS. And society as whole SUBSIDIZES this behavior and ‘lifestyle’ through social services, and must deal with violent men and boys who fill up our prisons, jails, courts, and act in a predatory fashion on our streets. They ALL come from such ‘families’.

  21. Tone says

    At seven I didn’t even have the comprehension of life and death, much less the capacity to intellectualize taking my own life. How does someone so young get to this tragic place? It’s heartbreaking.

  22. Amy says

    My heart wrenched when I read this. At the age of 7, I was also bullied, and even that little I had suicidal thoughts. Looking back, I don’t have a single clue how I survived, but to stop and think about the pain that poor boy went through…it’s going to haunt me for days.

  23. Carol says

    I actually wanted to hang myself when I was 10 years old. My home life was also very troubled. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I opened my heart to Jesus and I slowly healed from all the traumas. The mom did the right thing by going to her pastor, but obviously too late.

  24. Cynthia says

    This makes me very sad, sad for children, sad for parents; all victims of societal changes that leave people clueless. If parents would learn good parenting skills and engage their children, there would be less bullying and less impact from those who bully. These children have parents! Why is so much of this going on?

  25. Brent says

    This is…tragic on levels that I don’t even think I can comprehend.

    But there’s a logic problem either in the case, or in this report.

    If the mother had to force her way in by removing the door knob, then how did the kid’s sister find him?

  26. Beef and Fur says

    The sister found the boy but the mother had to force her way into the room by removing the doorknob? These two facts do not make sense.

  27. Dana says

    OK, we seriously need to do something about this bullying problem because way too many kids these days are killing themselves over this.

    Poor kid. Poor family. My heart goes out to all of them.

  28. jim says

    I agree with Ratbastard, he’s hit it squarely. I see this all the time as well, at my job (retail in an urban location, our store is directly across from the biggest Walmart I’ve ever seen). Truly shocking lack of parenting skills by young and middleaged females who always seem to have multiple kids…why is this so enabled? And the fact that this woman went to a PASTOR…my religious views aside, the apparently completel lack of a larger view with some of these people makes me cringe. They know the parts of the system that enable them to get the handouts, but don’t want to be bothered with the parts of the system that, imo, would do them more good–counseling & education! On the other hand, had she gone for counseling for the kid there’s a good chance that children’s services would have become involved, and that’s something people in “the system” don’t want to see happen!

    I feel so badly for the kid, but c’mon, suicide at 7 YEARS OLD?? There’s something bigger going on here.

  29. redball says

    RATBASTARD needs to do some serious study of sociology.

    poverty, the lack of adult men in the home (esp. fathers who love their children) & the sense of hopelessness that comes from all of that often leads to these outcomes of having kids that one cannot afford.

    the answer is poverty eradication and community/family revitalization NOT cutting benefits to the poor.

  30. Nope says

    This article could just as easily have been titled “Natural Selection takes its course”.

  31. Dave says

    Gay children are bullied by Christian children who have been taught by their Christian parents and preachers to harass and degrade children who are gay. Everybody knows this is true.

  32. andrew says

    Stay away from “pastors”. They believe that collection of myths written thousands of years ago is the “word of god”. Yep, they believe the creator of the billion gallaxy universe was telling his people to stone to death all those who work on the sabbath, commit adultery, curse their parents etc . Advice from anyone who believes that crap is dangerous. Run from them,don’t just walk away. Their ignorance is evil.

  33. Anoymous says

    Bullying is horrible, and I don’t support it, but people shouldn’t be killing themselves over it! The world is so soft and protective, so that when someone is insulted they get their feelings all hurt and think it’s the end of the world.
    People need to toughen up.
    Still, this is very sad.

  34. Shannon says

    How did the boy get the idea in his head….he was only seven… could he possibly know about suicide?….maybe its the games maybe its the tv but either way i feel disgusted

  35. anonymous says

    I cam’t believe these comments. People who have no idea who this person was, or the parents. This was a loving, God fearing, wonderful mother who was doing a great job. No one said she was divorced, no said she in projects, no one said she was neglectful. This family loved each other. My parents had 12 siblings how dare you judge a family of 8. I knew her and had nothing negative to say about her….she has encouraged me! How dare you self-righteous people judge this…how DARE you. By the same measure God will judge you. SMH